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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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That's a nice big cup.  You have a problem with butterflies?


A little, butterflies are distracting when trying to hold the pinkie finger up while drinking tea, not a problem with coffee.  :mellow:


As Bart Simpson says, no one suspects the butterfly...

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The burger sucked. For two of us it was $27.83 and neither of us thought it was anywhere near worth that price. Honestly, a good burger chain kicks the crap out of this place. Yet, they're still in business ...



Well that sucks, but looking at there website i can see some of the problem is, there is about 5x more lettuce and BS than meat



exactly my complaint. like my brother said, “they also should have attractive women working there, not grouchy old men"

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So there i was...literally surrounded by about six gangbangers.


Glad ya made it out alive BSM.....


I tell ya when we go down to Baltimore..... I got eye's in the back of head.....


Then ya spend good money on some food that is supposed "good" ..... yea what a bummer..... I feel ya my man....


MKP :-)


If you know downtown Baltimore and I'm talkin' DOWNTOWN Baltimore you might know the area around 25th and Greenmount. For years I had a customer tucked in there and yes, eyes on the back of your head was a requirement. A very depressed area that, trust me on this, was not a place to leave with confidence when I would have to spend a little more time than planned and would leave in the evening, either headed to the hotel or BWI. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

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Coffee done but feeling like a third cup :mellow:


Overcast and warm here. 


The "Heels" won the ACC tourney :)


Had a sushi feast at the Bento Box last night.....very tasty. 


And as Forrest would say "that's about all I got to say about that".


Cheers Ladies :emotion-44: and Gents

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Good Sunday everyone ......... :emotion-44:  :emotion-44:  :emotion-44: !   


Ok, I decided that BEFORE I head out to the lawns to put away all my LED Christmas lighting (yesterday was about 400' of extension cables!!) I would sit down and FINALLY report the rest of that story I started..  So, that will be in the next post..


.......wait for it.................................................. :smile:

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Morning/afternoon gang....

Yup it's Sunday going up tp mom's this afternoon. Coffee just about done.... might brew a pot later today... I go with de-caff in the afternoon......

My project for the day..... I have to put all new locks on the doors at moms house. My daughter informed us last week that mom is getting out of the house.

Mom was sleeping in her chair and my daughter jumped in the shower for a quick wash. When she got out mom was not in the house. She found mom in the back seat of her van. Mom could not get out of the van cuz the child locks were on. Mom was upset....took her awhile to calm her down.

So today I'll be installing new dead bolts with keys on the inside. We also got a heavy duty gate to keep her out of the basement....

Check-in later.....good day to all....

MKP :-)

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All right, I will try to make this as brief as possible...  So, the two night theater concert we do each year brought a fellow and his movie team to do some filming.  This was 2 years ago.   This man Steve is a real Neil Diamond fan.  So, he decided to make a movie based on the long hard road for Diamond tribute artists (singers)...


He traveled the world attending shows by many of these Neil Diamond 'impersonators' getting footage for the movie along with interviews etc.  That took a YEAR to do.   Well, he liked our band so much, he RETURNED this past August to see us again and conclude all the needed footage for the movie.   At the end of our second night at the theater, our fans were asking us if we were going to see the movie in Vegas when it is released.   Some of my bandmates were going including our leader Kenny and his wife Trish.


I decided I could not afford to go and had to decline...   That was that..


About three days later, we got a call from the movie producer!   Kenny informed us that WE were selected to be the band for ALL the tribute singers in a full fledged concert with the Vegas Gospel choir, a children's chorus and selected guest soloists!!   


We are talking all expenses paid for all 9 of us !   


The producer hand picked the setlist for us, and we have been learning more Neil tunes adding to our already 60 plus roster of songs we play.   The setlist came in a spreadsheet format no less with all the production notes for the sound and lighting crew and the schedule of the stage show and how it will be sequenced .


As the weeks pass, there has been close communications with the powers that be.  We have been sent a 3 page letter from them on how important this show will be and not anything like we have done before.  Yes, there will be dancers too!


The pressure is mounting!   :o  There will be cameras everywhere, as we were told it will be recorded.


OK, lastly and still a developing situation...   We will have some of Neil Diamond's very own musicians on stage with us!  King on percussion, Neil's drummer will be sitting in.  BOTH keyboardists are said to be in attendance and possibly his backing singers too!!


Will Neil be there?   We don't know.  This is a HUGE deal so I can only imagine he would not want to miss it, especially with most of his band there  :) ..   With the singer of 'Super Diamond' (California based tribute band who has had Neil Diamond on THEIR stage) performing with us, you never know.... :unsure:


A THEME song for the movie has been written by Luka Bloom and recorded by Denny which we have included in our setlist from last season.  Diamond Mountain is the name of the movie and the music theme.   


Here is the version we will be playing.............https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJZXWfdZRQ0


Here is the official website for the Diamond Festival.........http://www.diamondfest2016.com/


We have our plane tickets and this all goes down at the 'Sun Coast' where we will stay AND perform.....  My first time in Vegas........we take off April 20th and then the rehearsals being  :D


Now, if this goes well, we have been offered to take the show to the UK in October !!!   Then Florida in Nov.  


Never thought I would be doing this at my age  ;)  amazing stuff !


Thanks for reading...


Enjoy your day everyone...



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