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Good Bye my Friend


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Again, I thank everyone for their kind words. It means so much. For you guys to say such kind things makes me feel as though you are distant friends of mine.

Still trying to figure out how to attch his pic.


My sincerest prayers and best wishes to you and your family to get through the passing of your father. I can't say I really knew your father but we did exchange a couple of emails and a couple of discs of music to try out so I knew him better than I know most of the people here. Unfortunately I never got to meet him in person but I do know that his family was very important to him.

Yes, weird as it sounds, you can consider many of us myself included, as distant friends as your father I think thought of us and we of him. I know it sounds a little cheesy, but be thankful for the time you did have with your father. And it will get easier. My experience after Mom and Dad much later passed away is that life never gets back to normal, normal is forever different and there's a big hole in your heart that will never completely go way but it will get easier to live with.

I'm very happy the paths of even my electronic life passed with your father's. I'm a better person for it and as corny as it sounds, there will be CD or thought every now and then that'll bring a tear to my eye.

Attaching a picture here is a little tricky. Click on options then add/update file. Once the file is selected, you'll have to scroll over to the right to find the save button. Or you can always just email any to any of the forum members posting in this thread.


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wow, and bummer. I've not visited the forum as regular lately. Too much work, and too little time. OB, gonna miss your character here.

It's nice to know though, that he went to the Rolling Stones' Wild Horses. Gonna miss OB for sure........

Harry, your a good friend to him. I wish I had one like you.


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Thanks YoungBuckster for making a post, it was very nice of you and I'm sure not easy. OB has many friends here, he was quite the character on the forum, he said what he thought and if you didn't like it it was your problem. [:D]

But there was another side of him I didn't see until we started talking off the forum (email), he was always asking if we were OK and taking care of ourselves, never complaining about his problems.

He is missed.

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Youngbuckster....I like that name....it brings back fond memories of a very good friend of mine.

Welcome to the forum. I hope you stick around a while and see what it is your dad saw in this wonderful group of people. Oldbuckster wasn't easily impressed and he surely didn't put up with a lot of bull from anyone!

I can speak for most of us here when I say your dad is greatly missed. We all respected him and knew he was a "tough old bird" on the outside, but "soft as the winter snow" on the inside....once you got to know him.

Having you as part of our forum would surely help heal our loss, and yours. Who knows you may actually enjoy it around here.

Seriously, Jeff, my deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family. Your father was a remarkable, well respected and well liked member of our group. Even my daughters knew about the "Oldbuckster". His passing didn't go unnoticed.

Again, welcome and thank you for posting, it really means a lot to all of us. Oldbuckster was a big fan of Reggae music also....so in OB's words "One Love"........

Jeff, he was a great man and I will miss him greatly.


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Jeff, or YB (as your Father was affectionately called OB),

I'm very sorry about the passing of your father. I lost my father when I was 25 and he was 46 so I know something about the loss of a parent at a younger age than expected. I dare say that there are many adult men here who would share their experiences with you should you need someone with who to confide your feelings about this time in your life. Your father was a frequent and very welcome contributor to this group and will be sorely missed. His candor, love of music, and sense of humour were a treasure.

If you have half the character of your Father you have indeed been blessed.

You've read our words and have picked up on our vibe very well young man. I've been around here a while and can honestly tell you that if you've spent any time at all listening to the Rolling Stones (the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World) with your Father on those Cornwalls you will understand the depth of my standard greeting to all newcomers here at the Klipsch Forum. This is not only a welcome but a lighthearted warning to those who grow to love Klipsch loudspeakers. We hope you stick around and become a part of our family, as we already feel as though you are.

Welcome to the Madness young friend!

yer new buddy,


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For any math-hounds out there:

11091 posts / 1035 days = 10.7 posts per day. OB spent a LOT of time here in his nearly three years as a regular contributor.

comparison, I've posted an average of 9 posts per day and for 1 1/2
years I worked for the company so was paid to post. That says a lot
about OB's love of this place. You don't that much time somewhere that
you don't love to the depths of your soul.


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Your dad was a very special man indeed, I offer my condolences and I'm sure you know how truly blessed you and your family are to have him in your lives.

I only knew him through this forum, and as trivial as that may sound, your father had a positive impact on my life with his strait forward, honest approach, and zeal for life. Although he was taken way to early, the life lessons he taught and his spirt will endure.

I feel privileged to have known him and I am glad he is at peace.

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Harry thank you so much for taking the time to keep us updated, even now you are still taking the time to get information to us.

BTW, OB looks very much as I pictured him in my mind. I am so glad he got to meet his grandson before he passed away, I know he was really excited about his birth.

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Funny, in my mind I kinda pictured OB as a spitting image of his avatar (an old coot)! Looking at his photos, Rob looked nothing like the crotchety old man he lead us to believe he was. Even with Rob's declining health he looked better than I would've thought. Hell, Eddie Van Halen was born in '55 and he now looks like a meth-head in his 70s (what hard drug use will do to a man...ask Keith Richards)!


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I don't know if it's been mentioned, but I think we should consider that avatar retired. EH!!!?

As YB, it makes me feel warm to know that the torch is passed from us OB's (second word in this usage is 7 letters ending in "d") to a younger generation. Reading his posts I realize just how few of our friends and family understand the depth of the connections established here and the importance of them.


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I just got back to the forum after being away for quite a while. Rob and I became good "internet" friends over the last few years. I knew he had some health problems that he'd been struggling with and he always downplayed them.

I'm saddened by his passing. He was a wonderful man.

God bless you Rob.

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  • Klipsch Employees

I just looked at the pic's of OB. ... I was laughing and crying at the same time.

It is great that he had a chance to hold the grandchildren and the name fit the look.

OB, Tell PWK hey for us and have a listen to that new horn the Gabe is using. I wonder...SS or tubes ?

I guess we will have to wait for a bit to find out.

See you soon Brother.

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