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4 hours ago, grasshopper said:

we don't have access to our lake. The fire is more or less contained... but they are still tapping it for water to put on the fire/s.

Hopefully the fires will be taken care of soon and it can go back to doing normal lakey things.

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I haven't seen any of the John Wick series.


wife is en route.She was 1/2 hour delayed getting out of St'Louis .... but, she doesn't have to make a connection. The flight stops in Houston for a half hour, then on to Tucson.

I kinda cleaned the house. I didn't do a thorough job.. Just because I want her to feel as though I don't do well w/o her here.... She feels needed. I'm horrible


oh... on the national news... I think nbc... there was a quick clip shown, in relation to heat and hiking, of a couple south of Tucson being rescued/air lifted from heat... That was a couple from here.

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On 7/7/2023 at 11:54 PM, Tarheel said:

LF two days gone to Australia and me and the dog are already bored as hell.  Too damn hot for outdoor activities and

107 F here in the last two days as well , I don´t leave the house at daytime , cleaning vinyl with my rcm makes fun , I met some friend yesterday evening , we had a wiskey party till 2 am . Have a strong Headache and feel totally hungover , I must recover today as I ´m going to my job tommorrow at 7 am ....HHHMMM , hope to get this managed somehow !

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8 minutes ago, Tarheel said:

John Wick

who is it ? I didn´t watch Netflix , Amazone Prime, TV in general is switched off since month , I´m tired to wacht anykind of Movies, or Docus, News, or whatever ....I`m so board watching TV at all .....

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