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Thanks all. Hasn't really sunk in yet. It feels more like a test drive right now... I'm sure it'll really hit me when we drive away with him in the backseat in a day or two.

I tried to finish as much as possible on the HT build before he arrived... Kinda funny but I had taken today off to go get supplies for the rear half of the room and go nuts this whole 3 day weekend.

Surprise! That didn't happen. But this is vastly more fun than building a riser.

Thanks all!

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You need this disk.  Lucious low tone bells and great melody. It will put little man back to sleep in no time and you both can enjoy your favorite group as there are a ton of bands, but this one was my favorite.  They bring back memories










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How is everyone doing? Did you make sure your car seats were installed correctly? I recent study of accidents involving car seats showed that 50% were installed incorrectly to some degree.

Wait, I forgot you probably have specialized knowledge and expertise in that area.

She is without a doubt, precious cargo

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Yup. Car seats are installed correctly. Still doing well... Have a follow up visit with a pediatrician today because he is "IUGR" which is inter uterine growth restriction. From what I gather, he with ran out of room to grow, or wasn't receiving enough food.

Once they took him out he passes all their tests, but he's still very small. Not intensive care small... But anyone that's seen or held him just says.. Omg he's so little!! You barely feel his 4lbs in your arms.

Last night was the first night home... No sleep. Go figure.. Apparently when they're this little they non-stop feed trying to catch up. And boy is it non-stop. In 3 days we go back for a weight test. They're going to weigh him, then waiti for him to feed, then weigh again and see how much he's actually eating.

It's so strange to sit at home and have very little to do. I'm on diaper duty so my wife gets a few minutes of shut eye... But man.. It's the first day back and I'm already getting cabin fever.

At least he likes music. I still have my classical in the background nice and quiet.

Sorry,. Rambling due to sleep deprivation. Chat later all! Thanks for everyone's well wishes and congratulations we have received.

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man.. It's the first day back and I'm already getting cabin fever.

The beginning can be rough but it gets easier, especially when regular sleep enters back into your lives.  I knew I would love being a Dad, but it's way way better than I imagined.


Hope he puts on the weight in good time. Congratulations!

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Congrats ! Having a newborn is great and when it sinks in, it gets deeper as time goes by.


I used to just sit with my triplets and stare into their eyes and just watch them for awhile. And when my youngest was born actually cried a little. Nothing better than having a child.


I used to say to people it was similar to a dog; unconditional love, they want you just for being you, there's nothing on the back end for them doing things with you either.


Now for some friendly advice on things.....................Make sure you have plenty of Vicks Vapo Rub, and Whiskey,Rum, or old fashioned Nyquil (or similar). The Vicks vapo rub is for their eyes when they don't sleep,you make em close their eyes then rub it on their eyelids so they won't open them,or it burns. The rum, whiskey or Nyquil is to put in their bottles to make them fall asleep faster, and then the icing on the cake is for getting some Benadryl. I find when you give it to them every 4 hours, they will sleep through weeks at a time.














Note* I'm just kidding on the last paragraph

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