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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Good evening my CC&C friends......... :emotion-44::emotion-46:


Glad you all liked the photos/screen shots..   As many may know, I bought a 'season pass' for the Digital Concert Hall and it has really been a joy and the reason that I installed that large screen in Music Hall...   


Great on your Berlin trip Roger.......   It looks like the Philharmonie would be the place to check out if visiting there....


MKP, I can just hear those British accents :emotion-21:     


Chris and I traveled to England in 2007.....my first time OUT of the USA and something I had only dreamed about most of my life...   But, with both of us being musicians, the English have so much great music going on there...  The Anglican church is full of great sounds....  We made sure to visit many cathedrals, hear wonderful organs we only have on recording etc....


The best part?   We got to stay at Windsor Castle !!!!!   How cool is that ???    We were able to see stuff that even the Brits don't have privy to !!   (I have photos, and there is more to that story and how it came about...)   MKP, the Union Jack was flying.............so, HRH was not there of course.....


Ok, all for the moment...  I'll check back later...



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Morning all.....................

Hey....where you been?? Haven't seen you post all weekend....and yes, good moring...

MKP :-)



  Busy this weekend.  We ordered a ceiling fan for the bathroom and my wife didn't like the shade so I stripped it completely down, painted it, reassembled it and hung it in the bathroom.  I also painted and installed 2 AC vents there as well.  The commode tank got set and all the electrical switches, plugs and trim plates got changed.   My wife noticed some grout cracking in the spare bathroom we're using so it got dug out and replaced.  We also had to bowl 6 games yesterday.  I had to show up to work this morning to take a break.

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