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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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last time I wore a suit was 16 years ago the 5th....

the doghouse is where I go to drink and smoke. She doesn't like the smell of left-handed cigarettes.


I think we got our first freeze of the season this AM. Yeah .. I had a fire.... if for no other reason, the coffee gets cold too fast. 


My SIL is here... since Monday. She sez she's going home tonight ....  I doubt she will head out tonight. 

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6 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

First it was @Invidiosulus and now it's @MicroMara?  You're up next @JohnJ cause I KNOW it's not gonna be me!  :)  Got @Tarheel in the hot tub and @grasshopper in the doghouse. .  Perfectly balanced.  Wait!  What about @KROCK & @dirtmudd?  Nah theyre smarter than that!  :)  Maybe!  😂  Wait! I forgot @the real Duke Spinner! I KNEW I forgot someone!


No leaf duty today but Robin Hood's out riding thru his forest getting more for the street so they can blow my way.  Think Imma gonna boycot it all next year then reseed in the spring.  I'm retired let 'em all blow like the rest of the hood.  


Been here 20 years and not once did Robin Hood have his trees trimmed.  Ditto for the kid next door.  Time to turn over a new leaf!  :)




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Well it´s 2.30 am here , the girls left my apartment one hour ago. OHH we spent a good time , the dinner was perfect , guided by a german Schwarz ( black ) Riesling.  They gave me bread and salt to celebrate the opening of the new apartment, which is an age-old custom. I also received a bottle of Italian Barolo Essenze from 2017, a very fine red wine.  It was a very nice evening with nice and meaningful conversations, we laughed a lot. I´m tired now .........

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12 hours ago, Invidiosulus said:

Out listening to the piano man at the local bar.


This dog belongs to my neighbor at the end of my street.

He’s busy getting drunk and trying to hit on all the young girls.

His dog is pretty nice though.IMG_1848.jpeg.6b49073b0787bb6b469f5a8fc19cc859.jpeg



I thought you were talking about th dog getting drunk ...

My friend had a dog that you could not set a beer down around. He would knock it over and drink/lap it up...


the dog made more lady friends than his owner.

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we had the boy over for Vet Day dinner ...

man food

tomahawk steaks on the bbq

sorry ... no pics

they were very good. .......fresh grass fed beef - not aged. It has a different texture. Tender and sort of crisp, like an apple.

was wife's idea to do them on the bbq . "Easier" she sez.


which translates to, it IS easier for her, because I'm the one doing it ...

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Looks clean Josh!

Been below freezing for several mornings up here where I am. You know what? I'm loving it. I mean being out in it is not totally accurate. I don't keep it running at night so it gets pretty chilly but wrapped up in the wool base layer and blankets I'm just about comfy.  Unless you count having to get my back straightened out for about 10 minutes every morning.

Things are looking up. Got some more info to the bank. They say they don't need anything else. The inspection is in the morning. If everything is copacetic, I'll get the surveying done and agree to the title insurance.


Even might get a kind of layaway on the washer and dryer from the outfit I like to use in New York City. Their Black Friday sale going on right now is epic. Hopefully their stock isn't depleted since I looked last week. But I can order after the inspection and have them deliver a month later which will be perfect since I'm supposed to take possession on the 5th! I can tell you I'm stoked and after pricing... the ugly floors will just have to stay, I'm going to walk on 'em anyhow!

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Glad it's all workin out.  The wait worth it?  lol  Buy a converter to AC for the brick and get ya an electric blankie!  Maybe you'll have some battery left to start it in the morning.  💪😂


19 hoppers full of leaves just from my yard yesterday afternoon.  Nice and sunny today and I just sit here looking out the front window watching them dropping across the street.  Boys sucked 'em up this morning and Robin Hood was out driving around fillin his cans then callin the city.  Wonder WHY he didn't do it yesterday afternoon?  Then one trip and done.  


Thinkin about warmin up the tubes and spinnin some new stuff that's piled up.  Might just happen.  Thinkin about a gyro and some fries though.  :)

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dark gray clouds and endless rain here, below 40 F , went to my doc this morning ,  I need further physiotherapeutic treatment, the inflamed nerves in my lumbar spine are not healing, I am not allowed to strain myself physically at all, even an unfavorable posture is enough and the nerve tracts start to hurt, so my doctor has given me very strong medication again.  And I also have to go to the dentist tomorrow, I have an inflammation in my upper jaw, but everything else is okay so far. I've invested so much money in the new apartment that I'm going to spend less money now, but actually I'm almost finished, everything that's important for life is there, a few more design jobs and that's it...


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