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  2. Sorry I'm entering this thread late ,but if I were you I would purchase your Mac used (Audio Classics)I love them there I have purchased all my Mac hear from them and have been extremely happy.Also purchased my new La Scalas II from them at great price .Enjoy your search and let us know what you have decided,pics to !! Here pic of my room and system
  3. Hello friends. I bought my first LP player. I am looking for such a cartridge Shure M55E, Shure M55EM with a stylus. If someone has a very good condition and is doing nothing, offer me. Thanks. Best regards, Sergei.
  4. Google is way worse than MS. So intrusive, especially on android smartphones. Serious data collection and constant updates. Pisses me off. And I'm not happy about windows 7 support ending Jan 2020, effectively dooming usage. (on my laptop) They did the same with XP, but you get 5-10 years of usage with a MS OS, then forced to move up. It is what it is. I have been using win 10 home on my Dell desktop for a year now. No big complaints except the occasional BSOD. Reboot and move on. Heck Windows 3.0 was more stable in 1994 but operating systems are much more complex today. Along with programs and apps.
  5. Who has a link to a CURRENT SMOOTH INSTALL version of linux
  6. Sure, but when you compare computers Linux is way more common than windows. Linux runs on appliances, servers, cars, and almost everything you use daily, and does not sell your info either. Read the Eula and you will see that Microsoft is leasing Windows to you and retains the rights to anything that is on your PC. Here are the stats on all the other uses besides desktops. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/linux-market-share/ If you want a media server there is no way Windows is as good as Linux is for home use. You do not need a fast computer, OS is free, and runs rock stable. Microsoft is now telling everyone they have to leave earlier versions because they want everyone on Windows 10...what they do not want to accept is that the windows 7 users want nothing to do with windows 10, and its info stealing software. If you are ok with them taking your info and selling it, that it's you decision.. I am not, and will not return after running Windows since the first version of Windows. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
  7. Local pick up. will meet within 50 miles of Columbia. Absolutely pristine pair of Fortes from 1985 with sequential serial numbers. Just applied several coats of tung oil. This pair is in incredible condition and sound like they should. Asking $800. Feel free to call, text or email. Tony Ranucci 803-243-1876 Tonysr61@gmail.com
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  9. It isn't a users dream either. 77% of the desktop and laptop computers in the world run a windows based OS. Linux accounts for < 2%. And Linux is free. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usage_share_of_operating_systems https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/forget-linux-use-windows/
  10. Party went off pretty well! Decided to borrow a powered EV sub and save the sub project for the next party, which will be in 4 months. Learned a lot about what the speakers can handle... and sadly learned my old amps are not cut out for party levels. I was using a soundcraftsmen pm840 to run the heresys (wired in series 2 per channel) and even after home testing as soon as I got the system wired one channel began to trip when any signal was introduced (maybe from the cold or the transport?), so I had to run out to borrow an amp from a very nice studio owner friend. the quartets (used as "mains") were getting pushed a little too hard for the woofer as the party went on. In a room that size I'm thinking the lowend information in the heresys and the quartets below 60 hz is really just a needless strain. I had a thought i could use a digital crossover to deliver less sub information to the speakers in the future. anyway...lots of fun, lots of dancing, and the room sounded pretty amazing...full, clear, and detailed. thanks again for the advice, I'll be needing more soon I'm sure. here is a poor quality vid where you can see everything ratcheted up and ready to go!
  11. I would not think setting near a wood burner like that would help them at all. Dryer than a popcorn fart.
  12. I will take Linux anyday of the week over Windows. Windows is the worst OS ever IMO. So glad I went back to Linux. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
  13. MAN....you guys make me feel like I'm using smoke signals, tea leaves and morse code. Actually, those technologies might be an upgrade from my current circumstances.
  14. Perhaps from a user's point of view that's true, but from a developer's point of view, it's an ungodly mess. Ever hear the joke about how a camel is a horse designed by committee? That what Linux is as an operating environment. IMHO; YMMV; "6, 2, and even, over and out".
  15. Still loving this machine! But I wanted to add any cons so this is my take. The only two things I can think to say is that this machine gets very hot which is good, but a lot steam comes out the vents on top and when it cools a little runs down the machine and makes a very small mess. Also when machine gets done making the coffee, you need to remove the grinds basket right away or it could drip on the machine, as the carafe will no longer fit with the pouring lid on it if the coffee basket is in place . It hasn't been an issue and I always clean the basket right away anyway. I preheat the carafe with hot water, but I don't know if you would have to, but thats when im washing my SS mug so i am using hot water anyway.I just had the first sip of the morning, and man this does do what its made to do. Make great coffee! It must be the Klipsch of coffee makers because it puts a smile on my face when I drink it. Just like Klisch speakers when I listen to them.
  16. Yup, no bloated OS with Linux. Also if you have not tried Linux lately... it is a very smooth install, and pretty easy to install media players, free, and rock solid too Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
  17. Our company is about 70% linux, out of about 350 PCs. The rest are Windows 10. We have quite a number running headless. Easy to ssh into through terminal to change configurations. We use Mint, still on vers. 18.3. Performance is far better than Windows.
  18. He won by the largest margin ever.....congrats Joe.
  19. I installed the backs and started to play them, they sound a bit on the dull side. I guess its time for some new caps I lost track but I think I now have 6 coats of boiled linseed oil, it is still taking some in but the urgency seems to be gone.
  20. Even though I live in West Virginia, Joe is from Athens, Ohio, a half-hour from me. Everybody from our area is pulling for him and follows how he does with LSU, even though this is Ohio State and WVU country. I watched the Heisman ceremony, something I haven't done for years. A more humble person they could not have found.
  21. I've assumed, perhaps incorrectly, this is the norm around here. In case it is not obvious all my measurements are 1M/3'. I measure there and listen at the listening position. My comments/observations were more to hopefully drive discussion and learning. Just for the sake of argument, lets say I have a great Spectrogram, nice and vertical. But I have a lot of phase wraps between 6-10K and everything else WRT phase is perfect. I move the mic an inch or two up/down or left/right. Now my phase wraps at 6K are better but the Spectrogram has a hiccup along the way. Nothing else changed. The sound at LP will be what it is, because nothing on the DSP side changed. So which of the two are the correct measurement? I can repeat either the next day by putting the mic in just about either spot. This has to be a mic/room/speaker interaction not a change in what the speaker is actually reproducing. I'd like to fix "everything" and get a perfect SGram and Phase....maybe not possible with my gear, knowledge, experience.
  22. Still offering the set. Would consider some smaller speakers as partial trade like a/d/s L300, L400's. Perhaps a small reference series bookshelves and center as well. The Heresy's just really aren't getting utilized and just wanting something smaller.
  23. The above advice is good, However, one caveat, if there is a great deal of rust and corrosion where the voice coil sits, you may not be able to clean it up. A new diaphragm will not fix that. Good luck, -Tom
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