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The evening is progressing well. Cave/tool cleaning up. 

4 frigging hours on the roll-a-way alone, just cleaning the critter up and making a stash bucket for future use.

Also making a bucket for the young contractor across the street, this will be his fourth.

Nipping at the Single malt i am, looking at this Maduro torpedo also.

I kind of started thinking how long iv had this huge tool box, and if iv ever cleaned it? 25+ years, and nope never cleaned.

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I've heard the Japanese are producing the best malt whiskies in the world now. Our state liquor commission doesn't have any of them on their stupid distributor lists.

I have been extremely happy with the Japanese whiskey I have been buying over the last couple years.

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I've been getting over a cold. I'll let you know after my palate is restored. My nose is just starting to clear up. The smoke is intense. I like the peat smoke in the Highland Park a little better, but I may develop more of an acquired taste for the Islay peat... The same thing happened with Highland Park... I wasn't crazy about it at first, but then it started to grow on me. The sweetness was hiding behind the peat, and it took a while to develop the palate to appreciate it.

I had some Balvenie Doublewood tonight with a little dash of Lag 16 to add some smoke. It was a nice compromise between sweet and smoky.

These little Glencairn Copita glasses make everything in whisky more enjoyable.

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