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  2. 1 send it again. I don't have it. I was wondering why I never heard from you. 2 Agreed. Maybe we'll correct that in Hope next year. 3. Different states have different laws. You can't buy on line and have it shipped to TX but you can in many states. 4 Yes and yes.
  3. You will save about $300 for a pair with the RP-280s versus the RP-8000, and they are pretty much the same speaker just the 8000 is this years model with a different base or foot design. To me its a no brainer to go with the 280s @ crutchfield (on sale right now), over the 8000s. Your AVR (receiver) volume adjustment will control the gain of both the sub and main speakers together, but my point is rarely are both linear. Too many factors there, different power outputs from the separate amps, sub versus mains, and other factors. The sub crossover point is adjusted also in the home theater receiver (AVR) settings. Most subs also have an adjustment on the rear of unit for this, but most of us control it via the AVR. If you use a sub with say a stereo receiver with no dedicated sub rca output terminal, you can control sub initial level setting and crossover point (low pass setting) via the sub's control panel.
  4. as long as the underlying surface is in perfect condition veneering is actually quite easy
  5. Feel free to shoot questions. You might help me with ideas!
  6. I had some good conversations with md5150 on bobs type B conscalas. He's owned 4 of them and has some good info on them. I was close to buying a pair before I bought what I have now. You should send him a pm as well. He was extremely helpful, and very willing to share his experience. I don't know many around here who owned and straight up don't like cornwalls (I'm sure there are some). Maybe we've read some different threads? They do fall short in terms of the big wow sound Ive experienced with 904s and la scalas. But other than those two the corns are as good, and mostly better than anything else I've owned or heard.
  7. Thanks for all the input. It had not occurred to me that the Sub would need to be adjusted independently to "blend" properly with the two floor speakers. I have read something somewhere about the setting for Crossover needing to be set for that as well (where is that set, anyway? On the sub?). That does argue for getting the two larger speakers vs the smaller ones and a sub. As to those suggesting Heritage or pro series, you are probably starting to get out of the price range I had in mind (I'm waiting for the RP-8000f or RP-6000f and a sub to go on sale as I already think they cost too much. Sounds like another option is the RP-280, but is really "pretty much the same"? The RP-8000 has no improvements? I have some people telling me that Polk is really better for "music" (vs home theatre) and I watched a YouTube video where the guy made the same point. I realize I might be treading into "religious war" terrain, but any opinions on that?
  8. I heard what you said, but that was not what you meant...you admitted your guilt (under torture) so I refuse to apologize. Don't even think about all that dna evidence that clears you.
  9. Don't you no what I was trying to say?
  10. How Can You Be In Two Places At Once When You're Not Anywhere At All?
  11. I live in Wheeling IL which is in the Chicago Area
  12. I have wondered and heard good things. I actually like the slight aggressive "in your face" more than the laid back sound. These legacies are in the middle with insane bass. I thought this controller that they came with would fix the problem. It fixed the bass, but made kids and highs worse. Not a good trade off. I already knew the bass would be overwhelming without it. I really like the Cornwall III, heresy III and the 396s in here. 396s and heresys need a sub for me. Cornwalls don't. As much as many here don't liek Cornwalls, I do. Hence my interest in the cornscala. I'm gonam talk to Justin weber about em today and I'm sure hell give me the rundown I need on em. Thanks for the input from you two though, I appreciate it.
  13. Today
  14. I tried to tell everyone that the moderator thing was a bad idea.
  15. And would you mind sending me a PM and letting me know who did the restoration. Thank you.
  16. 1. you have my phone number. I send you a text a few weeks ago after our email conversation in which you gave me your number. 2. photos don’t taste as good as the real thing. 3. is it possible to buy the stuff online and have it mailed to my house? 4. Aren’t you still a working stiff? And you’re on the forum?
  17. Where are you? And are you interested in a very nice pair of Chorus 1?
  18. I have a really nice restored Fisher 400 would like to trade for ????? Klipsch speakers , must have good bass. No longer have the Cornwall’s in the picture ☹️
  19. PM me your phone number and I'll shoot you some pics when I get home. Stop by and I'll pour some. Currently working on an Elijah Craig small batch bottle. It's a really good inexpensive pour that shouldn't be too hard to find. Check it out. It's not Weller 12 but you can find the stuff.
  20. i don’t think Carl actually has any Weller. Those previous photos look an awful lot like tea put in a Weller bottle. The saying pix or it didn’t happen doesn’t apply to bourbon -- pour us some or you don’t have it.
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