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Klipsch Hobbit T-Shirt (need one!)

Alex L

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Hey everyone, we are desperately looking for a Klipsch "Hobbit" La Scala t-shirt that we gave away back in the 1970s.

If you have one that you would be willing to part with, please email alex.leopold@klipsch.com

I have a bunch of Klipsch goodies I can give you: headphones, t-shirts, stickers, etc!


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Not including the one guy who wants $500 bucks for it on ebay. Our desperation has limits.

I think some people just sit and watch eBay all day then buy and flip. I'm no help since I did not bid, but Item number:s.gif200990322662 looked almost new and was bought on 11/24/2013 for $41 by the same person on eBay trying to sell an old faded shirt that you reference for $500 (the auction has declined offers going back to 10/2012 on his faded shirt). It is more difficult to trace who sold and who bought on eBay these days, but not impossible. Oh well, it seems he could have made more on the market since 2012 rather than trying to stike it big on a faded shirt, but if it does sell, I wouldn't be surprised to see the nice one listed at $1,000 (then as an ongoing auction with declined offers for years). Color pictures of the shirt for those interested from the 11/2013 auction.



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I like Alex's picture better. No wrinkles.

Not sure where the thread is, but someone was complaining about her hands, of course, not sure why hands were the area of focus instead of the lack of wrinkles.....

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If that pic is from the 70's I betcha she's got wrinkles now. I know I sure do.

This short, oops, shirt, has been mentioned before, and I do believe Amy thought it would be too hard to do licensing for another run. Of course, if an individual not Klipsch, wanted to make some up and be honest about it they would need have to have approval from Klipsch, and Frodo's family estate. I hear those Shire lawyers are killers.

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maybe I'm seeing more than what it actually says but what is the that word on the back of the shirt? It looks like says" Bull$hi#".


Yes, it's "Bullshit" in Elvish, or at least a visual approximation of Elvish. PWK was known to be very skeptical of far-fetched claims made by some speaker manufacturers, which is why he had the Bullshit buttons made, and why he wore one or more at audio events.

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