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  2. POR 15 is very hard when dry, so painting over it without the paint peeling might involve scuffing up the POR 15 before painting over it. It also contains isocyinates, which isn't good for your lungs, so wear a respirator when applying
  3. The curves do not lie. Plus they do sound fantastically good! No one, to my knowledge, has ever asked for a refund once installed properly!
  4. Close, but the vent goes all the way to the back Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  5. Yes. Just placed an order with Dave and will be doing the same for Chorus I pair I picked up.
  6. Did you see the fine engraving where he put "Go Ohio State!" on them?? You have to look but I'm sure it's there. Then again, maybe you got his prototype where instead of 'Go Ohio State!', it might be the one that says "Boo Michigan" might want to look.
  7. Prelude and fugue in C major, BWV 545 Remember to turn it up to 83 dB at the listening position in order to hear all the organ voices clearly and make the music come alive... Here is a discussion of this particular prelude and fugue (BWV 545) by the same performer: Chris
  8. Sounds good. New caps may fix you up. The new tweeter driver and horn will be SMOOTH.
  9. I recently bought my first pair of Klipsch speakers in a pair of Chorus II which uses the K79-K tweeter. I have been looking at the variety of ways to improve the performance of this speaker. I have done nothing to the speakers so far other than listen and enjoy the heck out of it current attributes. I know I will need to address the crossover and either replace the caps or look a new crossover.. It sounds like considering a LMAHL with B&C DE10 as a replacement for the K79-K would be a good idea. Would y'all agree?
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  11. Yeah it will go with the RF7III'S and RC64III and a pair of RS62ii's and the pb13ultra. I can get the rb81ii's for about $50 or $60 less than the rp600m's at their very best price. Would not get a ton of use as a 2 channel setup but occasional use until the theater room is finished.
  12. The cylinders are ....I don't know.... six maybe eight inches in diameter (never really looked at them) but being round, might be annoying. Isn't there a paint "POR" which is something like paint on rust?? I was once told that's the cats meow for oxidized items.
  13. There is seating facing the speakers outside the frame of this picture. A dedicated listening room would be cool, but I love having great sound where I spend my time - some of which is spent sitting and talking with friends.
  14. Looks to be for a Fisher 400 or 500c but the measurements aren't right so probably a Fisher x-202.
  15. New member, new set up.RP280 front,504c centre. States one single photo is over 2mb, and won't load.My room is 26x16feet. Personally, I have found smaller rooms may need more treatment than larger ones, stating the obvious, will depend on layout etc. Living in Scotland my Croft (Single story bungalow!.) has 3ft thick Granite walls, and is excellent for sound, so no treatment needed, even using 3 subs without a problem, and as an added bonus, no neighbours!.
  16. Why isn’t the sofa facing the speakers? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Looking for a decent pair or 2 of 45 tubes anyone have anything to offer Joe
  18. Da dual action sander. For long flat surfaces you could also use an idiot stick. No I'm not making that up lol
  19. Good luck with the sale Bobby, I would like to hear one of these one day, unfortunately I cant use an Integrated
  20. Just throw the red paint all over it and make a huge mess. Then sell it for art and make about 20 million. JJK
  21. I live in UT (University of TN) area... they're as nutso here as anywhere I've seen about their team. When I first moved here (out of Big 10 territory) I recall telling my wife with what was probably a rather smug attitude.... "I sure wish UT would play a blue blood team like Ohio State and find out what it's really all about......" (or some close paraphrase of that) Seems a handful of years later, it just so happened that UT and OSU did meet. In the Sugar Bowl as I recall AND Ohio State had big bad Eddie George at the time. UT simply kicked them up & down the field and made them look silly. I've toned down my rhetoric a bit since then. (perhaps a different way to say I've learned much about and gained greater respect for the SEC)
  22. Ordered a couple yesterday after confirming with the company that they are the same 4ohm version that is available elsewhere and nothing was really altered for their "custom" application. I've never dealt with that company before but I have to say, their response time to my questions was super fast and on a Saturday. Thanks for the heads up @mopardave
  23. My bass section is not fully horn loaded, it's the mini punch (dual 12's) that were done by JWC a few years back and after running different ss amps on them, I'm sticking with the QSC on those. Assuming that you've run them with SS exclusively at some point, what did you gain when you went to your current setup? I think some of this for me might come down to my audio addiction and wanting to see some glowing tubes in a good looking amp for aesthetics.
  24. So what, postage is only $19! :-))
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