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Boxx's Memorial Service

Thaddeus Smith

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Was it worth taking the day off to wear the most uncomfortable clothes I own, driving an hour and a half through Dallas traffic, fighting my social anxiety to be part of a crowded room full of strangers?


For this man and his family, most certainly yes. I am truly grateful to have been a small part of today's events, to meet Boxx's family, and to celebrate a life well lived. In overhearing conversations, his eulogy, and brief conversations with his family is was evident that Boxx was the same here as he was everywhere else.


A wonderful husband, a doting father, a loyal friend .. he was goofy and loved to have a good time, always welcoming, intelligent, and most certainly a music lover. So the Boxx we knew was the Boxx everyone knew, and that warms my soul.


Alex, the soundtrack you put together was a perfect amalgam of his favorite artists and it was as though he made it himself. Great selections that had me tapping my toes and recalling fond memories of late night jam sessions. His eulogy was presented by his best friend and also included a beautiful message by Boxx's daughter Genevieve. A few musical selections were played as well, including "Time" and "High Hopes" - I think Boxx would have loved these selections for not only the personal importance they have in his family's life, but also the fact that he got a full chapel of multi-generational people to sit through two very slow Alan Parsons and Pink Floyd songs. I cried the whole time.



Dave and the PAW: you guys knocked it out of the park with the flowers. Thank you for taking that initiative and making it happen so quickly.


Forum guys: It was both weird and humbling to represent a whole segment of people that could have easily doubled the number of people in attendance. I know this forum, and all of the love and support put forth by its members, means a great deal to the family. If any of you were there, my apologies for not seeking you out. So many people in such a tight space started to overwhelm me and I needed to duck out.


Boxx family: Thank you for alerting us so quickly and allowing us to support you and grieve with you. It would have been just as easy to let us know retroactively, or not at all. It was indeed a privilege to to be there in honor of your husband and dad.


Alex and Genevieve: I sincerely hope you guys stick around and interact from time to time, continuing your dad's legacy and leaving your own mark. I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me and I'd really like to get to know you more, here or "offline". I thoroughly enjoyed your dad and it's clear that his influence is found in you both, and that makes me think I'd enjoy you as well.


Michele: Thank you for sharing your husband with us. He spent a ton of time here, but it should never be considered a wasted effort - our lives are enriched as a result of knowing him. I have no doubt your support network is vast, but please don't ever hesitate to reach out to the brothers of Klipsch if you need anything.


Stay thirsty my friend.  :emotion-22:


- Michael







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Always enjoyed Boxx's posts.  I don't recall him ever getting caught up in the moment and getting out of line.  Something I could do well learn from.  Things will not be the same without him.  Others have passed on before him and it seems to pull us together on the forum.  I never met him in person, but think I would have enjoyed it if I had.  Hopefully even though he is gone he will live on in our hearts and memories.



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Thanks for taking the time to attend and  write this, very nice indeed.  Dave, and Paw thank you for taking the time to put the floral arrangement together, it is beautiful.  Everyday this week I have came across a thread that shows how much people care around here, it makes me feel warm inside.  


Thank you 

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Hello my friends...


I can only concur with each and every statement made thus far!  I am overwhelmed. :emotion-21:


For those that don't know whats happening next for Boxx......... our own evening to honor Boxx begins Friday evening - 8pm. eastern..(adjust for your zones)....


Have your Pink Floyd 'Wish you were here' CD - LP cued and ready for a group play.      :emotion-29:   :emotion-29:  


Following that, we move on to PF  'Endless River' ...


See you in the halls of the RTM forum, hope you can all join us :)



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Duder -


I am newbie to this forum but really appreciate the caring. Very goooood. Wow.


So sorry for your loss. I'm not saying the following to you, but in general.


It reminds,me,  I hope ALL of us to maintain or if needed to correct our relationships with others.


Do YOUR part. ALWAYS. Do YOUR part. Irrelivent of response to it in ALL relationships.


Irrelivent of other's response.


If we allow anybody's response to limit or affect or control our actions, we fall short of our right or obligation in life.


Our children ,and all others  while they are here with us..


God bless you, and your Father, and your Family. Take care of your Mom.   



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Way to go Michael … can’t think of a better person to represent us, and i mean that. Go ahead and try to be snarkicious (i just invented that word) but, some people are just of good character they can’t hide it -- you’re one of those.  Thank you very much for the description of the service. I wish i could have been there to pay my respects--Boxx was one of those good ones too. I remember a while back being in a PM conversation with Boxx and two other forum members. A forum member which will remain nameless had been quite rude to one of them (not Boxx) the previous night. We couldn’t figure out what brought on this sudden viciousness. Even while discussing this privately, Boxx never said a disparaging word about this individual. Very sincere and very genuine. We lost a good one. Thanks again Brother.

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As I can't sleep tonight, my macbook was just sitting next to me...calling for me to write on the forum about today.  I wanted to say a few kind words about Micheal attending today.  My father would have been thrilled that he meant that much to this forum and this community.  I made it a point to go meet Micheal in person.  Someone told me he was there, and I wanted to meet him.  He is an outstanding person, and I wish I could have spoken with him longer.  My mother broke into tears when she heard he was in attendance representing the Klipsch community and when he came and gave his condolences.  She loved the memorial that was sent on behalf of y'all and I really cannot find the words to describe all the wonderful emotions that I felt about it all.  


Thank you everyone.  I hope to keep my fathers memory alive by being "BOXX" on this forum, reading, maybe in time responding. I have enjoyed being a part the community.  Thank y'all for welcoming me as BOXX, albeit his son, and responding.  Members have sent private messages about Dad, and it is immensely helpful to read the personal stories when you lose a father and best friend.   


I want to agree with Micheal about the wearing of uncomfortable clothing... I have never been a fan of such clothing that just doesn't make you feel comfortable...no matter how you try!!!  Alas, it was for my father, and I did the best I could for him.  


It is very nice to know that Micheal approved of the playlist.  We had a nice mix before and after the service, and I hope people who attended will always remember the "audiophile" that my father was from the service.  


My father would have got a kick from making all ages of people listed to types of music he enjoy so much.  Numerous people commented on the music and even found themselves signing a long to songs they had "forgotten over the years."  That is what my father would have loved the most. 


Always listening, 



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Good Evening Alex … I hope your Dad knew how beloved he was here.  Sadly, we often fail to tell others how much they mean to us. I’m guilty of that. Talked on this forum to your Dad more times than i can count. NEVER had a harsh word with him--every conversation a good one. I became ashamed of myself when i realized the other day, that of all the times we talked, i don’t recall ever telling your Dad how much i enjoyed his company. He was always here and we got along, shared music information, joked around, and I guess i took it for granted that he knew. Like i said, we never had a harsh word; but, that’s not good enough--I should have told him. Now i’m stuck with just hoping that he knew.

Boxx was on my friend’s list from the very beginning of the friend’s list -- i’d like to keep it that way. 

Very glad that Michael was able to represent us today.  We like him too.

Thought id share with you a post that your Dad wrote to a fellow forum member that had just announced that he was not only terminally ill; but, was entering the final stages of his life. He was grieving at the thought of leaving his son behind. Not many words; but, not many required. Peace always -- your Dad must have believed that possible … and I’m sure that he’d wish that for you too. Join in on forum discussions when you feel comfortable. 

Very Kindly,




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Posted 21 August 2013 - 02:18 AM

May peace be with you, always .....

“Music... will help dissolve your perplexities and purify your character and sensibilities, and in time of care and sorrow, will keep a fountain of joy alive in you.” 

- Dietrich Bonhoeffer



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If that's not a post of the year, and of all years, I don't know what is...


Awesome, thank you.



Gets my vote.


Michael you have done a wonderful job with representing this forum and the sentaments most of us share.


Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule and showing what the meaning of love is all about.



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