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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Smoke was so bad up this way I locked down yesterday.  Slipped out to get the mail and coughed my brains out so the heck with it.  A bit better today w/some rain coming in later, which hopefully will clear things up.  Did venture out to burn some Kroger coupons before they expired and snagged 10 red peppers for .89 each.  Walked out payin 125$ sooo that's the way I'm rollin.  No coupon, no buy.  Somethin's gotta give cause it's getting insane w/the higher prices.  The rebel is surfacing!  lol  :)

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I'm eating home grown Brandywine tomatoes.Tomato and cheese on home-made bread sandwiches for dinner. 

There was a food give-away.... used food/culls. Snagged some sweet corn, peppers, onions, mangoes, cukes, bread.... and donuts.

There was a bunch of other stuff ... but how much can I use before I have to toss it in the compost pile?

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I smoked some pork overnight and had some friends over for a cookout this afternoon.


Some of the younger guys made their way inside and spent some time showing off their Rubik’s cube skills.



Later on we walked up the hill to the back side of the neighborhood where we have a perfect view of the town fireworks.


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Sounds like a great day @Invidiosulus  I tried a Rubik's cube a couple of times.  Gave it to someone.  lolol  


@grasshopper saw some sweet corn today in the store and laffed.  Couple weeks or so it'll be ready around here along w/the rest of the veggies.  I love veggies outta the garden, which I don't have.  My grandfather had a great garden every year but he worked on it daily.  When he passed I was out in the barn next to the garden and some of the family asked if I wanted anything that was left over.  I saw one thing I took off the wall and still have.  The bottom of a dress shirt box w/the planting times for every veggie in his garden for the last 5 or 6 years.  Still have it actually but I'll never use it now.  Crazy the things you pick up that mean something to you when they're gone.  

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On 6/30/2023 at 12:45 AM, dtel said:

Were fine, for old people anyway.


Were OK, well I am unless your a psychiatrist then your going to be busy or at least amused.


Don't think I have ever seen 10% R/H, 30 to40 probably. You can sweat in the shade with a fan on you here, that's normal.




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@InvidiosulusRubiks Cube Skyam GIF - Rubiks Cube Skyam Scyam GIFs

No GIF - No GIFs




Lil rain last nite just had a nice solid rain about 5PM so knocked down some of that Canadian smoke.  From the looks of a map I saw the whole place is burning up there.  Lumber will prolly sky-rocket again.  Crazy.  Good for me but bad for those that wanna build.   :)

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@grasshopper That's crazy but when I saw Nogales it got even crazier.  Remember a few years ago when I flew into Phoenix to see the daughter and Joe w/the Eagles on that 11 stop pretour?  The guy who sat right beside me with his wife and I were talkin before the show.  He said he lived down by Nogales and they came up for the show.  I'll have to check into it and shoot ya his name when I have time.  They were great people and truly added to the down time prior to the show.  Prolly your darn neighbor.  roflmao  He said he was really close to the border just no sarong so I knew it wasn't you.  Wild.  lolol

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On 6/30/2023 at 12:31 PM, grasshopper said:



there is a sort of "heat dome" over Texas around this time of year, almost every year. It is what causes the "monsoon" for us.


We're still waiting for the moisture. I checked the weather at 10AM... 95`.... 7%R/H. Not a typo... seven percent relative humidity.  It was cool enough for me to wear a robe this AM... somewhere in the high 50's. House is cool enough to make me usher and Ooomph when I went outside and got a breath of warm.



No, the heat dome was something new and totally abnormal.  We'd never heard that term before, unlike temperature inversions, which are  rare but not unheard of.  The Interior of BC was hitting temps of 49C/121F, which set new records for the whole country.  Normal summer temps for that area would peak at 30-32C/90-94F, so they weren't at all prepared for that kind of heat.  Keep in mind that 70% of homes in BC don't have air conditioning.  That includes nearly all apartment buildings, including mine.  Luckily, I've got windows on three sides, so I get cross-ventilation.  If it gets really hot, like over 32C/90F, I'll dig out the big box fan and put it in front of the centre Belle Klipsch and that will usually be enough to keep me cool.


Lytton, the town that set those record high temps, was also hit by a wildfire, made much worse by the heat all around.  98% of the town's buildings burned down.  Two years later, there's not much sign of reconstruction happening, and a large number of the residents have given up and moved away.

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Lawdy, I just had a revelation.  July 4th today already?


Independence Day the Fourth of July) is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the Declaration of Independence, which was ratified by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, establishing the United States of America.


So yea, big day for the USA but it all started w/the Boston Tea Party in 1773?


Fast forward to today almost 250 years later.  Sittin here drinkin my coffee and not tea shakin my head.  WHY does everyone drink coffee and not tea?  Yet we trusted the Beatles, Stones, Floyd, Stewart and lots of others to guide our lives?  THEY drink TEA! 😂


Just a couple weeks ago summer began and this is the biggest day of the summer?  Next up?  Labor day?  You're birthday? 


Just decided to roll with this in here as opposed to posting it over in the Vinyl Record Spinnin for the gaggle there.  So there's a bit of history, as I see it, if you're not from the good 'ole USA! 


Now, I'm outta coffee and time for another mugga.  WHY?  Gonna be drinkin an ice tea later today w/the temps here pushin 90.  Confused on how many bags of tea to throw in the coffee pot when I brew it though.  Wait!  Iced coffee???  Problem solved!  :)


Hey @Tarheel I think we outta add "Crap" in the thread title.  


4 hours til D-Day when the gaggle shows up for steak and everything else that goes with it.  15 minutes later and it's either out the door w/them or layin in the fridge callin my name.  Guess I'd better suit up but I'm tellin ya @grasshopper that sarong idea of yours is starting to look better everyday.  You don't drink tea do ya? 


@Invidiosulus would the Rubik cubes work?  I KNOW the old Nintendo killed it when I broke that out a couple years ago.  Yea, today it's layin in a box or God knows where @ their house never to be touched again.  Yea, it's all just CRAP!  Perfect timing too I'm outta coffee.  Happy Independence Day everyone!  :)





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Here's one take, and fairly accurate.

Coffee popularity has roots back to the Revolutionary War

As we all know, the US used to be a British Colony. And then there was a giant tea party where we tossed a bunch of tea overboard to protest taxes. But, what most people aren’t too aware of are the events that occurred afterwards. 

John Adams declared tea a "traitor's drink"

In a letter from John Adams to his wife, he stated, "Tea must be universally renounced and I must be weaned, and the sooner the better." From this point on there was an unofficial boycott on tea in the (then) British Colonies. People united and vowed to only serve coffee in their homes. Soon this show of solidarity spread throughout the Colonies and people began to associate coffee with the Revolution. It even got to the point where people viewed drinking tea as a betrayal to the Colonies. 

Why it was such a popular movement

Back in the late 1700s, tea was quintessentially British. The King and Queen drank it, all the royalty drank it and the entire population was fanatical about tea. On the business side, the East India Company (which was British) ruled the tea trade and the British were in the process of setting up their own tea farms in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) and India. Tea was so closely associated with Britain that to boycott tea was to boycott British culture. 

Tea was eventually phased out

The Boston Tea Party occurred in 1773. The end of the Revolutionary War was in 1783. This means that the Colonists (and soon to be Americans) had boycotted tea for roughly 10 years. It was over these 10 years that people developed a taste for coffee and once people started to drink coffee every day, there was no going back.

Plus, brits destroy their tea with milk and sugar anyway, making it more of a slightly tea flavored milk and sugar drink than anything recognizable as decent...

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