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1 hour ago, Dave1291 said:

Home phone can ring forever here.  I never answer it and just use my cell.  IF you're not in my contact list then sorry but you're outta luck.  MAIL IT!  I don't know a number and they leave vm?  MAIL IT!  Great attitude I think and I've noticed in the last 3-4 months I'm getting fewer spam  calls on the home phone.  :)  WHO uses a home phone today?  I just put the inviso-spin on 'em!  They ain't got nuttin on this old curmudgeon!  :)

It was me 



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9 minutes ago, oldtimer said:

Small cut.  Was it just the flat portion?

No, what you see here is actually from the point.

I trimmed out the large vein of fat before I sliced it for my sandwich.


I was a little slow to get going yesterday so it didn’t cook as long as I would have liked it to but I didn’t feel like getting back up in the middle of the night.


Still, it managed to retain enough moisture and was nice and tender.

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rather disjointed last post I made...


 cats knocked some stuff over ... you know how it is.


got a complaint phone call from the neighbor. First time since we've been here

"Hey...It's dark and your lights aren't plugged in".


Listened to the old Sony last time, for a while. Going to Tucson tomorrow. Coming back with a new/er receiver/amp. sayonara Sony. The stereo repair has some refurbished stuff. We'll see what I come back with. They had quite a few in my price range.


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this Sony is prolly 20 years old. "110W/channel" AVR. Display is toast. You have to trust the remote and DO NOT change any settings, other than volume. You can't see what you've done.... oh.. don't unplug it for any length of time. It will take a couple days to recognize the remote after.

but... yeah

I know it will be better than all that.

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That's exactly how my RX1100 (no extra letters anywhere) croaked. Use it for two more years after that.

After thirty years of R&R punishment mostly 2 channel a few years four speakers and a couple with three output sets used up.

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13 minutes ago, grasshopper said:

Made the trip to town ...

What did I bring home?

A Yamaha CR-840,


Gonna hook it up and see what it does.

Congrats! That's one nice looking receiver.

Silver face? Dark wood or the reddish tinted wood around it?

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