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Lascala cabinet resonance


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The level of annoyance that you experience here may indicate a hearing sensitivity that some people  develop at various frequencies ( hyperacusis ) . This could be at play here , equalization can help in situations like this , but if you’re listening at high enough levels , it will again  become apparent . Not saying that this is your problem , but this is  not uncommon , although it is more prevalent at higher frequencies. I have a sensitivity centered around 2500 hz ,showing up mostly with pure tones . There is nothing wrong with using good eq , after all our perception of sound isn’t likely to be flawless and may even be damaged ,so  it may need a little help .🤓

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I'm not a reproduction purist. I do not understand the desire to have nothing between a recording and my ears. We are listening after all to what some recording engineer/producer/mastering engineer and the artist decided we should be hearing. If they are messing with all types of equipment to manipulate the signal(s) recorded why shouldn't I do the same at the reproduction stage if it makes it sound better to me?

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6 minutes ago, Stephen Buck said:

I’m sure you manage to tune out a very big world without any assistance with thought terminating comments like this.  Following the mystery is part of the hobby, but of course if you have an object to sell to “fix” something, you don’t want your customer to find out the reality. 


Somehow I think I should be offended by that....

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7 minutes ago, Stephen Buck said:

Only if you feel you have a right to be offended.  The OP is offended with how some songs are reproduced in his setup.  Shall we figure out the physics or tell him he shouldn’t be offended?


My reply was actually a joke, but obviously not a very good one if I have to explain it.


You guys continue smacking away at this horse, he ain't quite dead yet. For me, I will continue to blissfully and ignorantly enjoy my lascalas while not worrying a whit about all things EQ.


Carry on....

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24 minutes ago, Stephen Buck said:

Bay Area-based engineer Mark Needham has worked with Isaak on almost all of his records, as well as on the music for Showtime's The Chris Isaak Show.

Let’s get Mark Needham on the thread. 

Let's see if he will comply...may have an explanation.

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3 hours ago, Stephen Buck said:

Haas Effect? 


This is your multi source bass when summed correctly @63hz... Placed within a 1/4 wave length of each other.

Low frequencies are Omni-Directional





This is your multi source bass, ON CRACK, when they are not summed and placed in a 'STEREO' layout @63Hz... you tell me which one should sound better.




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8 hours ago, Stephen Buck said:

Im thinking this could be in the realm of the stereo bass arguments you will see everywhere.  For example, one site says “As a general rule of thumb, it’s considered common practice to sum anything below 200hz to mono.”

I thought the bass was summed to mono for vinyl production/release, so the stylus wouldn't jump out of the groove from the extreme movement.


I know everyone wants to let go of this, perhaps a new thread could be started for THIS topic.

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23 hours ago, Stephen Buck said:

Good thing I don’t listen to the same tone all day long and live in the valleys.  But if you watch the above videos on engineering music you’ll understand that modern engineering takes advantage of stereo bass and accounts for you mono heads.


What are the 'Advantages' of a 'Stereo' bass?


Bass and low frequencies are not directional and the 'snap shot' of the output and phase issues I posted are indeed of one frequency... not ONLY indicative of One frequency. they are a snap shot after all... But I would have thought that would be apparent.


comb filtering, phase issues don't change or reduce with frequency, they still occur... what changes is the shape of the interference patterns... but they are still there

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