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FS: Klipschorns


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The most iconic loudspeaker ever and needs no introduction.  The Klipschorns are the longest continuously produced loudspeaker ever made and has remained virtually unchanged over 70 years!!  While large, what makes these speakers so uncanny is they play well in any size room; large or small as they evenly load a room.   Also, at 104db efficient (with only 1 watt of power!!) these will fill a room effortlessly and allow you to use either tube amps (SETs, push-pull etc) or solid state amps.  Probably the best speakers for home theater due to their tremendous dynamic range (you can hear every whisper) and equally well for music.  Large scale orchestra or quiet jazz combos will come alive in your room.

These speakers are in walnut and are in fair condition for their age (1974).  They sound fabulous!!  Considering a new pair of Khorns are $12,000; mine are quite a steal at my asking price.  You will need a van or pickup truck to pick these up.  They are large and heavy (as all well built, made to last speakers are).  Serious inquiries only please. 





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7 hours ago, richieb said:

I've spoken with Texas several times a few years ago. A square sale for sure, no worries. I'll give him a few days space before listing my super-duper KHorns. I think that's only fair. 

Where are the super dupers

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