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Am I Crazy for Considering Moving to Los Angeles


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14 minutes ago, grasshopper said:


great?!?  I live in the "sticks"


if the exodus from the city continues, it will become "rural" and cycles around to what caused folks to live at the site of the city originally.

water,   good farm land, etc



We aren’t in “the sticks”, I prefer I’ll be a “country gentleman”. Much like Tarheel but truly in the country and an actual gentleman —😏

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4 hours ago, babadono said:

@Ceptorman I am about an hour and half out from LA. To the south half way to San Diego. That's why I was asking if you knew exactly where you'd be. Fellow Klipschaholics are always welcome.


prolly been by your place... many years ago. We used to deliver clay pigeons to a shooting range between SanDiego and LA. Then we hauled produce from LA.

I got to see some of the best LA has to offer... the truck stops

 many stories from those times...

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Being California natives we have a totally different take living here than people in the rest of the country but every state I have been to, and I have been to most of them, has pluses and minuses.


Its so funny to me when people act like the only thing California has going for it is the weather. BUT... weather is pretty damned good where my wife and I live almost 90% of the year. I live near Laguna Beach and its gorgeous here - one mile from the Dana Point Harbor - stunning - my wife works in Laguna and has a great job. I have surfed in the morning and driven to the mountains to ski Big Bear in the evening. We ride our bikes over 325 days a year. Traffic sucks but I am retired so I dont have to go anywhere if I dont want to. .I have been thru many cities in the US and almost all of them have bed commuter traffic at some point in the day.


I hope no people want to move here. 


Haters are going to hate!


and yes - the weather is amazing here.- 15 minutes ago


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5 minutes ago, RandyH000 said:

the water is too cold 🤩


~~ 65 degrees F for the water (ocean).  Compare Oregon ocean at 51 degrees.

~~ 73 degrees F for the air on LA coastal areas.

 The air is too warm.  Try a cold day, and the water won't seem so cold.


I used to raise Indonesian clown loaches.  I had read that their native water (rivers) averaged 83 degrees.  I met someone from there and said, "Your rivers are warm!"  She said "Nooo, cold, very cold."  It turned out that the air temperature was often in the 90s, sometimes 100.

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