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Lets see your pets

mr clean

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2 hours ago, Marvel said:

We had a cat show up on our back porch on day. A dog had chased and it managed to hide there. We couldn't find the owner, so we got it checked out at the vets. The cat was a mix, part tabby (a faint M on his forehead) and looked like a Siamese but plump.The vet said maybe Burmese, IIRC. Thought he was around five years old. He was a terrific pet, very sweet. It was pretty digital  amerams, but I know I've scanned at least on of the prints. H lived a long time.


That was the only sad thing about moving from the old house, as both our cats were buried there. Maybe not the only thing... we had over 3 acres.

He was the best kitty.





 But little Mr. sawdust for brains was also the best kitty.


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My wife and I are retired and she volunteered at local no kill shelter so we’ve ended up with 6 dogs, 2 are York’ys, the only male is a sweet pit bull and 3 are.the ones no one would adopt. To many to post pics and it’s impossible to corral them for a pic. We’re blessed to have a large enough fenced in area so dogs don’t harass locals poultry and livestock. Also 4 cats and all is harmonious. We say the shelter pets fell into a honey hole when they came here.  It is a chore though to spread the attention and affection evenly among so many. Thank the Lord for this season of life in our lives. I wish you all the best.


Also I noticed before I returned my Lascala's to service with my B&W 606 bookshelf speakers the dogs didn’t mind my music but they don’t like to hang around while playing through the Klipsch. And it’s not a volume thing, unless I’m recording I don’t listen to music loud. Never really have. Just an observation. 

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