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1 hour ago, grasshopper said:

Had a nice visit with the Dr while I was in town. It was that or the "gentleman's" club. My Dr is a Harley riding female. I enjoy visiting her. I get the same "Hey you're looking good" as at the club. I tend to believe the Dr first.

I bet you don't mind the prostate exam either

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All you folks in the ACC look out if you're in the vicinity of I-85!


Looks like we'll get hit on Sunday like folks north of here are used to. Talking with my uncle last night, he was one of the first Blackhawk trainers in the Army up in KY. Retired now, up until the year before last that I know of did some CAP flights.

That lets you know his level of awareness about anything weather related, it's ingrained in him. Looked at my most trusted weather forecast (ugh, I know it's apple).


Last night it called for 5-8 with temps dropping from midnight Sat until dinnertime Sunday night.

Now it's calling for 9-13" here.


Sure the kids will love it and it doesn't look to be bad Monday morning. Been twenty years since the blizzard in Clt, all I've seen since then is < 4 or 5.




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I'm happy to not be there.

 Chamber of Commerce weather here... until the rodeo and golf tournament... March, I think. Then it will get nasty. Just because Murphy sez so.

 I've got dinner mapped out already. Sauteed peppers and onions with shrimp over pasta. This is what I call fast food. The only slowdown is getting water to a boil.


The new amp hasn't blown up yet. My uneducated ears rather like it. Working 25years in a bowling alley can dim the senses a bit.



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