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  2. With a 12" woofer you can extend the hornpath with a short straight stub into the doghouse, extending the bass some few Hz. I would rather look into that then scaling down the basshorn and getting the midrange horn even lower.
  3. @WMcD, i have them tri amped with a 3 way mono crossover, its just some pa rack gear i had lying around. And the tweeter is not the t350, it is in fct the t35. The driver specifies t35, and the lense is basically identical, except it has more mass, and resonates alot less imo.
  4. C'est type AA et j'ai commandé ALK Universal mais 8 semaines de délais...
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  6. What you describe might be an Electro Voice T350 tweeter. It is somewhat rare and expensive. Please, what do you mean by 3 way mono? Do you have one speaker running ? I'm a bit concerned that you might be describing running the tweeter (and midrange) without a crossover -- which is dangerous to the tweeter particularly. At the very least you need a capacitor in series with the tweeter. An A type crossover or replacement from Crites is a better minimum. https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1GKLB_enUS688US688&sxsrf=ACYBGNQxldxO5zREC9TSBEnsBiq-87KoeA:1571559451960&q=t-350+EV&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwialoKXs6rlAhUGd6wKHZpOCoUQ7Al6BAgIECQ&biw=1280&bih=579 WMcD
  7. I have a mix and match system. Two Forte III’s, three Heresy III’s and two CDT 5800’s in the rear Atmos position with hopes of two more in front Atmos position at some point. @dtel can show you how to hang Fortes on the ceiling. After seeing his picture, I felt the CDT 5800 were too small : )
  8. I picked up my first pair this last week! Its my first time really sitting down with theese and needless to say i am very impressed. I bought them without crossovers, so i set them up in a 3 way mono, and after listening for a few days i can safely say i am hooked. These are very natural and fun speakers. I can also see how many are into modifications with these, i already swapped the original tweeter lense with an ev t35 chrome back lense, same phase plug, but way beefier, and the difference is quite substantial to me. Anyway, ill be having questions regarding upgrade paths in the near future.
  9. Can’t say I’m a devoted of this artist but one can’t deny that this album is pretty good My kids ( when young ) used to watch a movie of this album Artist - Michael Jackson Title - Thriller
  10. @Chief bonehead was surprised with the shirt, if some people want them we can can get Christy to do some shirts with that back and Museum logo on front. That was the Rennisance Man once again.
  11. The GW Album 'Share the Land' was my first full-length album. Got it as an Xmas gift from my 'old square NY uncle and aunt'. All 45's prior to that. I made the mistake of going to a Beach Boys indoor concert in the early 1980's here pre-Saddledome, so up close and personal. Could not hear anything but my own ears ringing for three days afterward. Live and learn: bring ear plugs. Queen never played Calgary that I recall or I would have gone for sure. Wb
  12. Around here 'Walking Audio Function'. That usually equates to a significant drop in volume until I confuse things by again by swapping around my amp/preamp, etc. setup. Getting to be that time again. 🎼 Should never have let her see how I turn things up or down. Wb
  13. K5SS

    What I Got Today!

    I traded my 7001sc’s and StudioMonitor 350’s for a pair of Mythos ST’s and a Mythos Eight. I also lucked out and found a pair Mythos Gem XL’s with matching stands for cheap. Now the fun begins, getting it all dialed in. I have owned the ST towers and I still have a single, which will be used as a matching center. The cool thing is that I traded the 7001sc’s to a guy that is a large Klipsch fan so we chatted for a while. He sent me a message earlier today saying that he is totally loving the new speakers. I told him to sigh up here, so we might be adding a great addition to this community. I love it when a plan comes together! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Dang sure hear you there @Full Range.... Friend turned on at a much too early age .... so many variations to his.works.. cool
  15. @billybob I like John Lee Hooker best on those posts above
  16. I love the Guess Who and have seen them three times -- ALL outdoors too. I “think” the best concert i attended was Queen at the Los Angeles Forum in 1980. For reasons that i will not go into detail, i don’t remember any of concert. I remember before and after; but not during. But, the band was in its heyday so it must have been good. I’ve seen Queen several times and can remember all but that one. Funny, i saw Queen at the LA Forum in 1980 and they didn’t return to the forum until 2016 or something like that and i saw them again at the forum. David Gilmour at the Hollywood Bowl was great. Roger Waters (twice) at the Hollywood Bowl were great shows. YES in the round back circa 1979 was fantastic. I’ve seen REO Speedwagon several times back when they were still playing rock n roll and put on a great show. Seen many other concerts that were good; but just good. The bands that i mentioned did rise to the top of the shows that i’ve seen. I’ve been fortunate in that i’ve got to meet my top three favorite musicians (1) Brian May (several times), (2) Rick Wakeman, and (3) Steve Howe. Honorable mention to an acquaintance Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart. We lived in the same town for awhile and met him through a former bandmate of his. Quite a character. in the early 2000s, Rolling Stone Magazine had Trout Mask Replica ranked number 58 in their top 500 albums of all time. RIP Don.
  17. Forum member Tragusa demo'd his 3 LaScala front 4 Heresy surrounds with 2 Danley DTS 10's for me years ago . Man that system messed with my innards and by the looks of the surroundings the home itself .
  18. MDF Equals...WAF Equals... happy enough... without moving furniture...
  19. What is WAF? Is that Water Absorbant Factor?
  20. I am going to come out with a line for magicians "Look watch this, put them in a bucket of water and they DISAPPEAR" I figure to sell many of them. Only problem is making an MDF tweeter facsimile and I have not got that down yet.
  21. It is more than boominess. I have been pretty down on Cornwalls but these are a different animal.
  22. Yes we'll nostalgia suppose...:
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