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lascala vs. cornwall


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On 12/21/2002 at 10:07 PM, prodj101 said:

I'm trying to figure out whether or not people who have la scala's and say they like them actualy like them or are just saying that to try to convince them selves they didn't just waste a ton of money.

Two La Scala Speakers are enough to fill a medium size night club with perfect sound I know because I did it In the private club Park Exchange in the Trans America Pyramid San Francisco. 

They are Durable last for years. The sound that comes out of these speakers is so clear they are a very good communicator of sprit that the artist has recorded into the music what a beautiful tool of entertainment.

Rusty Nails

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LaScala, horn loaded bass missing an octave or so in the bottom end. Quicker in the bass dept. being horn loaded. When I bought mine LP's did not have the lower octave anyway so I bought LaScala. Put in a good sub and there you go. Also bigger mid horn. With horns I have found bigger is better. Ask any Pro Klipsch owner on this forum. Never heard a Cornwall, always wanted to and would love to own a pair. I am sure a great speaker, PWK made and loved it. Cannot go wrong with either one IMHO. Good to see dead thread active again. 

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Just bought a pair of '85 La Scalas (AL crossover, K-77/K-55M) to replace my recapped (Crites) '85 Cornwalls. Not unhappy with the Cornwalls, just thought I was upgrading.

Not an upgrade, apparently. Just different. a little more detail in the mids and highs, and the lack of bass is well, apparent. Same sub I was using with my Cornwalls. I just switched out the two fronts and re-ran room correction. Played around with toe-in.

I don't mind the sound difference. What I was hoping for was more presence and imaging...thought it would sound more like I was in the same room with the performers. But the soundstage with the La Scalas make them sound a bit further away. Not much...but I was hoping the imaging would bring them in another direction, ie, closer.

But I just made the switch. I'll give it time. A recap may be in order, but not for ALs. I'll either convert them to AAs or AL3s...could use some guidance on that--what works best with the K77/K55M combo. I'm certainly not lacking in high end at the moment.

High quality problem, right?

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Just a question about the Cornwall IV bass response. Am in the market for these speakers, have heard them at the local Klipsch dealer (thanks, guys) and was ready to purchase after listening carefully to the midrange and treble. Powerful, direct, live, and secure -- all the right horn qualities.

The bass response on these new, just opened CWs was, however, poor. The volume was OK but the timbral quality (audiophiles say 'tonality') just wasn't there. CDs brought to check for bass response (Vic Wootens Trypnotix) sounded unclear, muffled, and the electric bass instrument sounded like a "woof with pitch." Then checked some orchestral recordings and could not distinguish between a contrabassoon and a double bass. The tonality just wasn't there.

Room was set up fine and the amp was an OK Denon integrated that should be accurate enough to provide tonality. SO my question is "does the working in time taking place for a 15" driver (say 100 hours) improve timbral response?" "Is the 15" driver then able to reproduce, more accurately, the actual sound of bass instruments?"

Thanks for your info. Will be checking out these speakers again in 2 weeks to see if they have loosened up and if the tonality has improved sufficiently to bring them home.

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On 12/21/2002 at 9:05 PM, Crankysoldermeister said:

I've been loving the new obsessions with the Scalas here.

"We compared it with Cornwall head on, and it blew the Cornwall into sawdust."

"The Scalas are incredible, you gotta hear these things."

"Unriveled detail. The Cornwall can't keep up."

A month later...

"Yeah, I'm going to mod mine, how about you? Gonna try the A' the AA's and the ALKs. Then I'm gonna throw in a 511, or maybe an 811. Then I'm going to turn 'em around and have them face the walls -- then go out into the garage and see how they sound.http://forums.klipsch.com/idealbb/images/smilies/9.gif

Exactly, fickle as a school girl.

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Have had my '77 stock LS's now for a few weeks. They replaced my same year stock CW's in my main system, and they are now in a smaller room second system. The LS's are tucked into corners which evidently won't work with Khorn's because they are too close to windows. They are driven by a McIntosh MC240 amp and C11 preamp, and I hear very little bass difference between them and the CW's, especially when the volume is up some. Very little. Have absolutely no need for more, and no need/desire for a sub. And the  mids are so much better on the LS's. Incredible. Magical.  I also disabled the tweeter protection diodes on the AA crossover and that has resulted in a complete disappearance of any distortion. Every owner of this period LS's with AA crossover should try it. It's the only mod I plan on doing, and it's been a substantial positive.


So my takeaways are with LS's...place carefully, use high quality amplification, and if applicable, disable that tweeter protection on the AA crossovers. Then sit back and enjoy a marvelous speaker.

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Bigger horn (LaScala) better sound. I would not say each and every time but in general terms the bigger the horn the better the sound. I listened without a sub for 25 years but like using one with my LaScala's now. What is missing not having a sub is the deep bass guitar with authority. 

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