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  2. "If you only new the power of John Williams"
  3. A1UC

    What I Got Today!

    I have a room full of extra audio gear I will prob sell before I move , just don’t have enough time right now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I probably should have titled this John Williams vs the world (would have been a fairer fight). He's like almost 90 and his latest star wars work is still top notch. Granted he still uses a lot of whats from older star wars. But a lot of the new stuff is great. He's one of a kind. The part when Leia is floating in space and the slow piano sounds like its stuck in quick sand. Crying as it painfully strains to play one more note. Yes its Leias theme from 40 years ago but its never been so powerful. He also doesn't just package music and send it to them to use how they want. He sits in front of the movie playing and writes out exactly how its going to go. To the parts of the movie that are done. Way more involved than the norm. G.O.A.T
  5. CECAA850

    What I Got Today!

    I actually did yesterday as well. Fun stuff.
  6. Risers work best in conjunction with a subwoofer.
  7. 82 at 7 o'clock this morning with our usual humidity. Heat index will be around 108 this afternoon.
  8. I'm not trying to be a smart azz here. Can anybody here share any facts on this? Can a .20" earbud driver reproduce a 20 hz test tone to one's ear?
  9. Gilbert


    My Amazon Purchase experiences are by far mostly Positive.... Big or Small, I've had a few random issues over the past decade, most recently bad experience was a gate to prevent weener dogs from running up and down the stairs (had one that ruptured a couple back disc earlier this year). Anyway, the gate was defective. I provided a photo, and they sent me another and told me to keep or discard the damaged one. I fixed it instead, and now we have a gate to keep them weeners out of the lower level guest room and pantry. Not once has Amazon burned me,...... knock on wood desk.
  10. Went to Port Mansfield fishing for Father's Day, one day in the bay and one in the gulf. On Monday 17th (even with a full moon) the early AM fishing started decent, then at 9 they stopped cold turkey. Drizzle set-in with steady wind build up. By 9:20 the temps dropped about 15 to 20 deg. and we had 30 mph winds with some serious gusts... And we were hiding between islands to block the bulk of it. About 45 min. later, the birds were chirping the fish were jumping and the stingrays were stinging.... all was well again in paradise.
  11. The goats tremble when they see him coming, and the chickens run to the city.
  12. I can't help but ask if you are well pleased with your equipment's performance and the way it reproduces a musical recording to your ears, what does it matter what anyone says on a forum?
  13. I'm sorry I apologized. . . . j/k
  14. The minimum wattage requirements are measured with your ears. I use 3 systems, but only 1 gets regular/daily use; 2 are all-tubed including PreAmps, Tuners and Amps (MC60's and VRD's supply the oomph at 60W) and 1 All Solid State system with big ole heavy mofo amps (Krell at 1000W). Each system will blow the roof off the house with crisp clean sound either using Khorns or Cornwalls or Industrial Heresys'. Corns are my favorites with Tubes, but it's all good. Don't worry about the little stuff, get your gear in ship shape and enjoy - simple.
  15. There are points that I believe need to be said about these typical "room curves": First, just about everything that I've read about room curves fails to mention the reverberation times (RTs) for the listening room under consideration. Remember that these curves show RT as a function of frequency, not a single value as a lot of people seem to want to collapse the conversation down to (which is the same problem as talking about "loudspeaker impedance", which is always a function of frequency and not just one single value, and can vary within the listening bands by more than an order of magnitude). Second and perhaps most importantly, these room curves all assume that you're using the same type of direct radiating loudspeakers having the same issues with directivity vs. frequency around the most sensitive listening band of the human hearing system (1-7 kHz). These type of loudspeakers splash their higher frequency energy around the room unevenly vs. frequency and generally more freely in the upper registers than what is actually desired. The better the Klipsch loudspeaker type used in-room, the better and more consistent the directivity in this critical band (1-7 kHz), which also happens to be the exact region where most "room curves" are making their most visible changes from flat on-axis response. Third, I've recently found that the phase response of the loudspeakers (i.e., phase vs. frequency) has a lot to do with how they sound and how much "room curve" they need in order to not sound harsh. Generally, the flatter the overall phase response of the loudspeaker in-room (including near-field reflections from the room), the smoother the sound and the less the need to "compensate" for the room and loudspeaker deficiencies in reproduction. Fourth, we now know that popular music (...basically every genre besides classical, orchestral, opera, chamber, and perhaps jazz...) typically boosts the higher frequencies and attenuates the lower frequencies, as shown by the deviations from the red line in the bottom figure, below. All you're really doing by introducing a "room curve" to your typical stereo system is to partially offset this mastering tendency: So when you say that you're using a "room curve", you also have to state (in the same breath) what genres of music that you're listening to, the degree of control of early reflections in your listening room, and the directivity and phase response performance of the loudspeakers that you're using. Chris
  16. There are a few out there who do it right 100% of the time. Crutchfield comes to mind and SVS. Crutchfield truly sets the bar for customer service. I purchased a SB-2000 from SVS and returned it in the 60 day window they offer, they covered all shipping both ways and a full refund. And gave me great support while i had the unit via chat on line. So easy to ask questions on setup or settings. CF has the on line chat function too. CF did the same with a pair of Klipsch RP-280s I purchased and returned. Cost me $11 out of pocket in the end and those 280s weighing 75 lbs each to ship back and forth from VA to LA. I'm sure there are more who have really good CS that i just haven't had experiences with.
  17. Today
  18. What have you got for response measurements so far, Dave?
  19. Well, there's really no way that could happen in any event (before - apart from the fact it will always occur sans active crossovers with proper delays established). As to the topic of this thread I've got no opinion other than that the only unsafe amplifier would be one too powerful which is used too powerfully. Who'd care if a 5 watt amp was overdriven? Other than perhaps the degraded sound quality there'd surely be no harm to any of the drivers or other components in the cabinet. Even 30 watts overdriven would be fine if you could stand the volume it would produce inside a residential structure, I'd think.
  20. I had the same issues with my k-55m midranges and thanks to members of this forum I was able to use their advice to fix the buzzing issues.I just added a bead of silicone around the backs of the midranges and let it dry overnight and the next day when I played them the buzzing was gone.
  21. Yes I have the K55M drivers with the slight buzz. I will check out that thread you highlighted, THX I have the AK-3 xover. Some bad typos last night......
  22. rplace

    Thanks Bob Mould

    Actually, I don't think I should. I just figured the topic would move towards "if you stream xyz all your problems are magically solved". Was trying to avoid that discussion and see what people thought of DL cards provided with physical media. I like it. I too like knowing the physical media in hand. However, thinking back to single CD player, then 5-disc changer with random, then Nachimichi programmable via remote (disc number, track number, repeat) having it all on a server with well though out application is pretty nice. Thanks for the link. If I ever carve out some time I'd love to tackle it.
  23. And sometimes we rediscover that many speaker makers used to add L=Pads to tweak the tweeter to suit personal taste. I am in the camp that shrill on La Scalas for instance, once you have recapped the crossovers, that the K-77 tweeter is the biggest offender. New tweeters being more efficient may need to be dialed down with L-Pads but the ear peircing stuff goes away.
  24. I am not a fan of Audyssey and it made things sound un-natural in my environment. A DBX Driverack Pro worked much better and far better yet a Xilica xp. Yeah room EQ can make a ton of difference.
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