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We've updated the Forum Guidelines/ Rules with the following addition:



Multiple Profiles

It is officially against the rules for one person to have multiple forum profiles. This does not mean one household (IP Address) cannot have multiple profiles associated with it, however we have the right to warn or ban members who abuse this. If we determine - through investigating reported posts, IP addresses on posts, or other investigation - that a person is using more than one forum profile account to post for ANY reason, they will receive a single warning unless their actions are deemed more severe in terms of rule/policy/law breaking, in which case they would be banned. Upon receiving their only warning, the user will have a chance to choose which profile account they wish to keep, and the Klipsch Forum Admin will delete the other account and its posts. Any further infractions from that person will result in immediate banning from the forum.



In addition, we will be asking each member to re-accept the rules (since they have changed in this way) upon their next login (you should receive a simple prompt to do so).


If you have any questions, please ask me. Thanks



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I am a reader and as such, read the entire document.


I thought part of the TOS left one subject a little ambiguous;  what language is "profane" and what kind of pictures have sexual content?  I thought the subject could be covered if there was a single line defining the arbiter of such content would be Klipsch Group, Inc. or it's designated agents ie, moderators.


I would also make is clear that using symbols such as @ss, deliberately misspelling words such as pizz etc to bypass filters is a deliberate violation of the TOS and violators who do this will be instantly sanctioned.


My guidelines (not rules) for posting is simple;  No Profanity, No Trolling, No discussion of politics or religion, and Be Nice.  B)

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1 hour ago, richieb said:

I see the Multiple Profiles was properly spelled out but what about Multiple Personalities??!! Plenty of those populate the Forum?!? From one post to the next at times!!   

I take that as a personal affront, as do my other personalities:  Aaron, Mike, Bill, and even George, John, Paul and Ringo!:P

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19 minutes ago, dwilawyer said:
On 12/12/2017 at 1:29 PM, wvu80 said:

My guidelines (not rules) for posting is simple;  No Profanity, No Trolling, No discussion of politics or religion, and Be Nice.  B)

Add "race or national origin" and yours are perfect.

I accept your terms.  Send me your bill.  B)


I'll pay whatever you charge, but please, don't ask for the CF-4's.  :ph34r2:

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