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  2. Greedy California seller ... $5500
  3. I think that's Greek Tragedy. What we've got here is Audio Tragedy.
  4. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/ele/d/vallejo-klipschorns-klipschorn-klipsch/6961998687.html no affiliation, kind of pricey, NO TIRE KICKERS! 😕
  5. I believe Chris says the same thing when going active. I keep meaning to ask him if he's toyed yet with FIR filters. I guess I don't know whether his crossovers can even do them. A smooth and minimal phase rotation is what he's gone for recently and with IIR (same as with passives?) it can only be done best at 1st-order. I'd like to see what can be achieved with FIR at various rates of attenuation. But not badly enough to make any investment. I've only got a single working two-channel amp and am using speakers with built-in passive networks for the foreseeable future.
  6. That might compound the error, but not change it.
  7. Great! Happy ladies are nice to have around!
  8. What is they were actually disingenuous when they said they were being sarcastic?
  9. I thought tradegy was when the protagonist slept with/killed his mother/father/uncle/aunt and there was gouging of eyes or suicide at the end. Everything else is comedy. But I'm no expert.
  10. I believe Chris says the same thing when going active. I'm afraid I mostly stay with beer. Used to drink scotch...
  11. man you are on the grapevine now! Better cancel your land line and use only burner phones from now on. The ladies all know and it's only a matter of time until the significant others know too.
  12. You know, I concur. That is their best bang and I pick up a bottle of it from time to time. There's a mom-and-pop distillery right up the road, called "Old 55" that makes a single-barrel variety to die for. Over 100 proof with a killer initial burn that morphs into an orgasmic aftertaste (as in inducing one -- I wouldn't have the first clue about the taste of a produced one -- hey, whatever floats your boat and all that, I'm just talking about me here). Oh, you'd never believe where I found the gadgets. I don't... even remember going in that room...
  13. Yes, that's true - but he noticed it first with his Klipschorns.
  14. Sure you weren't @ the Sunset Grill? hahahaha
  15. Strangest thing happened to me today. I go to this place in the next town over to get some food -- never been there before. I’m ordering takeout. Gal doesn’t ask my name and i pay in cash. When my order is ready, a different gal walks towards me and says, “Order for Steve.” I guess the jig is up ... I have to move now.
  16. Yesterday
  17. How/where were they stored? Any chance there are critter nests blocking some passages?
  18. Don't forget to buckle up and put your helmet on before even THINKING about leaning back! 😂
  19. Bruce Edgar concluded that First order networks sounded best with his horns.
  20. Good luck w/both the kittens and your wife's singing! I can't carry a tune in a bucket anymore!
  21. I was reading on an authorized Klipsch retailers homepage something about a new speaker coming soon to replace the cornwall III. I can't find the page, so no link to share. Just more rumors
  22. If you connect a 1.5 v battery to the woofer does it move the cone in/out relatively freely.. ? Just thinking resistance measured seems a little off so if woofers were overdriven the voice coil could be damaged and somewhat frozen.
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