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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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Elite, is that manufactured or custom DIY/commissioned build? Very cool stand Sir!

Custom built with a semi local cabinet maker. I had the 1st stand weeks ago, but some of my dimensions really made it a tight fit, the first blueprint was misread and failed to fit my center by 1/8". The builder rebuilt and had to reorder all the glass at his cost again since it shifted dimensions just a nudge, very thankful there are still great people out there. I'm very happy for the great service of the job as well as it gave us a 2nd look to revamp everything to make this one better with certain aspects like handle placement and the stain. Now if I only had more components to fill this with...[6]

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JJ Carney, very nice and neat looking, that's a huge Tv for a bedroom. Yes

Couldn't help but notice some strange coincidences, we have the same bed and the long leg style jewelry box, and the same color curtains and a lamp just like that just a little taller.

I guess I need to tell the wife we need a Tv like that in the bedroom, thanks Yes

That's funny. That tv was my black Friday score last year. We love it.

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Gonna add a sub at some point. Might be my Tuba HT. Kinda feel like it's wasted in my small HT with the 2 A5-350's. If not then probably a smallish 10 inch sub cause really don't need alot of sub in the bedroom anyway.

First off, that mirror setup is really slick, well done. Also, might I recommend taking a look at the Energy Mini subs for your bedroom. I switched from RF-25's to Gallery G-28's in my living room and knew going into it that the bass was gonna suffer accordingly. So at the same time that I purchased the G-28's I picked up 2- Energy 800Watt Mini Subs to flank the TV and sit right below each 28, on the ground. They come in a piano black finish that perfectly matched both my Plasma and the 28's and they're TINY. Well, 3 weeks later and Ive already sent one of the Subs back because having two was overkill. I really didn't think that it would be and I was and still am bouncing around the idea of just throwing one behind the couch in case I ever REALLY need it. Being a Klipsch product by association you can use the Klipsch wireless sub kit with these allowing you to put it anywhere in the room without running wires, nice option. They also make a 1200Watt version of these but the pricing is like 230 and 450 or so (actually I just checked and the 800 watt has gone up to 288), for the 800watt & 1200 Watt, respectively. Thats why I bought 2 of the 800 waters to begin with. Anyhow, they are nice little subs that IMO are better suited to TV/Movies then they are music but can still pack a tight punch depending on the music. Ive listened to quite a bit of DirecTv streaming music through them and it was kinda hit or miss on the overall sound quality. However, I also think that this has a lot to do with DirecTv, so Im not ready to place full blame anywhere.

Thx trevermill. I originally wanted the cabinet to be about twice it's current size. However the roofline on my garage had other ideas. Lol

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New Pics since the addition of the RSW-15 and RS-62ii's. The surrounds are mobile as this setup is in the living room. So they show up for movies, and dissapear day-to-day.


Front Stage


Left Surround


Right surround

Very nice... Great looking room.....
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Great room Beechnut! How do you like the new sub so far?

As many have said, it is absolutely amazing for music! Deep, rich, full and fast. No boominess in my room just amazing.

For HT is is a very good sub! Many have said it lacks in that department. My only comparison is the SVS PB-12 Ultra which I heard in the home of the person I purchased this sub from. His room was smaller than man and I'll tell you this, when watching tron there was a moment when my pant legs moved from the air being pushed by that monster. So in comparison to that OUTSTANDING sub, the RSW-15 is a very good sub.

So, in that comparison vein, do I feel like I'm missing out? No. I compromised for a combination of a phenominal musical sub and very good HT sub for 70% of the price of a PB-13 Ultra. So I will enjoy my RSW-15 and once I have a dedicated room, then we'll add one of those monster.

So to sum up, I love it!

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