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  2. I was thinking perfect world keep original xo for posable future buyer. But bobs cap kit is definitely least money route. In your opinion AA or A better?
  3. Lol some day way in the future I hope ill understand everything you say. 13uf from (AA value) Whats tap 4? Where and what is the electrolytic? Even if I don't understand thanks for the input. In your opinion Dean what is the best la scala stock xo (stock drivers), Would definitely get me to the starters line. thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply. I amdeciding to have 4 subwoofers in total.I have bought 2 female to 1 male y splitter rca cable.The male side of the cable will be plugged into the one of the sub outs of my receiver and i will connect 2 subwoofers from their lfe input.Do the lfe inputs on the subwoofers work even we connect them with a rca y splitter as i mentioned above? Or should i daisy chain with them iver the subwoofers output connections?
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  6. That's pretty good. What are you cutting those parts on?😁
  7. that sounds totally cool - i need to check one of those out
  8. Actually it’s about 97.3765”......approximately.
  9. Thanks for the link @Shiva When you build and work in large commercial buildings like I do, you are not going to have the luxury of wood studs. This goes for taller residential buildings, like high rise condos for instance. Steel studs and drywall everywhere. Wood backer is used for everything in the plans that will be mounted, but plans are always changing. And when they do, I personally have had the greatest success using the Toggler Snaptoggle. I called them zip toggles because they work like a cable zip tie. I have mounted the heaviest things you can imaging using these things. The more it weighs, the more anchors you use. I also really enjoy using the Zip-it style nylons versions for their ease of use. Can't miss. 😉
  10. The KHorn now has the rear panel sealed since the 70th editions. That is likely where the extra length of the horn is coming from. They can call it whatever they want! All I know is that it sounds great! I just wish Klipsch would give 70th owners like myself a chance to upgrade to the new tweeter.
  11. You can change the primary cap to 13uF, move the squawker wire to tap 4, remove the electrolytic, and it will be a Type A.
  12. "Heyser measured a delay of 7.4mS on the woofer with respect to the tweeter, this suggests about a 100" effective acoustic length of the bass horn in the room, and implies an Fc of around 34hz~35hz." - DJK
  13. To be clear, yes, they are Heresy networks. No, not correct for La Scalas, etc. Bruce
  14. You're welcome. I suggest Type AA or Type A. Contact Bob Crites @BEC at critesspeakers.com.
  15. Not bad at all 🤟🤟🤟🤟
  16. I'd go along with that notion. Transduction is harder to pull off well.
  17. your altar ego....
  18. Plan on taking Wed off to pack up camper then leave late Thursday morning. Talking about weight, I have to watch my wife she thinks if it fits it ships. Tried to explain gross weight rating to her, she don't get it. She tries to pack way to much
  19. I'm not familiar with the specifics to which you're referring, but if the "mean path length" was from the throat to the last part enclosed, and the back is now closed in, which it looks to be by about 30" or so, then 66 would pretty much be 96 now?
  20. These are tentatively sold but if not you are 2nd in line Schu.
  21. I gotta pack tomorrow, too! Planning to load up and hit the pavement NLT mid-morning on Monday...gotta stop a few places on the way...should be in my Super8 room sometime between 8 and 11 Monday night! Looks like I will be hitting Little Rock area during early lunch hour traffic, but I need to make two stops in that area, so will likely get out of the area around time the initial off-work traffic hits 2:30-3:00, but still have to deal with it until past Benton...drive to Prescott for my next stop 4:30 or so, for a couple of hours or so (meaning twice that much time)...then to Hope and the room!
  22. Too subtle, I just like all the little jokes in between the intended jokes and how they made fun of history. I couldn't remember if it was part one or two so I looked it up and posted 1.
  23. Anchoring into a chalk-like substance is asking for trouble! Built like a Brick S***house is NOT just a saying! 😉 John Kuthe...
  24. and the `Canes folded tonight couldn't beat those linesmen with their bias and the caps just played, we didn't have any urgency at all
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