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Great showroom Klipsch France With Harley Davidson


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And you saw the laser engraved The Fives, that's cool no, there were only 10 pairs on sale here in France. The 8/10 pair is presented, the engraving visible at 6:52


The French are crazy about Klispches 🤤




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12 hours ago, thebes said:

I distinctly heard him say "Let's Go".  This man is a poseur. Not French.  Acoute!


Probably hangs out with Canadians.




That would be “Écoute!”, thebes.  Who’s the poseur?  Je dit merde de bœuf.


Anyway, the French, like many non-English speakers, often use English loanwords.  For example, Saturday and Sunday are called “le week-end” in France, while Quebecers use “le fin de semaine”, which sounds a lot more French to me.  Did you hear him say “rock-n-roll” a few times?  It seems to mean “very cool” to him.

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Salut and Let's go  😄


Yes, we use a lot of words that come from English, it's very trendy, especially since WW2 and then following the Rock years: Elvis> Beatles> Flower Power (US West Coast)> Punk> New Wave > ....

But be careful, many words from home come from French, and even some words we travel France> England > and now again France

C'est Cool :cool:


Some examples, the list is long   >  https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Influence_du_français_sur_l'anglais


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