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    • The way Steve described it to me, if he completely eliminated the hum from his amps, he'd also eliminate some of the sonic signature that makes them so good, so there's a tradeoff there, but his design target is such that a 100 dB efficient speaker will put out a negligible amount of hum at listening position.   This hum will be louder at 105 dB, sure, but mine is pretty bad. What I'm trying to determine is whether or not this is completely the inherent hum of the amp (which means that Decware amps and La Scala AL5s and Khorns are just not a good match), or if there's something else going on in my case which is making it worse than it should be
    • HK3k is essentially the shipping cost you pay to Buyandship all-in, to deliver the speakers to your doorstep. I am not sure how much ReShip would charge. My rationale of using Buyandship was basically trusting a HK based company to handle delivery to HK. There are other US based alternatives but I somehow got a mixed impression on those companies from various online community posts so decided on Buyandship. But I might be wrong.    Love the sounds so far driven by Naim Uniti Atom. However, I am rather new to Hi-Fi equipments and I recently moved up from active speakers set up so I am not experienced enough to talk with credibility. For relatively small space we have in HK it could be an overkill. That said, my family members are all impressed, we all love the aesthetics so I am quite happy. Some people suggest Wharfedale Linton. It looks great, and it is much easier to get in HK and is notably cheaper than Heresy so I think that's worth a look as well.   
    • Thanks for for chiming in! So I did actually try this a while ago. On the SE84UFO25, if you're using it in normal stereo (e.g. not as a monoblock), this does help. Doesn't eliminate the hum, but does help. Unfortunately, as I learned from discussing this with Steve, you can't do this when using the UFO25s as monoblocks as I do -- but you can run them in balanced differential which fixes everything.   Unfortunately, for the SEWE300B amp, connecting the two negative terminals does not do anything for the hum in any scenario. I was really hopeful it would help, as I planned to use the 300B in normal stereo operation... alas.   Really hoping that someone here has tried Decware + La Scalas or Klipschorns! The only person I currently know of out there who has used a Decware SE84UFO amp with La Scala AL5 is Andrew Robinson, and he raved about it, but he is unfortunately not reachable to discuss things like this.
    • I had this problem with my Decware Zen too. Contact Steve at Decware and ask him if he thinks you need to connect the two negative speaker terminals with a wire. He explained this in a forum and it worked but contact him first to ask. All I did was literally connect the two negative speaker terminals with a 7" single speaker wire. 
    • There are unfortunately no dimmer switches 😕 it's a small home that just has simple light switches. But yeah I would love to learn that there's an electrical gremlin lurking somewhere that can be fixed! Also, fwiw, I've never had hum problems with my non-decware amps (Primaluna and naim), but the decware amps are definitely more naturally prone to hum by design.
    • Hello I have a Pioneer SX 5590. It is 8ohms & 160wpc. The F3 floor standing speakers are 8ohms 150 watts. Is my recivier. To strong for the F3 Speakers? Thank you Kevin 
    • Because all 3 amplifiers exhibit the same hum, I would still suspect something like a bad light dimmer somewhere in the building.
    • further info, my tube preamp has 1amp fuse   the isolation transformer says 8amp fuse
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