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  2. Sorry.....but no amount of EQ is going to remedy an inferior driver & certainly won't change the fundamental sound of a driver. I'm going from memory here, but I recall a few people saying back in the day that these drivers had to be modified when received from the factory. My memory says that the phase plug needed to be hand finished, as the machining was extremely rough. Maybe they have overcome these machining tolerances?
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  4. MindKillers is really awesome, I like it a lot, I have to say!
  5. Back! https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/atq/d/gladstone-klipsch-kp-way-pa-speakers/7305314388.html
  6. I like new tech and drivers, but still like the plywood cabinets over any of the new MDF offerings.
  7. 81’s are supposed to have the soldered lug K-55... I would not hesitate to add those beauties to my modest collection. GLWS!
  8. There are usually a couple of knock-offs for cheap on ebay. I just had a quick look and found exactly two. But my first search turned up nothing, ebay’s kinda funny ya know. ...I said, I know, everybody funny...
  9. Call me crazy but I swear “ALK” was part of the above pictured mounted circuit board? Deleted? Why? By whom?
  10. My vote is for the La Scala. I've never thought the Belles looked good... More like a really wide lady. Heresy's are great if space is a consideration, but the La Scala is just.. more speaker.
  11. I would dab them in black ink --then wipe wlth a slightly ink damped cloth until you reach the desired shade in the laser lines -
  12. I am going have to guess............no. Did I win?😁
  13. I have a pair of laser badges from a pair of Heresy Decorators and they’re in relatively good shape. Unfortunately, the previous owner stained and clear coated (I’m guessing polyurethane) over the badges. I removed the badges and dipped them in paint remover and washed them off with vinegar. They cleaned up nice but they are almost illegible as there is no darker contrast in the laser lines. Does anyone know of anything I can do to darken the deep laser lines and not the lettering?
  14. This is a selection of songs from an Australian band that I liked in my youth Even seen them live a couple of times Enjoy - Dragon
  15. the SM120A horn is an Upgrade , to a k-400 , NO -
  16. I recommended L Pads to someone who wanted to put two old transformers in a row and was wondering if he could add the attenuation. Good candidate for L Pads, right?
  17. Stop the presses! Did you hear that Chief? ALK! We’re saved!
  18. Tease! Have 81 LS & Heresy and would love those but I'm soooo outta room. 81 was a very good year I've been told. 12 hour shot each way. lol
  19. Shoot. There was a pair of those near me really, really cheap recently.
  20. a used pair of Peavey SP1 but at the age they all are now a xover re cap will be manditory. be careful they will spoil you as they are better than a La Scala.The CH1 horns were designed by a couple of engineers who had left Electro Voice after Don Keele left EV. They are the real deal but they can be found for peanuts.
  21. I won't be of much help, as I had to buy the complete Sentry IV-B to get those horns.
  22. You're only young once, BUT you can be immature forever.
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