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I am watching a lot of movies with my fresh new setup on 7.1(tested some different new receivers and processors as well)

Anyhow iv delved into 2.1 at the moment...and doing more work on listening or testing with solid state gear.....in 2.1

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I have switched things up big time officially as of tonight. All klipsch and using solid state with some processing. running full analog 2.2 and its so nice...running all new material as well...material and running the full analog 2.2 has blown my doors off. I might be cleaning house of a lot of old gear. Got my new custom leather chairs and its just about like cheating life....cheers

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When I am in the basement workshop, 2 channel 100% of the time: Khorns on a Pioneer SX9000, for vinyl or CDs.

In the HT, where I moved my home office desk, 2.1 for vinyl listening on K-horns on a Scott 299 C, but 11 Heritage channels and a Martin Logan Depth i sub on a Denon 4311 with a Phase Linear 400 for the Khorn fronts for movies.

Not much of a music experience for me beyond 2 channels. Not much of a movie experience for me without surround setup.

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I find that when I use my main system which is everyday it is normally HT(NEWS ,TV ect), But when I am working around the house or just taking some time to really listen to music it is always 2ch. The only time I use HT for music would be if the format called for it. I enjoy an opportunity to let my RF7's do what they do best, play with authority. My reference to taking time to listen is when I get time to dedicate to just turning off the TV and just listening to new or old tunes.

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I use my TV, or a 2d TV, to view the Album Art, Track Info, et Cetera.

Have noticed some TV, the kind like News & Some Sport broadcasts, that have but little, or no surround material, sound better in 2.2.

I imagine that will change, once I get a LS, or better for a Center; which will be, essentially, for that type broadcast, 3.2.

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I'm new to this community... Here is my first post!

I'm a young guy, just graduated college, and I've never really enjoyed the crazy set-ups my friends all have... First off I can't afford to drop 5-10k on a system like some people. But I did invest in a pair of RB-35s and have a two channel setup to my Pioneer vsx822 going to my Samsung HDTV. I Honestly don't need much more than that!

I'm still trying to find the perfect way to set this up, but right now I have it bi-wired to the receiver and it sounds good to me...

I'll be in and around these threads trying to find some advice on my setup, and perhaps a good Center to invest in down the road.

Thanks for reading!

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