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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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2 hours ago, jason str said:

Nice weather for A class today, Spotify on random.

Lucky one too, a roofing and construction place actually called me back. Let's hope they don't drive by and make a quick exit.



Izzat a sub in between the LaScala?

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Blue skies outside!


Seems like it's been a couple weeks. Used some of the leftover cream from the batch eggnog last week.

Had to down some to add more coffee, just not used to this. Don't make it after dinner anymore with it being just me.  Might make another min. amount just to cleanse my palate. The heat kicked on, it is nippy in here.

Then I'll brush my teeth.... which is when coffee/breakfast is over. And I do mean that coffee is breakfast here usually, not a part of it!

:smile: Make it a Happy Day guys & gals!


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On 1/4/2022 at 7:31 AM, Tarheel said:

Hey Duke....miss your old avatar.  Recall we both had the same Quicksilver Audio Full Function preamp.  Recently sold mine as it was getting long in the tooth (1987).

Mine is working great. !!

There is a fair endeavour to rebuild one tho lotsa, lotsa caps


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BTW, Eagles 2022 regular tour tickets go on sale this week.  Check their website for info.  This IS the last go round for the guys from what I've been told so... 


The tour I hit when I was in Phoenix was only an 11-stop tour comprised of their Hotel California lp w/additional hits.  This tour will have everything else and include hits from Hotel California.  Trust me it's gonna be a hoot and a half from what I've been told.  


Stay away from the VIP tickets unless you really want to feel "impotant"  & have an over abundance of cash laying around.   😂


ALSO:  You WILL be checked at the entrance for Proof of Covid & most probably the booster so take your card.  No vaccine you MUST have proof of a negative test w/in 24 hours of the show.  You're a big kid so there's that.


Phoenix show there were prolly 24 people or so physically checking ID & Info 30 yards before you hit the main doors.  Officers also at every checkpoint.  

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