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    45 amps

    So is there something you want to add to the thread or are you here merely to exert your superiority over others?
  3. The HF140 driver recommends a 900Hz cut-off, the horn recommends 800Hz. The horn measurement mentions in full space. Both driver and horn show frequency response from 500Hz-18kHz. I think if one doesn't plan on running 70 watts through them, a 500Hz cut-off is probably fine, considering listening in the home environment would be in the milliwatts.
  4. Uh, oh. I said something smart. I'm in trouble now.
  5. You caught me altering my post post-submission...
  6. Hard to crunch that in a spread sheet, I would say priceless.
  7. How does one factor years of grins into an amortization? Whatever the process it needs to be done in this case!
  8. I disagree. There is virtually no difference in linearity between the two sets of curves. Both are linear !! Look at their curves more carefully, and if you can document the difference, I'd like to find out about this from you.. One has to define WHAT manufactured Type 45 and 2A3 you are talking about, before making any blanket recommendation.. There are manufacturer's differences, that extend well beyond the two different tube " types ", themselves. Eg : EML, vintage, bi-plate VS single plate, solid, mesh. Jeffrey
  9. Bet it was/is difficult to get bass/mid/treble balance developed with that room structure! Congratulations. I was cheaper/lazier than you. My room/equipment layout isn't as difficult as yours but is non-optimal in its own right. I decided speakers that had much better directivity control would be needed and for the life of me can't remember how I came to even consider Klipsch in general or the Forte III in particular, but I didn't even drive an hour to audition them. I just ordered a pair. Still grinning ear to ear every day.
  10. Hello! I've had these monitors for about 3 months and they've been terrific. However, I tried to turn them on today and they would not turn on. I then quickly went through the basic troubleshooting tree of unplugging for a minute or two and replugging them in. Then I replaced the battery in it's little remote. Then I checked to see if the the remote was blasting IR by pointing it at my phone's camera, and it was. So, with all the quick stuff out of the way I thought I'd turn to the internet for any quirky little fixes, but I've been unsuccessful. It turns out people don't typically have problems with these things. Does anybody here have any suggestions before I send these back for repair? Thank you!!
  11. I saw the first 10 years of races at Long Beach. 1976 was the first year for F1. Niki Lauda was the reigning champion from '75. He brought that beautiful Ferrari Red Ferrari down around the back stretch to the start of the long straightaway.... and gunned it. Smoke like a drift racer. Crowd like a frenzied mob. He was fabulous. Ferrari won the Constructor's Award in '75 too. Because of Nikki. And some of his world titles came after his fiery wreck, iirc. Amazing.
  12. just ordered my speaker cable from bluejeans cable company, nice at fair price
  13. Hi guys. I have a quintet IV HT System. In the room I’ve shifted these to, I don’t have the option of running the wires through to the rears. Ive decided to place at 4 satellites on the front, 2 either side of the screen. Any suggestions on how much distance between the two on the left and the right?
  14. Any forum members at $400? Going to drop to $500 online today.
  15. Put the R-625-FA's Left and Right ... R-52-C Center ... R-41-SA Surround or Back. OK; just kidding, see the above responses.
  16. Good thread on The Dead but not much to the LA Show. Sorry. Long Beach is my hometown, tho (left in '78) it of course is soo changed from my day. You will find the downtown area lively and full of small juke joints with some live music and plenty of good food. The waterfront is a beauty and easy to get around and see. My good old friend Joe and I snuck into our very first rock show at a tiny place that I remember being called a Filmore. 1973-4. Not the famous one, just a little dinky theatre. Johnny Winter in all his albino glory. It was the start of a journey I am still on. Have fun.
  17. Today
  18. Pm me your number will tell u what u need to do
  19. Thanks for sharing your story. Welcome to the Forum!
  20. Mayers voice may not remind you of Jerry Garcia but his phrasing does to me when he plays.
  21. Although they are pricey in your currency ( we have had the same issue with the Canadian dollar the past few years), Fortes are a great all around speaker. On top of this Klipsch are known for longevity. You could still be enjoying these decades down road. If you mentally amortize the initial price over the potential number of years you could own these they are quite reasonable. New models in the future will only be more expensive.
  22. Now, where did I put my secret decoder ring?
  23. Everyone thanks very much for the replies! its truly appreciated and gives me more then enough things to try out. In fact I applied crossovers like mentioned and it’s all coming together now and starts sounding much better!
  24. It’ll happen this summer, but time is so fleeting.
  25. I started buying lump from across the line. Wife know them, too. It's mesquite. It not anything like the processed briquettes. Burns different. I'm at a loss for words [there's a switch] to describe the difference. Hotter, for sure. I use oak, too. Not the white or red... Live oak, I think it is. Should [and do] know...having a senior moment. sorry in Spanish... bellota
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