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This Forum is BORING...


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I really don't know Al K, but since he goes to lengths to announce his departure in the way he did, I'm putting in my 2-cents.

It wasn't enough for him to just say "goodbye." It was "goodbye, you bunch of losers." And, of course, we had to have the classic resume to legitimize the argument - i.e. "So that you don't think I'm just another internet 'nobody,' take a look at my credentials." Then, of course, it needed to be made clear that he wasn't leaving because of the money issues - he would have given it all away.

Poor guy. He's so misunderstood.

This so-called exodus is silliness. What is apparent is that the internet (with all its forums) is just a big buffet. The guys get a little tired going back all the time for beef & broccoli; so now, they want to try sweet and sour pork for a while. Nothing wrong with that, but stop whining about the beef and broccoli.

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That AK is a boring place for sure, yes they have a nice blue screen but all the moderators jumping in everywhere............sheeesh. Not having a moderator would be just as bad or worse. One other forum where I used to belong had mods that were always jumping in and making comments like "be careful here" or "I'll be watching you" or really silly stuff that is very distracting. This is a place to relax, kick back, enjoy and learn, not go berzerko on someone.......save that for the nutcases someplace else.

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pot is gay?

The way the system appears to work, points to this, but then it depends on what you mean by Gay?

The weight of the word changed a tad in the last few days.


I'm gay most of the time unless I'm sad.


The other gay, I really don't care, whatever makes people happy, I made my decision and not going to switch teams, like they said on Seinfeld.  

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i don’t know.  The forum seems to be trying too hard to find an identity.  It’s going from battleground to carnival at breakneck speed. But, hey a post is a post right? Oh wait, sorry RTM folks--you guys don’t count. (lots of sarcasm intended).

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