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  2. Diggin around and found a German press of this one.. Sounds ahhhmazing! No idea how or where it came from since I have the US press also. Duh moment!
  3. I'm glad it worked out for someone!
  4. To make a short story long, I recently picked up a restored Kenwood KA-7002 integrated amp, circa 1971, from a local tech. It was pretty much dead when he got it. After we made the deal and kind of in passing, he said this amp does not have a speaker protection relay. He said of the three schematics he found on line, all showed a speaker protection relay under the bottom plate. The only speaker protection is two 1A fast blow fuses prior to the output. Not thinking much about it, I took it home. After some further inspection, I noticed it did not have a serial number. There was a place for the serial number on the back panel tag but no number. I removed the top and bottom panels and took some photo's. One of the Kenwood guys over on AK who owns and restores 7002's, noticed the heat sinks were aluminum but not painted black as are all the examples he has seen. Kenwood advertises the speaker protection circuit in their literature for this amp so you would assume the units sold to the public had it. There were no holes in the chassis to indicate the circuit was removed and no numbers stamped on the chassis either. On the right side of the chassis under the heat sink, hand written in black ink is "No 1." It was his opinion that this is possibly a prototype and/or certainly not intended to be sold to the general public. How cool is that! It does sound great through the Heresy I's but has a couple of minor quirks. There is a little noise through the tweeters but can't be heard more than a foot away. Kind of like most vintage tube amps I have owned. Running more than one set of speakers at a time reduces the volume a bit on both. Both speakers are 8 ohms and I only plan to use one pair at a time. It does have a very good phono stage, better than my Marantz 2238b. That's my story for now. I am thrilled to own it. Here are some pics. On the lower left of the last picture, you can see the two fuses and two stickers which read, "1A (6 x 30) SCHURTER." Just thought I would share. Thanks for reading!
  5. Gotta start somewhere! Those look good in there. Congrats on the pickup.
  6. First listening session... aaaahhhhhhh......... (Yes I know the turntable placement is less than ideal...)
  7. @dirtmudd In my youth about 45 years ago, I had a van fully customised with murals ( just like the custom vans in the USA ) That album cover was on the back doors Pity I have lost all the photos unless my mum has any - will ring her tonight to see Something like this
  8. Dave A

    Super MWM

    Next time I am down that way I would like to stop in if you don't mind. How much advance notice do you usually need?
  9. Jake brakes are a compression release basically, an engine brake not air brakes. They don't have to be loud but some trucks (loggers often) run straight pipes and un-muffled engine brakes. With a good exhaust system they aren't very loud at all, as for being legal in town it depends on the town. Some places have signs posted no engine or exhaust brakes and others do not. Some post no un-muffled exhaust brakes and some none at certain hours of the day. I'm a driver, it's part of my job to know these things and pay attention to signage when I roll into a town.
  10. Never owned any Dr Hook LPs But I loved the music
  11. seller must have changed his mind
  12. I have 2 SET amps and I am keeping 1, I frankly dont care which as it will be used in my 2nd system (Bedroom). Both amps are 100% functional Both sound great IMHO Both will come with a full set of tubes and possibly spares (If I have them) Amp - 1, Is a derivation of the Darling Circuit, Dead quiet on my 96db speakers, It uses a quad of the 1626 triode ran in parallel for an output of approx 1.5 wpc. it is tube rectified and uses a pair of 8532 driver tubes. The amp is what I would call very reference oriented, it is not your typical SET amp it is much more detail oriented with a tilt to neutrality. The amp uses Edcor iron and is made by an amp builder out in California. I have personally put 100 or so hours on the amp. with zero issues. The amp includes a switchable speaker imp. of 4, 8, or 16 ohms. It also has a built in volume control that would allow use without a pre-amp. I have and will include a spare quad of the 1626 and a spare pair of the 8532 drivers. Price is 700.00 plus shipping. Below is a link to another amp exactly like mine except for different iron https://www.ebay.com/itm/Handmade-1626-PSE-Parallel-Single-Ended-Darling2-tube-amplifier/292843997893?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908131621%26meid%3D9f35b2b1cdbc48ba93414325c73e2afc%26pid%3D100678%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D5%26sd%3D264290897370%26itm%3D292843997893&_trksid=p2481888.c100678.m3607&_trkparms=pageci%3A1137ebe7-67c0-11e9-b192-74dbd180e44b|parentrq%3A5731808216a0ab4dc4a1f906ffff96b0|iid%3A1 Amp - 2 is a Waamamps 45 / 2A3 Directly heated Triode uses 5u4 type Rectifier and 6sl7 driver. The amp is auto Bias and will come with a pair of EH 2a3 tubes. This amp has a slight hum that can be attenuated using the HUM pots. In my system I am able to dial out nearly all hum but between tracks some hum can be heard. (YMMV as I have had different results with many amps, It is system dependent). below is a link to builders site http://www.waamamps.com/waamampsstereotubeamplifiers.html
  13. I find it amusing as well,I have friends I've ridden with that ride GoldWings and BMWs. Whatever gets yer knees in the breeze is what I say,it's all good.
  14. '78 and stuck in Muscle Shoals... Soooo much magic happened there...
  15. Thanks for the heads up. I plan on getting another pair of stock Forte I's I believe...... to get back to where it was perfect for me
  16. I've now both physically measured the path length of one of my Klipschorn bass cabinets and, using the Impulse Response tool within ARTA, made many measurements of not only the bass horn's path length (varying sample rate, chirp length, etc. but also measured (and confirmed) the path length of known distances between a Beyma CP-25 tweeter diaphragm and my 1/2" Bruel & Kjaer 4133 microphone. Since ARTA allows one to enter the room temperature and humidity to change the default speed of sound (344 meters/second), measurements and calculations were made using 346 m/sec. Here's how to read the data block. The cursor located just before the positive-going peak is at 6.484 milliseconds after time zero. Since all AD->DA converters as well as FIR filtering has latency, we must count our starting time not from 0.00 milliseconds but (in the case of ARTA) at sample position 300. Note that the cursor is at sample position 1245. Sample position 300 represents a system latency of 1.557 msec + or -. The time (path length) we are interested in is the gate time which is simply the difference between the cursor location (6.484 msec) and sample position 300 (1.563 msec). A gate time of 4.927 msec converts to a path length of: (34.6 cm/1 msec) =(X cm/4.927 msec) ; X = 170.47 cm or 67.11 inches. So, where does that leave the issue of the claimed "8-foot folded horn low frequency cabinet."? Lee
  17. They are two are spoken for.
  18. I've seen this before I believe what you have are early model HIP's maybe some of the first ones made is my guess as the speakers evolved so did the labeling. Nice speakers, good luck with the sale!
  19. You are too funny man. I will model anything DaveA has the guts, time, and money to build! LOL.
  20. If you want to try ALK 500HZ ESNs let me know. I have an exotic set designed specifically for dual K33 MWM in 2-way or 3-way by Al.. All Auricaps. There is nothing wrong with running all analog. With a good amp and a good EQ this can be hard to beat. It is how I am running my Jubs. My all digital MCM is in the same room and I will say they each have something the other does not. I can't clearly say one is better than the other. There is something to be said for simplicity and all analog done right.
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