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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Morning all......

Just got back from picking up the grandkids..... 2nd cup will be poured right after this post....

It's difficult to use the tablet this morning...Stoney the cat is all over me this morning... Every morning he must love me....but this morning it's almost too much....In the evening it get so bad we have to boot him out the bedroom.....When we close the door he pounds on it trying to get it....I tell it's nuts....

We left the shop early yesterday and picked up some new carpets for mom's house. With my two daughters and The BOSS we got the old carpets up......floors all mopped.....and new carpets down....

They look good...... and mom "likes" em.....she said she's really glad I picked these ones.....

The house has come along way in the last several weeks. A new stove is coming this afternoon... We are still planning the bathroom remodel.....this is going to really help us with the bathing of mom...

OK gang.......wishing all a great day.....

MKP :-)

Stoney the cat having his way with me.....


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Man, am I tired of the bathroom remodel!


Welcome to my world.



I think I screwed up with the GFCI receptacles.  There are three in out bathroom.  I ended up purchasing the ones with the night lights as my wife has a thing for night lights and these look a lot better than the ones you plug in.  I didn't think they'd be as bright as they actually are and now I have to shut the bathroom door to get the bedroom good and dark as that's how I like it when I sleep.  I could have gotten by with just one as opposed to three with the integrated lights.

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Kinda like dreaming that your bed is next to a runway. Might be a way to safely defeat the unwanted lights?


I'd need to take them apart to see but it's in the circuitry of the receptacle.  They also have a photocell that turns them off when the room is lit.  I could put them somewhere else but this is the only room in the house with black plates/switches/receptacles.

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Maybe take a brown marker and make the lights lens more opaque.



The lights have a blue hue so I don't know about brown.  I may cover one or two of them in different locations and see how many I can get by without.  The one by the door will be the first to go.

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