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    But he farts much older.
  3. Well with the H1’s and H2/3’s they need to be sealed very well as the woofer has very little movement ability or the X max measurement so it highly relies off of havei g a very well sealed cabinet Dollar for dollar Klipsch has no equals Name one other speaker company that can build a speaker and keep working like new after 45 plus years of service. Answer NO ONE !!!!!!
  4. Hey Rplace, Much thanks for your informative reply. As my friend's speakers have a port, but are labeled Type HI instead of Type HIP, this may seem to be a one-off mistake with Klipsch using an incorrectly labeled input cup. But, as mentioned in my initial post to this thread, forum member triceatops has the identical speaker with the same Type HI indicated on his speaker's input cups. If a mistake, possibly Klipsch mislabeled all Heresy Industrial Port speakers made that day (triceatops's serial numbers are 1320 and 1321; serial number of my friend's speaker in the photo is 1324). I have not discussed pricing with the musician. He could really use the money though suspect he'd be pleased with a win-win sales price. Yeah, I've sold lots of LPs on ebay so am familiar with potential issues with some buyers. But except for 3 or so buyers I've dealt with good people. Maybe that is a common characteristic with music (and LP) lovers. Whereas selling a commercial espresso machine had a different type of results! Rplace, there is something I can't peg that is familiar about your 47 West 63rd address. 🙂 and !!! Am I right your mention of "Analogue = Basis" indicates you own a Basis turntable? If so, which model? I've had a happy relationship with Basis turntables, having owned 4 of their 'tables with the 1st acquired about the late 1980's. Thanks!
  5. That picture is Pure Michigan. Makes me miss home.
  6. $150 plus shipping each I have four available.
  7. Today
  8. Just Call it a Job Machine https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/25/business/economy/jobs-in-cannabis-weed-marijuana.html
  9. I just choose wisely now Carl. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  10. Sorry you couldn't attend. I can't send any of the bathtub pics, Mr. T Smith said he wanted the exclusive. I thought it was a little weird, but it was just his birthday. LMFAO
  11. So option 1 is lower for sure maybe about a foot above ear level but behind ears about a foot. Option 2 is more like 2 and a half feet above ear level but is actually in front of the couch and ears by almost a foot. Option 3 is like 2 and a half feet above ear level but is like 2 and a half feet behind ears though.
  12. Already did that combination. The drink was so stiff, I can't remember what the kinky thing was now. Time for another drink
  13. My experience: vinyl sounds better than streaming mp3 at 320kbps, even on a entry level turntable (check my signature for my setup). CDs and anything hi-rez will probably sound better than vinyl (taking dust and scratches into account), but nothing can beat the tactile experience of handling vinyl records, or the kick of finding an iconic record for $0.50 at a thrift store... There are obscenely crazy prices going around in Turntable Country, so use your common sense and think twice before you take out your wallet. Here is a good starting point for new turntable gear (reviews): https://www.analogplanet.com/category/turntable-reviews
  14. I've been looking at both of these speakers as possible candidates for use in a Classic Rock and Heavy Metal dedicated system. While I listen primarily to classical and acoustic jazz, my wife has mentioned that she would like to listen at louder volumes, with speakers that can reach further down than what we have now, without the use of dual subwoofers (for which we just don't have space). I would really like to know if there are those of you who have been able to listen to both the KG 5.5s and RP 280Fs, and what your opinions are of them -- similarities, differences, etc. ALL of my experience with Klipsch has been with larger Heritage models (Klipschorns and La Scalas, as well as multiple pairs of Heresies), and am really interested in giving one of the more contemporary models a try! And yes, I admit it! The copper metallic woofers on black front baffles just look amazing to me. Of course I know of the upgrade options for the KGs. Any thoughts, observations, impressions, etc. would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance, erik
  15. Technics 1210gr looks like a very nice TT. The Pioneer 1000 has twice the torque start up. Does that mean anything?
  16. Does the mother in law live there? If not, she is out of the conversation. But, the wife rules. If option #2 is slightly behind ears(6" to 18"), then that is the way I would go. Option #3 looks to be about 36" behind ears. Option #1 is too low for me. Bill
  17. My father was a tail gunner on a Martin Marauder B-26 bomber during WW2. He was shot down on his 21st mission while over Italy. He never said much about his combat experiences, limiting his stories to funny occurences etc. When asked how he was awarded 2 Purple Hearts, his answer was, I got shot and I took some shrapnel. His medals he arranged in a frame prior to his death and my brother allowed me to take them and display them in our house. A few years back I put them in a new frame and they look great again. My brother wisely gathered all of the papers concerning our father's military service and had them reproduced on acid free paper and gave me a copy. He also forwarded a copy to the National WW2 Museum in New Orleans. They contained all of his Red Cross correspondance while he was a POW, letters to his folks etc. We found out through his records that he weighed 96 pounds when he was liberated by the British Army in May of '45. American POWs were not immediatly repatriated back to the States, as the military did not want their families to see them until they had put on some weight. According to dad POWs kept their long hair so that folks would know to give them some extra food from the little bit they had. When Americans were captured their names would be read over the German radio. A fellow soldier in England heard my father's name and recognized it from their neighborhood in Brooklyn. He wrote his folks and his mother knocked on my grandparents door to tell them their son had been captured. Up until that time they had only been informed that his plane had been shot down.
  18. IMHO, the biggest challenge of a turntable is to turn the record at the correct speed w/ inaudible fluctuation. ..Secondly, is to do this with minimal bearing or motor noise. ..It is for these reasons that I much prefer direct-drive tables to belt-drive. Direct-drive tables tend to measure better and sound better. Again, if your budget can accommodate give a look to the Technics SL-1210GR - $1600 from Guitar Center. https://www.technics.com/us/products/grand-class/direct-drive-turntable-system-sl-1210gr.html In addition to sounding fantastic, it has an incredible build quality. ..It feels like a precision made instrument rather than something made in wood shop like most of the similarly priced tables. Both the aforementioned Pioneer and AudioTechnica are nice too for the money. Personally, I'd take either of them over a 20 year-old used Technics SL-1200. ..Yes, the SL-1200's were wonderfully made and built to last but 20 years is 20 years. Should something finally fail it will be much harder to get it fixed.
  19. I’m checked in, a/c is as cold as my truck... . o O (listenin for a blender lol now) room faces the street, 1st floor...
  20. Or do something kinky in the bathtub..
  21. There's a few good deals on US Audiomart under $1000. I saw an Oracle Alexandria for 850, an AR for 350,ETC.
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