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Klipsch Gear---what do YOU want??


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For those who vote on some form of knit shirts, I think what they're really asking for is knit shirts with the ability to carry around their pocket protectors...

You know how some people just aren't happy unless they have their pocket protector with them.

now, ME? I guess my vote would be hats, mugs, knit shirts (ok, so maybe I'm one of them [A])

And, although it's not under this catagory, I still stand by my comment long long ago that you've washed under the rug...

How about some reformed promedia speakers that are in the shape of Heritage?

I'd love to have some mini-Jubilee's replace my PM 2.1's, how cool would that be?

Khorns..LaScalas... you get the drift. Same drivers probably, just different boxes?

I'd be in for a pair!!

C'mon woman...make it happen!


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Embroidered (not flocked) baseball jackets that are reversible. Velour on one side, satin on the other. All black velour body and sleeves on one side, reversible to black (or red or blue) satin body with light grey (or tan or yellow) contrasting sleeves. That way you have the loud Rock n Roll mode and the more tasteful subdued mode. Embroidered graphics could be bright and gaudy on one side and tasteful single color on the other side. Possible graphics could include any of the following:

1. Klipsch--A Legend in Sound

2. Klipsch pie slice logo old

3. Pie slice logo new

4. Klipsch oval logo

5. Klipsch block letter logo

6. Old style cursive Klipschorn logo

7. Other Klipsch marketing slogans or logos

8. A map of the US showing Klipsch factory and headquarters locations (like the colorful maps of Japan or Viet Nam you see on vintage jackets sold to GIs).

9. Or some completely new Klipsch saying or slogan, just for this jacket

I have a couple of non-Klipsch jackets of this type that I can post photos of if you like. They were made in China but are reproductions of occupied Japan and Viet Nam vintage baseball jackets.

Best in horns,


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You'll know what I'm talking about Amy, but those Klipsch T-Shirts the marketing guys hand out would be mega awesome (especially if they came in many colors). I would be all over that and where a different color klipsch shirt to school everyday. Everyone already thinks I'm obsessed, I might as well rub it in [;)]

The PWK ties would be cool too. Oh, and the BS Buttons.

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