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  2. 15 hours is about as long as I have ever had the patience for, and that was with pork butts, if it takes longer I finish them in the oven, 12 seems to be an average for me with those. Can a few chunks of wood be added to the coals to add more smoke? When I tried lump charcoal I liked it better than regular but it did not have as much smoke flavor as I used to. I know many people who use a UDS, ugly drum smoker with lump but also add chunks of wood around the coals to give it more smoke. I looked at them a good while back they sure are proud of them looking at prices. I was just curious and wanted to see how they were built, they look to be over an inch thick and really need a good stand counter as you have.
  3. I smoke for 15 hours plus with minimal lump used. It will go 24+ hours on one fill
  4. From what I read they are great for cooking when it's really cold, I guess the design and how it's made helps, but read mixed reviews for real slow smoking ?
  5. I could not be more happy with my BGE. If I had to do it over again I would probably get a primo. The oval shaped one my friend has with split grates and ceramic is better set up for high temp and indirect. I can do more than enough ribs and any combination of things my large BGE. Its warming up right now for jerked chicken. 10+ year old gasser in the foreground rarely sees use now.
  6. The Schitt amp is 20 watts @8 ohms, 40 watts @4 ohms. The first 10 watts are class A.
  7. Good deal. If they were mine, after enjoying them as they are for several months, I'd confirm the integrity of the enclosure joints, add some bracing and refresh the balancing networks. Welcome to the forum.
  8. Not sure why one would own Bells if my room and placement is best served "in the corner toed 45 degrees" might just as well have Khorns. The main reason to own Bells or Lascalas is to get away from that limited placement at the price of lower frequency response. In the corners yes if possible.... 45 degrees not so much. I'd suggest toeing them so they merge anywhere from just in front to just behind your head.
  9. Happy Easter CCC. Yes those are Klipsch speakers in the background.
  10. @Rudolphjw, Welcome to the forum. Very nice KLF-30s. Value is not exact but on the used market, based on condition, wood finish, and geographic location, they can go from $500.00 to $1200.00. If your plan for these is for a stereo setup, look for a stereo preamp/amp combo with at least 100w/ch and let it rip. Maybe something like this. John, where are you located? Bill
  11. That looks nice, I like how tall it is. The first one I built was way too big, this was it before painting, I kept it about a year and sold it to build a smaller one. The firebox was 2' by 2' alone and the main cooking are was designed with what they call tuning plates which are just plates with smaller openings between them closer to the firebox and widening the further away it gets from the fire to keep the far end roughly the same temp. It held temperatures very well just used a good bit of wood. Then I almost went to small, but I have another tank to make a small to medium size one, just never did it yet. The smaller one has a firebox behind and from the back with a plate to defuse the heat on the inside, works great. I originally put gas jets thinking if I wanted to cook something fast I could just use the gas but found I rarely do. In one pic I was cooking some stir-fry, I got this idea from the smokering site, it's called it a Discada, it's a tractor disc with the center hole welded closed. This one is 22" and works great for things like this. I bought a new disc from a tractor store and customized and cleaned, seasoned it like you would cast iron. http://thesmokering.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=54&sid=656f67bfca6afeb9f2bd821a8d098055
  12. Dan, That is great. I usually try to reduce tube plate dissipation, by reducing currents much more so than by reducing operating voltages. In the case of S.E. amps, this reduced current helps - with easier operation for the S.E. Output Transformer,. Jeffrey
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  14. Rudy81

    RSW-15 Parts

    Armando, When you say 'volume', can you be more specific? Are you talking about the round knob on the side of the cabinet? I thought you had been looking for the back control panel. Let me know.
  15. Hi, SA-XR users, I'm seeking some advice from anyone who knows the circuitry of either a XR57 or XR70 that could help me with a crossover idea. When in Biamp mode, would it possible to set up a 1st order high pass filter for the digital tweeter amp so as to bypass the need for even a capacitor on the speaker leads? I'd like to start with a high pass frequency of around 1.3kHz, first order slope for my tweeters(Stage Accompany SA8535's). It would also lighten the load for the tweeter amp not needing to run full range. Even the best capacitors in the world add coloration. Worth a try, I'd think. Thanks and I'm looking forward to any advice.
  16. Welcome.....nice speakers your friend hooked you up with. There are still desirable.
  17. Takes us longer just to get to the airport.
  18. GENERAL OF THE ARMIES Douglas MacArthur is EVEN TODAY revered as a Philippines hero! Most people HERE know about him escaping the Philippines and returning, as he promised he would. But they have no idea that he was totally retired as a 4-star general prior to the beginning of the war. He had accepted the job to become in charge of the organization, training and equipping of a Philippines defensive force shortly after his retirement as Army Chief of Staff...and was residing in the Phils many years prior to the invasion, living in Baguio, the famous mild-weather area with the mountainside terraced fields...where the Phils equivalent of our West Point is. As a young officer he had been assigned in the Phils and had fallen in love with a Filipina who he desired to marry...when his tour was over he took her stateside to meet his mother...who told him that marriage was out of the question, and would surely limit his advancement in the Army. So he did not marry her, but he still loved the people of the Phils...and they all knew it! Filipinos had heard promises from us before, and due to them being seldom kept, they really didn't put much stock into them any more. But they TRUSTED MacArthur...even occasionally when one Filipino would doubt his word to another Filipino, those around him told him he WILL be back! The military STRATEGIC plan for ending the war in the Pacific did NOT have re-taking the Phils involved in it! Because it simply was NOT along the route to Japan in that plan. It was deemed too costly for the Pacific war effort in personnel and equipment! And the strategic attitude was that the Phils would just return to a Commonwealth at the end of the war when the defeated Japanese had left it! But MacArthur INSISTED it happen! And began to scrape together enough resources to make it happen, while at the same time the main effort bypassed the Phils towards Japan. When he walked ashore at Leyte, the Filipinos were VERY proud of him, for doing so! He was already a hero to them, but THAT wade he made ashore, put him into their history books FOREVER! His likeness on the NEW post-war Philippines silver half peso coin of the following year, had his face on its face side, and it remained on it for around two decades or more...until the devalued currency ended up not even having a half peso anymore! But his likeness has been on MANY other Philippines coins and paper money over the years!...AND STAMPS! MacArthur is a bit misunderstood in the effort to re-take the Phils. He knew well the political need to do so. The Philippines had been scheduled for conversion from a Commonwealth of the USA to an independent sovereign nation, prior to the invasion, but the invasion by the Japanese, along with the overall strategic plan for the Pacific theater, leaving out the re-taking of the Phils would have delayed the original scheduled date of the conversion from Commonwealth to independent nation by at least a year or more! His goal was not for PERSONAL GLORY, as many have claimed...it was REALLY for the people of the Philippines, who had so often seen American promises un-kept, and MacArthur was NOT about to let that happen again for their independence day! AND IT DID NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! Independence happened just as scheduled years before the Japanese invasion!! Not only had he kept his own word to return, but he had kept the word of the USA to grant independence to the Phils! Filipinos understand all of this! Many Americans simply don't! Mac Arthur foresaw things in the Asian sphere, that so many others just did not see coming! He was just there and paid attention to everything going on WHILE he was there in Asia, before, during, and after the war! He KNEW that the US presence would be required more-so than ever in the Asian sphere after the war! And he KNEW that our nation would NEED the confidence in our keeping our word in post-war Asia! What he did was to RE-ESTABLISH that confidence in the promises given by the USA when dealing with Asia! What better display in keeping our promises in Asia could possibly have happened when the Philippines actually were granted their full independence on the very day it had been promised by US YEARS BEFORE to happen for THEM?...ESPECIALLY when they had been occupied by the Japanese for so long until very close to the date promised for their independence?? If the removal of Japanese forces from the Phils had not happened when it DID happen, then there simply would NOT have been enough time prior to their scheduled Independence Day for the Filipinos to ENJOY the massive celebrations nation-wide on that day! They needed the extra time the re-taking provided for in order to get out of the "occupation mentality" so that they could get into the "independence mentality" again prior to the scheduled date for it! And that just does NOT happen very quickly! Think about it! As for the firing of MacArthur, I understand it from a president-general point of view, and it WAS justified. But I ALSO understand how things led up to it and all the sneaky political D.C. backstabbing that was involved to get rid of him! I truly believe he just DID NOT HAVE THE TIME to run back and forth to D.C to explain what he was actually doing in Asia, simply because he had so many irons in the fire in Asia and was WAY too busy there! His legacy has two sides to it like always! But, like always, there are lots of grey areas involved that are often overlooked! For Filipinos, however, there are NO grey areas in his legacy! ABSOLUTELY NONE! He is THEIR hero! PERIOD! Too bad he isn't seen that way here!
  19. Many of my plans are older from when i was one of the BFM authorized builders witch plans have probably been updated to include MDF. I just avoid it personally as the only advantage is that its a bit smoother surface for veneering.
  20. What I've learned from selling on Craigslist is, the smart and safe thing to do is leave the money in the car. Go inside and size up the situation. If you feel comfortable, then excuse yourself to go out to your vehicle to retrieve the money. Another tip: Run your dollar bills through a copier. That way, if you are robbed, you'll have the serial numbers and if the police get lucky they'll find the matching numbers in the seller's possession. What I don't understand is DizRotus telling the seller he'd offer $XXXX "cash". Do people actually sell on craigslist using OTHER than cash? I know they list cryptocurrency, but I couldn't imagine anything other than cash. Another tip for safe transactions: Many police departments advertise their public parking lots or lobbies as Internet Exchange Locations. They'll post a sign on the building or in a particular parking spot. Most PD's have surveillance cameras on their buildings, and we presume police department parking lots to be a safe exchange location, so you could take advantage of that. There are several where I live. I usually stop in and tell the dispatcher why I'm there and that I'll be waiting in the parking lot for the other party. Never had a problem. Usually, if I make the suggestion to a prospective buyer/seller, they take the suggestion as proof I'm a trustworthy individual and wind up coming to my condo as a result.
  21. MSRP for those speakers was $1800/pr. . Drive them with anything. Unless you hear them distorting or clipping, you have plenty of power. They are SO efficient (102dB/W/m) that you could drive them silly with 10W/ch. . If you want to spruce up the finish, get some Watco Danish Oil in ebony and, wipe it over the damaged/spotted surfaces. Follow the can directions. They'll look practically new.
  22. Hey guys. New to the forum. I had friend give me a pair of Klipsch 30 floor standing speakers. He said they are really good and expensive speakers. And they're heavy as hell! I hooked them up to my Denon AVR-689 and they sound great. Just have some questions about them How much are they worth? What do you guys recommend to drive them? Unless my Denon is good enough. Thanks for the info! I've attached a link to some photos since it says the pictures are to big to post on the forum. John https://photos.app.goo.gl/ekr31jHQFDsubeue9
  23. I ended up watching the Matrix 1 and 2
  24. I have to pass. It sounds like a good deal for someone looking to get LaScalas at a fair price, but I have too many speakers right now.
  25. I remember PWK introducing me to Jim Hunter as one of his "victims" when I we first met. I can see that there are some whose "disease" has progressed way beyond my own. LOL. It's a good sounding disease, though.
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