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    Forum has helped me, time to give back to a good home - not reseller. RCX-4 (Silver) and SW-2 have never been used, only powered to verify they work. SW-2 includes grills that can be painted. Can arrange Pick-up only in Metro Detroit, between Detroit and Grand Rapids on I-96 or between Detroit and Lexington/Louisville along I-75. No boxes except RCX-4. Will only Ship RCX-4 if shipping is at least partially funded via paypal. Will split. Tried to give the K-Horn grills away before but got busy and had airplane troubles, If that member is still out their they get first dibs. Send E-mail.
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    Please remember if you have type E crossovers (factory or aftermarket) both the midrange and tweeter are set to +3db on the autotransformer as compared with the original type C crossover. It will definately sound more forward than it did from the factory. If you want to hear what the H-700's were like when new, you can try the type C setup.
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    Can't wait to see pics of the refurb. Parts express is popular for replacement parts.
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    It's definitely a labor of love. You might consider some soft sanding blocks. I like them a lot because you've got something to grip instead of just pressing down with paper. You will probably need some sort of filler for the deeper gouges. If the substrate is mdf it will definitely not stain the same as the oak. Just get the stainable kind.
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    OK, which one of you guys forgot to tell me this was going to be a lot of work! My attitude was pretty much "OK, I'll start at noon and sand, stain and apply the poly. Then by about 1:00 I'll have the rest of the day to rest." I've been wrestling with sanding just the TOP of ONE speaker for about two hours! That's because I am being very deliberate, and I am trying to cleanly sand out a gouge with 220 sandpaper and I am trying hard not to take too much off. (Dave pauses for hysterical laughter) On the positive side, I am figuring out how to sand, and how to get cramps out of my forearms. I have taken out some deep scratches on the worst top which I think might look pretty decent when I'm done. I'm hoping now to get done by the end of the week... In my own defense, I did practice first by sanding and staining on one of my wife's end tables which had a couple of nicks on top. She'll never notice.
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    if you use minwax stain i would stay with minwax poly, they are pretty cheap at home stores. yes you can try doing half & half on the bottom just to see how close it matches, but unless its to your liking i would lightly sand the entire speakers to get a fresh surface to lightly restain & then a coat of poly. but i have had good luck doing just the top on a speaker, the golden oak stain was very close match to the rest of the cabinet. if the sides are in good shape, aside form the gouge, maybe just clean em up real good & see how they look. no need to do them if they are good & you can get the tops to match. also, sometimes the stain will raise the grain just a bit, so after its dries good you may want to do a very light sanding to smooth it out, as long as it doesnt change the color too much. once you test the bottoms you will see its really pretty simple to do staining.
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    Really Sancho? Serious? Hard to imagine you saying that based on your system signature...But then, you could sell most of your current config and buy a NEW pair of Samsung fronts and a Vizio soundbar.... Please let me know (via PM of course) which Craigslist you will be posting them in....
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    Tarheel, Sounds like ten days took its toll on you. Next time she is away, please come to my house. I have all kinds of yard work to help you out!
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    An acquaintance of mine has 2 chase subs and they are as good as anything i have heard in home, very nice and very good power with very good low frequency impact. He had each of his on crown k2's and an ashley low pass crossover. Last i knew they were both for sale but he wanted $700 each and 700 each for the crown amps.
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    I think that Heritage speakers depreciate at first, but after a certain time, maybe 10 or 20 years, their prices seem to stop falling, buoyed up by the slowly increasing prices of the new equivalent models. My La Scalas were 32 years old when I bought them, and they were slightly more costly than they had been when new, but still a bargain relative to new ones. The 1989 and 1992 Heresy IIs were also not far below their new prices, but still cost much less than new current ones. I suspect that once they get past a certain point, maybe 20 years old, prices of Heritage speakers start to inch upward. It won't make anyone rich, but it does make old Heritage speakers a good investment. What does everyone else think of this possibility?
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    I still have the Epik that I was considering for the HT. It was doing duty in the family room and now the small Klipsch sub is there. I am waiting to hear back from Chane Music and Cinema monday on a deal for the VS 18.1. I may get two and then I would basically have 4 subs in the HT which is large. Use the two vented near field and the sealed sub a little more spaced out. They all use the same driver are share other parameters that should make it not to hard to integrate. I can always seal the vent and convert the VS 18.1's into sealed sub according to Craig Chase.
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    You make some salient points. Yet even though other interests may have the same following on a numeric basis, those seem to involve items which tend to increase in value over time. (Instruments, wine, rare books, antiques, etc) Vintage or heritage Klipsch has not exhibited this characteristic to date. The consequence of this is to limit the market to those who actually want to enjoy the item rather than just collecting it for future potential monetary gain. If only this were true of Ferarris, because then I might actually be able to enjoy one.
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    What a ton of good advice, thanks! Ryan: I think I might have done the Watco if my finish wasn't so bad. +++ One question; do I sand the entire speaker, or just where the stains are? My instincts say lightly sand the bad spots and try to feather into the rest of the finish. Here's the plan, probably for tomorrow: Minwax Golden Oak stain it is, one coat. I don't want the finish darker, but as close to factory as possible. Just the opposite of a James Bond 007 martini, the stain will be stirred, not shaken Light sand with 220 Apply stain with rag, wait 2-3 minutes, wipe excess with a clean dry rag Practice on bottoms first. (I really like that idea) After it dries, no more sanding Wait 24 hours, although I think 4-6 hours is the minium for the stain to dry before applying a second coat. I'm not in any hurry. Minwax (or whatever brand) Satin poly, apply with foam brush. Does that sound like a plan? Any other suggestions or comments? This is great stuff. Thanks. +++ I did get one speaker hooked up. It sounds pretty good, but now I know what "beaming" is coming from that horn! That speaker really has a distinctive, characteristic sound. I ran into a small, fixable problem with the other speaker, but I'll address that later.
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    I'd take the rcx-4. I will be moving some gear around soon after selling a lot of it. I will be without a center channel.
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    My wait is over the crossovers came today
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    "I'm My Own Grandpa" Now, many many years ago When I was twenty three I was married to a widow Who was pretty as could be This widow had a grown-up daughter Had hair of red My father fell in love with her And soon the two were wed This made my dad my son-in-law And changed my very life My daughter was my mother 'Cause she was my father's wife To complicate the matters Even though it brought me joy I soon became the father Of a bouncing baby boy My little baby then became A brother-in-law to dad And so became my uncle Though it made me very sad For if he was my uncle That also made him the brother Of the widow's grown-up daughter Who, of course, was my step-mother I'm my own grandpa I'm my own grandpa It sounds funny I know But it really is so I'm my own grandpa My father's wife then had a son That kept them on the run And he became my grandchild For he was my daughter's son My wife is now my mother's mother And it makes me blue Because, she is my wife She's my grandmother too I'm my own grandpa I'm my own grandpa It sounds funny I know But it really is so I'm my own grandpa Now, if my wife is my grandmother Then, I am her grandchild And every time I think of it It nearly drives me wild For now I have become The strangest case you ever saw As the husband of my grandmother I am my own grandpa I'm my own grandpa I'm my own grandpa It sounds funny I know But it really is so I'm my own grandpa I'm my own grandpa I'm my own grandpa It sounds funny I know But it really is so I'm my own grandpa Dave
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    Dtel will appreciate this. In talking to my aunt about my south Mississippi family tree, I found out I was actually related to myself! More than once!
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    Im so frickin close to you ClaudeJ1 you even drove right past my house when you moved i just wish i had room. It would match my belles perfect sound and color next year when i move. im trying to save money too. that $100 price drop is killing me. glws!
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    One is a spare. Swap em and give it a try. Bill
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    Lot of music in a smaller package, awesome bass.
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    If memory serves that cat lived in Toronto, in an apartment with 20+ subs/ single in a decent job where related to the stock market/banking. He was literally hearing impaired in one ear. That was as much as I could ascertain from his posts. Heck he could have been a 13 year old girl for all I know, but she knew a lot about subs.
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