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Anybody Know What Console This is?


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I've been seeing a lot of consoles lately at thrift stores.  We had one about 25 years ago we also picked up at a thrift store for cheap back then.  The one we had, had 15" drivers inside and very nice 3/4" wood, very solid.  Had tons of bass.  I keep thinking I might pick one up and yes, rip out all the innards and put new speakers and hardware inside but they are so big, I don't know where I would put it.  I did find one small one lately.  I'll post some picks. Consoles are sooo coool!


First one is GE, (I think).  Second was Magnavox with Micromatic player, 3rd is the small Sears Silvertone with pull out LP drawer. I was so tempted but I walked away.



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Thanks guys. Looks like it is the GE, but other suggestions are welcome.  I probably won't buy this just love the looks. I already have a super cool Grundig here as well as a "Mad Men" Telefunken.  I've probably stripped the guts out of four or five others over the years.  This piece is just a real looker. It's in a Bowie, MD estate sale this weekend if someone wants to chase after it. I'm kinda overrun with gear at the moment and can't figure out a spot to shoehorn it into.


Oh and My Marantz 8b, Thorens TD 125, Craig's NBS preamp and CAL cd player are sitting on top of the Grundig.

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Man, those are some great looking consoles. Ironic, my sister and I were cleaning up my dad's estate over the weekend, and I don't have a pic but we found an old console - turntable, radio with cool lights, and an 8-track player/recorder. Found a few blank 8-tracks, and maybe 50 or so pre-recorded ones. We tested it, and everything worked. 


The cabinet was pretty so-so, which was a downer.

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