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Good Bye my Friend


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Harry thank you so much for taking the time to keep us updated, even now you are still taking the time to get information to us.

BTW, OB looks very much as I pictured him in my mind. I am so glad he got to meet his grandson before he passed away, I know he was really excited about his birth.

Yes, thank you for keeping up posted. I am also glad he got to see his grandson before passing......... She's 10 now, but when my niece was born, my parents said that's all they wanted in life; to see their first grandchild. Well, they got more than they asked for, because there's 5 of them now

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Now OB always claimed he had no truck with going back to vinyl. It was sort of like his stand against tubes. Until the boys got him that Scott.

I always figured we'd find a way to get him back into platters at some point but it was not to be. So tonight I'm cruising some vinyl releases and what do I run across, coming to stores next month: Delbert Mcclinton Live on 180 gram wax.

Oh man, I'm immediately thinking to myself, this is the hook we need. the Buckster would walk across glass to get his hands on anything Delbert Mcclinton sang. Then my mind catches up with reality, knowledge catches up with emotion.


Fergetaboutit I say. Think of it as OB's last Members Weekly Music Recommendation.

I think I'll do a preorder.

Listening to The Commitments. Although it's a teenage love song, when sung properly it's really an ode to friendship and loss. Who knows OB maybe some day we'll be talking about Delbert at:

At the dark end of the street

that is where we always meet

hiding in shadows where we don't belong

living in darkness, to hide alone

You and me, at the dark end of the street

You and me

I know a time has gonna take it's toll

we have to pay for the love we stole

It's a sin and we know it's wrong

Oh, our love keeps going on strong

Steal away to the dark end of the street

You and me

They gonna find us, they gonna find us

They gonna find us love someday

You and me, at the dark end of the street

You and me

When the daylight all goes around

And by chance we're both down the town

Please meet, just walk, walk on by

Oh, darling, please don't you cry

You and me, at the dark end of the street

You and me

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It seems like I only get to the Forum every couple of weeks, and I always look for an update on ob. I knew it was only a matter of time but this still saddens me greatly. My condolences go out to his family. ob, rest easy buddy. I'm sure we'll be arguing Stones/Beatles when I see you down the road.


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Again I want to thank you for your support, thoughts,
and kind words. I figured at this point I could give everyone an
update on the past month. His service was December 2. As I was with
reading these threads, I was overwhelmed by the attendance and support of my
father and his family. As tough as it was for the both of us, myself and
his best friend Nick (who played "Wild Horses" for him at the
hospital said a few words. My words will be in a separate thread for those who
wish to read. My father lays at rest and in peace at the Saratoga
National Cemetary in Stillwater, NY looking over Saratoga Lake. The entire
service was very difficult but done well showing great honor and respect to my
Dad. My family (including his granddaughter bulldog Roxi) went to visit
him Christmas Day. I found this to be extremely difficult but therapeutic
at the same time. It was good to be there a say a few words that have
been bouncing around my head over the past month.

Lisa, I think it was you who mentioned his picking on
you in a serious manner. Let me inform you all that that was my
Dad. He told it as it was and didn't pull any punches, but was picking
nonetheless. A perfect example would be how he always address on of my
best friends. "Buffalo Sucks" was always his greeting and
salutation to my buddy from Buffalo (any lifetime and devoted Bills and Sabers
fan). I Dad was expressing his true feeling on the matter but never meant
it in a degrading tone, just to bust his balls.

My mother and I ran the Scott and the Cws the other
day to appreciate them and see them in the light my father did. I started
with the 40 Licks album b/c that is very dear to me. It's the album we
would always listen to while cruising in the Porsche and looking for
chicks. They sound amazing and I have to say I will become a Klipsch enthusiast
(although can never come close to matching my father devotion). Although
I will say that I got my Dad to respect the bose soundock I have for my ipod
(not sure if he'd admit that to anyone else).

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The words I spoke at my Father's service...


"As the words of his favorite song state, not even Wild Horse
could’ve dragged him away from us, his Family.
Instead I like to think that God intervened in my Father’s struggles
with what nature brought him. He told
my Father that is was ok and that his job as a caregiver and a provider were
complete. Despite his absence, to me,
his role as a Father will forever remain.
I have learned so much from my Father over the years, all of which have
shaped me into the MAN I am today. No
one in this world is done learning and developing and I will forever look to
the wisdom and morals that my Parents instilled in me to continue my

Over the past few days, the hardest parts have not been when
I lay my head to rest at night, but rather when I awake in the morning. This is something I can no longer share with
my beloved Father. Instead when I
awake, I rise with new purpose. It is
now my job to continue to display to my Father that he did the best job a
Father could in raising a strong young man.
It is my job to continue to achieve and show the world that everything I
am and accomplish is supported by the hard work of my Parents.

There are many things I would love to say about, P-Bear, my
Father. Just like my final moments with
him, I choose to believe that some words need not be said. Actions speak louder than words and I hope
that composing these few words will show my Father how truly priceless his
existence is to me. I promise to
continue to act as he taught me; to represent myself as a man. He set a great example to follow. I promise to look after his Family, as I
know he wants me to. And I promise to
attempt to emulate the love and support he had for my Mother.

Dad, You will forever be my inspiration and my source of

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Beautiful. Congratulations, you've just accomplished one of the most honorable tasks you can do for a man, to speak at his funeral. That is a gift that you give to him, to your family, and to yourself. In time you will realize this was one of your finer moments in life. Very well spoken.

You're always welcome here. Give those Cornwalls a few more listens and stick around. Welcome to the Madness, as I always say. 40 licks is a great place to start.


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You are a worthy son of a worthy man. Thank you so much for sharing that with us, and needless to say, you are welcome here any old time. Your family just got a lot larger.

I'm thinking your father would have enjoyed these Chuck Barry lyrics, sung in a style very much like the Eric Burdon hit "Spill the Wine".

Before I post them though, let me tell you my memories of him will not simply "Pass Away":

Once in Persia reigned a king who upon his royal ring carved these words so true and wise

Which when held before his eyes gave him counsel at a glance of his life of changing chance

Solemn words and these are they: "Even this shall pass away"

Trains of camels through the sand brought him gems from Samarkand

Fleets of galleys through the sea brought him pearls to match with thee

But he counted not his gain nor his treasure, mine or main

"What is wealth ?", the king would say, "Even this shall pass away"

In the revel of his court, at the zenith of his sport

When the palms of all his guests burned with clapping at his zest

He among his figs and wine would cry, "Oh, loving friends of mine

Pleasures may come, but they cannot stay, like even this shall pass away ?"

The most beautiful woman ever seen was the bride he chose his queen

Pillowed on their royal bed, whispering to her soul he said:

"Though a bridegroom never pressed dearer bosom to his chest

But mortal flesh must come to clay and even these shall pass away"

Towering over the village square, thirty meters in the air

Rose his statue, carved in stone, as the king stood there alone

Gazing at his sculptured name, said to himself, "So what is fame ?

Fame, it's but slow decay, even this shall pass away"

Fighting furiously on a battlefield, once a javelin pierced his shield

Soldiers with a loud lament bore him bleeding to his tent

Groaning from his tortured side, "Pain is hard to bear", he cried

"Oh, but with patience day by day, even this shall pass away"

Sick and sore with cancer; weak and tired and old, just minutes yet to go to pass the gates o' gold

Spake he with his dying breath, "Life is done, so what is death ?"

Then in answer to the king fell a sunbeam on his ring

Reflecting words he failed to say: "Even this shall pass away"

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Like a couple of others, I have been "away" from the Klipsch Forum for the biggest part of the past year. As I pinged back in to try to get caught up on what's been happening among the hobby in general and Klipsch Forum members in particular, it slowly occured to me that I didn't seem to be seeing any posts by my old "Forum friend," OldBuckster. When that realization finally soaked in, I did a couple of searches, only to find that indeed he had not been posting. I wondered... and feared the worst.

Only by accident did I find this thread (my "search" skills not being very good, it seems).

I couldn't believe what I read. OB and I traded e-mails many, many times "off Forum" and he was always a delight! His "curmudgeon" Forum persona easily slipped away when dealing one-on-one, revealing the witty, considerate, understanding, and generous personality that was the "real" OB. He was a treasure...

Like you, I will truly miss him.


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No sir it's not...he would be telling me to getout and drive in the nice weather...enjoy life...thanks for bumping this Harry...hope things are well with you...our Law Enforcement Memorial is Saturday and I am thinking of lost friends there as well as all you Vets with Memorial Day approaching...gave a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project last night...stay safe and be well!


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Harry, I hope you are doing well. Again, thanks to everyone for the supporting myself and my family. It's very touching to see how my Father was able to reach out to so many people. I apologize that I have not been on the forum in some time. I'm new to the forum game. I just got on an Audi forum and I'm fumbling around with that right now.

Just an update: It's hard to believe it's been 6 months. It's like time has been standing still b/c it feels weird to continue with out my Dad. My Mother is doing well. She got away to Florida for a week with my Aunt back in Feb. Baby Joey is growing fast, as he's six and a half months old now. My sister and I are doing well and making trips home to Mom as frequently as we can.

I will keep in touch. Keep Rockin!

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...our Lawn Enforcement Memorial is Saturday...

For those whose lives were cut short?

(Sorry, Bill, I just had to do it. You know I have the utmost respect for the fallen, especially those who carried a good sense of humor!)

Glad you checked in, Young Buckster!

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