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  2. Sweet, thanks...got them playing yet?
  3. Dave A

    Super MWM

    Almost like a plan isn't it. The length may vary depending on what Claude has to say. I don't want the top end of the horn to be below where I need to crossover.
  4. He actually sold me the set for $1000 because he didn't have to deliver them to me.
  5. Alright, sounds like you found the straps then. If connected like the close up picture above, it should be correct. Make sure the rear of the front main speakers are anywhere from 6 to 12. Inches to help the bass, and not up against wall to assist with the bassto be able to breathe properly. Next is play the speakers each day until the woofers are able to do some break-in or limbering up being that they are new.
  6. He actually sold me the set for $1000 because he didn't have to deliver them to me.
  7. Anyone here drink Ginger Ale? I love the stuff and think that you should always have some on hand -- it's just the right thing to do. Anyway, I just saw a commercial about Canada Dry Ginger Ale BOLD. Wondering if it's any good? Is the bold meaning that it has a bite? Forum Member Ben S. (whose been gone from the forum for years and I hope that he is okay) turned me on to Blenheims (pink top) and it was so good. A lovely burn as you drank it. Ben, if you're still out there ... say something. Miss you brother! @Tarheel Chuck, any word from Ben?
  8. Readily available at my house. Lol. I brought a liter to the SWAG.
  9. Dang, you had me going for a second. I thought I might have a good connection. 😀 I want so much to hate them because the product is so good and the demand is so great -- why not give us what we want?
  10. I feel for you my brother. If we were sitting together alone, I could tell you some stories. Had one of the kids once tell me that "I need to make my own mistakes." The scariest words that I ever heard as a parent.
  11. It's made not too far from here (~30 miles), and it's not readily available here.
  12. Thank you all for the help so far. The two reds and two blacks are connected with gold metal strips. I connected my receiver using one set of speaker wires to the two upper set of connectors. I hear the tweeter well, but the woofers sound muffled. I just expected more bass and a fuller sound. They are set up in a garage with a 504c and 502 surround speakers. I'm sure the acoustics are terrible in the garage. They will be going into a classroom. I'm not sure I'm getting power to the woofers because I only hooked up one set of connectors. Thanks again.
  13. There has been a statewide mask mandate since early July. Most (~90% +) did have a mask on, then, and ~ 100% wear them now. The numbers are still going up, which does not show that the masks are working... and there are new 'recommendations' issued today....which are very similar to what most people are doing. I wonder how often people are reusing their masks... AND, shouldn't there be a way to show traces of the virus that are in masks.... similar to the plaque tablets? Dip the mask in a something to show how well it's working?
  14. my first vehicle was a 1977 Ford F-150 FWD. Offroading is good if you are a mechanic ... those trucks sure take a beating -- at least they way I drove. I recall once, on the way home, my brother in law, tells me that I should pull over and let him drive because I obviously had too much to drink because I was swerving. So I did. he didn't do any better. Turns out that I had bent the steering stabilizer bar (or whatever it is called) so it was very hard to drive straight.
  15. and I seem to agree with very few people ... except you of course, that Weller 12 was suburb! I wish it was readily available here because I'd like to do some full-scale research between Weller 12 and my favorite Colonel E. H. Taylor.
  16. Never had a street bike but a dirtbike, what I found which is the same for 4 wheelers, when you think your getting good with is when you get in trouble.
  17. Theyre tolerant of everything as long as you agree with them.
  18. that opening chord progression for the song Band on the Run is one of my favorites. Roger Waters In the Flesh was good. @Max2 when you listened to A Night at the Opera, how did the song Good Company sound to you? Very interesting trivia about that song, Brian May said that his guitar parts were recorded one note at a time. He wanted the dixieland jazz sound and wanted his guitar to sound like a dixieland jazz band. So, towards the end, that's a guitar not a trombone. That LP was engineered by Roy Thomas Baker who did a fantastic job. You may (or may not) find this interesting about the track Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon.
  19. It is blatant censorship. You can’t handle the truth, LOL!
  20. Today
  21. I live in an incredibly liberal area ... or should I say tolerant area? anyway, the city disabled the section of the website where you could see which area of the city has infections. they claim that this knowledge may cause discrimination against the people that live in those hot spots. the reason I mockingly pointed out that this area is liberal/tolerant is that there sure seems to be a massive distrust of the people that live here. while not an exact science, I would have thought that tolerant people would be guided by a more giving the benefit of the doubt mindset and less likely to automatically prepare a defense (disabling part of the website) against events (potential discrimination) that haven't even happened. Maybe thinking so little of people is part of tolerance?
  22. I have not stuffed my cabinets yet. On the first one I used a dynamat type marerial and a soundproof material. On the 2nd one I have only placed a few squares of the soundproof material, and in the one that is in the shop the cabinet is being made thicker, and will be a rectangle the same size as the horn when viewed from the front. This will be the center channel, and will be on top of my 90" wide AV rack. The center will be laying like most people have their k402s...not like my left and right which are vertical. I am going to be trying some sheep wool on the center channel, and also I am going to try some bracing inside all of the cabinets. Now on the first one the bass is about 5db more than on the one with only a few pieces of soundproof material inside. We will see how the center is since it will be 9" shorter, but also a full rectangle... the left and right have angled sides going from 24" to 12". How high are your stands? I am thinking of making some stands to bring the left and right channels up to the the height of the center channel, o4 angling th3m (not sure if I can angle enough without becoming unstable). I will be trying stands that will match the height of the center channel on the AV rack. I am doing this because my left and right channels are too low with our current seating, and most likely our new seating will be at least the height we are currently using. I am also curious how raising the speakers will effect the bass...right now, the bottom of the horn is 9" off the floor, and the speakers are within 2' of the rear wall, and side walls (corners). Even though mine are not tuned completely yet due to us stopping when we had problems with consistent measurements, and my changing of the gain measurements on the amps (to try and get the levels were we wanted them). Now I have Icepower amp modules with no gain controls and we are ready to proceed when Chris is ready. I think he is waiting until we get the center completed so we can do them all at once...which is fine with me. I have to say that last night I listened to some master recordings on Tidal and I was very impressed as to how good they sound, and cannot even imagine how much more revealing they will be once we haventhem fully tuned. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
  23. it is, and a little more "used" now... he owes 4k on it though
  24. Up here they just started providing more detailed information about geographic locations within a city where Covid outbreaks occur. They are designating distinct neighbourhoods within cities as Covid hotspots. There is no mistaking the results as biased. Demographics and attitudes are really making or breaking it. There is an exodus from the city to the country right now. The real estate market up here has NEVER been hotter. The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has it’s limits.
  25. billybob


    Just say no! Tell them to drink it! Yum Bulldozer lobster sandwich.
  26. CECAA850, Where can I find drawings for those? Never mind, I found them!
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