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Poll: Favorite Led Zeppelin Album


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never underestimate the power of one vote....

Ha ha...good one!

Actually I am quite surprised by the preliminary results. First off 20-some views and only 6 votes. Second, I expected I, II or IV to be run away vote getters. Looks like my Houses of the Holy favorite might have some legs. Time will tell.

Where are the "too cool to go to general forum 2-channel types" and why have we not heard more from the west coast crowd? It is after noon there are they sunning, surfing and taking an extra day off???[H][:o]

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I went with one simply because it was so ground breaking(not to mention full of great tunes). Without the first selling as well as it did, there may have never been any more, and Zep would be just a distant memory, like Cream(lol). Now I am seeing kids my son's age and younger wearing Led Zeppelin t-shirts, just like back in the seventies. You don't see Beatles t-shirts(maybe for licensing reasons)or even many Hendrix or Doors....Plus, the cover art, while not all that original, is graphically so cool.


"Been dazed and confused for so long....."

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While I liked the first 3 albums about the same, there was something special about the 3rd album. Whenever we were tripping it always seemed to find its way to the turntable at just the right time. The guitar on Since I've Been Loving You would always send the creeper up your spine, and make the hair on your arms stand up.

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