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What I Got Today!


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You should have grab a snack, cause this listening sesion is going to be a long one.

Was definitely quite the session earlier today. Got some more days off coming up soon. I reckon the neighborhood won't be sleeping for the next few nights. :D

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I actually got this last week. One of the internal drives had died and my dept. head decided we didn't need it, as we can do a virtual server of this. 2010 Mac Mini server, 2.66Ghz core2duo, w/ gigabit ethernet, wifi, bluetooth, firewire port, display port, hdmi, 4 usb ports and a memory card reader. Plus the headphone out, and optical i/o. This one only had 4G or ram, but I have 8 to swap into it (max it will recognize). These are only 7 3/4" square...


These are almost dead silent, and this one will be more so after I get an SSD or two to put in it. Other than the half hour to get one apart and exchange the drives (really have to remove almost everything in the case to get the drives out), it should be fairly easy.





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These should look familiar. Fresh from Gorm yesterday.

The grill on the right speaker is currently in the process of being mended after a bit of a snafu with the peg being wedged in the lower right corner. Pulled that out, and it's sitting on the work shelf behind me settling from a Monster Glue treatment.

The next bouts of cleanups will be some fresh new polish, some touch ups to the Mahogany on the top of the right speaker, and a good dusting/cleaning inside and out next week. Don't worry Gorm, I'm feedin' 'em 65 watts to make 'em sing.


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