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The one I drove.....




My best friend in the 10th grade drove a maroon 1966 SS 396 Chevelle, 350 hp, 4 speed, 3.70:1 posi, no power steering.  His father sent him and his older brother to the Chevy dealership to buy a car to replace a 61 VW their mother drove.  In the small towns of Spring Lake and Grand Haven the local Chevy dealer knew their credit was good.  Their mother never drove it.  Steering it at low speeds was a quick source of Popeye arms.  That car was fun to drive.


The fun didn't last long.  My friend totaled it in a low speed head-on collision with a neighbor in the shared driveway.  It was actually a private drive shared by several of the homes on Spring Lake.  His father didn't make that mistake again.  The Chevelle was replaced by an Impala with a mouse motor and slush box.  The fun was over.


I later took the same 61 Beetle and put in a 65 Corvair engine with a Carter AFB, cam and headers.  It would pass anything but a gas station.  Unfortunately, like all heart transplants in those days, it was constantly being rejected.

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I suspect most of the 66,67s with 396 ended up in ditches or around telephone poles. I got to drive the '66 pontiac 2+2 with the 421/4 speed? I was 16 and my dad wouldn't agree for me to have it after he drove it!



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