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NFL 2019


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Might as well start the mayhem... who 'ya got?


I'm a long time Patriots fan.  Mostly, I enjoy how BB changes the team year-to-year and within year to use the resources he has.  He's a curmudgeon but I think he's the best coach ever.  This year, they'll have to change to run heavy and defense dominant as TB12 goes from dominant GOAT to just ok GOAT and the receiving core is reconstituted (hence the heavy run game).  My biggest hope is that this J. Stidham is the real deal.  SuperBowl (the New England Patriot invitational) will be NE vs NO, NE wins 28 to 24.  You read it here first.

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3 minutes ago, MC39693 said:

I say Mayfield and OBJ have a falling out and the whole party comes crumbling down.

That's why it'll be fun to watch.  It's like playing the game "Time Bomb" when I was little.  You never know when it's going to go off but the fun is in the waiting.

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2 hours ago, Davis said:



I've always liked the Colts even when Cleveland didn't suck!  Watch DE Tyquan Lewis this year.  He's Buckeye tough.  Hope his naggin foot issue doesn't turn up again this year!  Great guy.  Love his Mama and her posse!  Good peeps!  :)

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