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New member of the Family


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OMG.  What magic!  I so remember the feel and smell of my first child and a transformation from "man" to "father."  So many had said I had no idea what it was like to be a father and I thought that was silly.  So silly.  Act of having a child is completely transformative and EVERYTHING changes, for the better.  Probably something built into males given that until we have children we haven't a clue what putting others first is all about.


Anyway, congrats and welcome to a new life!



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Congrats!!  I was going to comment on the weight as well.  Perhaps a sign of impatience?


Maybe he heard you talking about getting rid of your Klipsch and he came out to kick your azz for saying that?   :ph34r:


They only really start to kick you azz around 2:00AM. Usually when the wife is working a night shift.

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Congratulations and please tell the wife well done.


Well your life just changed forever, I found the only bad side is there is NO volume knob and it can get stinky at times. :blink:  That doesn't sound like a big deal but before long (after break in) the volume will dramatically increase especially in the middle of the night when your sleeping .  :o


But it's well worth it...............then comes the teenage years :mellow: but It's still worth it on most days


Don't forget to get the owners manual before you leave the hospital for help with questions.  :emotion-21:  

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