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Thanks to all...

Robert B.

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..for the warm welcome, encouragement, advise and critism....lol...... I am ashamed to admit that at 56 years of age not only is this the first pair of Klipsch I have owned, but the first time I've listened to any, even though I've been aware of their exixtence and reputation since 1979. If there is a silver lining here, is that at my age, I've actually gotten excited about sometihng!


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Robert B, I don't think you're too late. I bought my first Klipsch speakers only two years ago and I'm 59. The downside, if there is a downside, is getting the bug to try out different models and upgrade the system. So now, after buying the Reference pair (RF-62 II), I have a pair of Heresy, a pair of Forte II and an Academy center...inside of just two years. Oh, and the RC-62II.

So there's the addiction thing to worry about. And I thank the members of this forum for all their knowledge, advice and encouragement for us newcomers.

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