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That is a question she askes herself from time to time....and yes - to my eyes she is hot even after 23 years together.

Otherwise - I had hair then - I still have the same amount of hair too - it just all moved south. I am going to have to learn to walk on my hands at this rate!!!

I get out of the shower and look at myself in the mirror and loose all respect for my wife because she thinks I'm good looking! Kinda turns my stomach.[+o(]

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Oh yea........let's post some recent pics.........recognize....nooooo.

This was me last week at a fundraiser in which we dressed like some 60's folks.

uh....that may have been from college.


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As luck would have it, I actually got on the cover twice!!! the other one, I don't have a copy of and it was a bit more dramatic as it talked about the match being the "battle between team captains" (of which I went on to win)



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