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Sooooo, what I'm seeing is the Lions game this evening is on Peacock (ABC) too so that's out.  Last nite I missed Taylor Swift and her shenaigans @ the KC game.  THAT hurt especially since I'm a Swifty.  😂  😂  💪   NOT!  😂


This is what I've been talking about happening in the NCAA thread for two years in addition to the portal garbage.


Hey, what a deal!!!  Thanks for the info @001.  I can pay 60$ a year for Peacock, THEN I can pay another 60$ for Paramount +.  So when does it end?


Wait, I'm paying 225$ for Time Warner a month just to get what I want to see sports wise.  So factor in the ADDITIONAL  charges?  Seriously?  Oh wait, the word on the street is TWC is going to offer a box to pick up the REST of the stuff for an additional 60$ a month?  Seriously?  300$ a month to watch TV and get the sports you want, which used to be FREE?  


"THEY" want me to continue to feed the machine?  I'll break out the radio first.  Oh SNAP, they'll control the radio station links too.  Suck it up buttercup or join me for a rousing afternoon watching TVland or METV!  Wait gotta have the "Iron Chef" package too including Bobby Flay, Martha Stewart, Jullllllia and the barefoot Goddess so I can keep up with the "Food Porn" thread here.  :)


Now ask me how I really feel?    😂

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It made my day seeing the cowgirls lose that game, it was especially nice seeing the JJ interview. He cried like a crime was committed.....what a dooshe. It was refreshing that the refs didn't contribute to the outcome, or Jerry's check wasn't big enough!


The Lions game was a good one. It would be nice seeing a team that's never won the SB win it all.

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