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Pictures of your Tube Amplifiers


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On 9/11/2021 at 8:49 PM, MechEngVic said:

How's the Will Vincent sounding? Is it an st-70?

Very Nice with the right setup and source its hard to beat. I don't care for Wills attitude of late, but his builds are nearly always stellar. I have owned several ST70 and variants. Wills builds are at the top of the pile IMHO

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On 9/11/2021 at 2:45 PM, henry4841 said:

Indeed, great components used. Should sound excellent Joe.  

Of the 10+ EL84 amps I have owned over the years the FFX138 is hands down the best. Superb resolution, great micro dynamics, clarity to die for and very nice extension up top without getting harsh. I am really enjoying it

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Just picked up a pair of '93 Khorns a couple weeks back so I've been trying to find a good matching amp. First off was an Aric Audio Special KT88 120. That sounded pretty good. Then came an Art Audio Carissa Signature, which looks and sounds spectacular. Next up is a pair of Allnic Audio A-6000 300bs. 


Here's a couple pics of the Carissa..





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I love your Finale F138-FFX Premium Build EL84 SEP  The BMW Metallic Brown 🧡👍👍👍




We still do not see your last photos with us @joessportster


Maybe a problem with the functioning of the forum? You hosted the photos on the forum?




Maybe @Chad needs to look at this problem!




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Are the Aric 211's worth 10k? Give us your impression of sound and build quality. 

I honestly feel that Aric is a very good value , as for build quality very solid .
If I had to nit pick there are 2 things I dont care for . One being the blue leds in meter , I did recommend that a switch option be added to disable the led portion. The second would be the speaker terminals but I am very fussy with this on any amp or preamp I always opt for a upgrade . Im sure Aric is willing to upgrade as do most . There are many people that wont opt for these upgrades and are more than happy with stock configuration. As for sound Its excellent no complaints , I upgraded all tubes as I always do but even with included tubes the 211/845 sounds excellent.

Also customer service is top notch Aric always replies and is helpful.

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