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If you could have just one speaker for the rest of your life . . . .


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sorry, couldn't resist
Depends on room.
Belles in my last house (over KHorns but that was major room issue). Chorus IIs very close second.

Cornwall IIIs in my current house (over Belles and KHorns) again room issues
and yes, I would love to hear Jubs

I am thinking Chorus II / Forte II might be best to beat general rooms.
I would really like to hear the Forte III vs. my new Cornwalls (in my room). Any dealer in S. Texas wanna take that as an audition sell?

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K'horns, the original.  Jube has it's charms, but nothing a sub doesn't fix which is still required with Jube if you want to get to C0.  Anyone who has read the 8 points knows why the K'horn is the K'horn and not a Jube.  Within PWK's parameters the K'horn remains inherently unimprovable...until the change the laws of physics.  

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4 minutes ago, Mallette said:

At those low levels, why would you want to move it around?  Your main system IB was vented above my head but for all the world appeared to be coming from the system.  Also, while close, don't think the 1802 gets down to C0.



Just thinking if I moved from one house to another I could take the 1802 with me.  The IB....... not so much.  IBs are pretty amazing though.

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