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    Pickup only unless you want to search for a pack and ship in Texarkana. 1000.00. That's 500 less than I paid. As you can see, replaced the caps with Crites a few years ago. Speakers need refinishing, but when I stored them for my new ones the new ones only looked better but certainly don't sound that much better...which is the way K'horns should be. One closeup shows some easily reparable issue caused by a mover attempt to pick it up by the upper section. Cosmetic and as mentioned, easily fixable. I considered them a bargain when I got them, and if you can find a better thousand dollar set of speakers go for it. Marked them down because of the damage and because I am amongst friends and want to spread the joy.
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    Thank you. Can't really just give them away, but want to spread the joy. I used them for nearly 20 years and they've made me very, very happy. Dave
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    The best version of 'Season Of The Witch' on any album.
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    A picture is worth a thousand words....
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    Hello Forum Members, I haven't been very active in this or any other audio forums for quite a while, but I thought I would share this. I just bought a pair of cherry Cornwall IV's from "Ronco21" on Ebay. They are B-stock but the only "flaw" listed is minor scuffs on the outer shipping box. They should be delivered sometime the middle of next week. I'm looking forward to getting back in the Klipsch Heritage fold after a 12-yr. absence. Here's hoping for smooth sailing ahead!🥂 ...and here's another one (or two) to everyone staying healthy, happy and covid-free! 🥂🥂
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    I'm really surprised right now... because I didn't know that I had this album from MMEB.Mother Earth from 1974, Bronze Records.Printed in Germany. Hearing it for the first time ever. Guys, it's good
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    Now that you’re all healed up I don’t feel so bad saying that I once told my wife I think Carl has cement in his head. Sorry, my guess was about three feet off —
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    ...hell. In all my years in this hobby I had truly never heard of such a thing until today. However, after a little googling it appears there are lots of them and they can cost up to several hundred dollars. Forget cables. Apparently what's truly needed is a hyper-expensive power cord attached to a special audiophile grade wall plug, but that is not enough for true sonic bliss. You need a copper, bronze, gold or ceramic fuse to lift the veil from the music. Here's another odd thing about them, many require that they be installed in one direction only. I never realized electricity flowed in one proper direction only, because I could have sworn that the juice flowed from positive to negative, or visa versa if you have a two prong plugged and simply switch it around. So has anyone played around with these fuses, and is there any rational at all to using them.
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    Those are hot dogs! Nope never heard of them actually. This place has used the same recipe for years. Small town w/about 13k. Have a brat festival every August for 3 days. It draws about 150k every year. Similar to an Oktobefest there. Cops have a great time picking up the drunks out driving every night. hahaha Good time though. Several other variations of the recipe and most of the locals have their favorite. This place makes TONS of it every year for the festival. Any vendor HAS to use bratwurst in whatever they sell. Brat pizza, you name it. It's a good time!
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    Everybody love´s the Scorpions in Germany , gonna check it out next time when I´ll visit them, will carry my Scorpions Records and other Metall Music
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    That´s " german Bratwurst " And that´s a small german beer
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    And this is what I just put in a bag for my friend who is doing her evening walk right now!
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    Both beer drinking nations If we were invited we may drink you out of house and home 🤪 Instead of burgers we do sausages and onions - we call it a sausage sizzle ( search it out ) Edit - This is the correct way to serve ( on one piece of sliced bread folded over ) easy as 🍷 Have a great day 👌
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    @JohnJ a friend of mine bought the Forte III´s last week .....Since 5 days he listens 18 hours a day only to his metal songs. He called me today and had tears in his eyes from happiness. Another friend bought the La Scala´s 5 and one further friend bought the CW4 , we´re all in the Klipsch fever here in Germany .
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    A bit busy lately but we're almost back to abby normal. Jam nite tonite but not thinking I'd like to spend 4 hours in a mask and it also makes it kinda tough drinkin a beer. Who knows what will shake out. Few new ones showed up this week but still waiting on a couple to surface. Those might just get thrown down and spun depending... Grands today for the neighbor's kid's bday party but prior too was jammin the freezers w/400# of Angus beef. Won and done w/ not even room for a popsicle between the house and garage freezers. Ha! Now with all of these posts lately I can see I'm going to have to sit down w/the station manager and come up with some kind of schedule. Gonna need morning's, afternoon, drive-time and some one for the grave yard shift soon. Gonna have to get the station's paperwork approved and the website copyrighted then we can go to work. W-P-W-K is goin down and nope it's NOT BULLSHIT! Naturally. we're all gonna have to be on our best behavior but in time we'll relax things a bit. The Aussie and German accents are gonna blend well with the gaggle we have. Looking forward to great things guys! I really like the remote ideas for Paul. Nothin like a dude on the rock out on walk about talkin to people! MicroMara gnawin on a bratwurst and suckin on a Helles will be great! We got this! Plenty of burgers though if we get bored! Carry on! 😂
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    B if you tune up a Chevy, its still a chevy! main reason is the serious upgrade from k77 to CT120 I have A 4500 in a pair of Belles and like it very much
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    Now these dudes were tripping! *just look at their faces HAWKWIND The "Hawkwind Log" is twenty or so pages of something! In the correct frame of mind this would be awesome. **Ah he)(, Monster Magnet listened to these guys. They did some f'n heavy late 90s rock that has a definite resemblance to some of this stuff.
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    The record store bought a crate full and the guy asked me not to bring any more until next Friday at least. Said their buying budget still wasn't back to normal yet. Found another Direct Metal Mastered RUSH record that of all of them I wanted to know how much of a difference it makes. The others I have it is the soundstage that had a dramatic improvement... similar to a half speed mastered on steriods. It's got holograms on it of half of the starman logo!
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    Everybody loves hooters!
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    From MMEB I still have the albums Angel Station, Watch and Change, but now I felt like listening to the US American band Hooters with the megahit " All you Zombies ".
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    some more MMEB .....Nightingales & Bombers 1975 Bronze Label , printed in Germany
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    Set up an HT system at my girlfriend's house 4 years ago. 4 TH subs, 7 channels of Klipsch and Danley, etc. 1080P projector 120" screen. She never stepped foot into that basement before but she cried when she saw how big all my stuff was. We got into fights about it and she said either all my audio gear goes, or she goes......................I do miss her once in a while, but not that much. LOL.
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    Next is Santana " Inner Secrets " 1997. Columbia Records
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    It's so hot today, we just got 93.2 Fahrenheit. Inside the house it is very cool and fresh, I prefer to stay inside and have fun with David's Pin Ups
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    105 degrees today. Man it was hot. Spent the day helping clear the brush on the perimeter of my property. Getting ready to put up a fence. Tomorrow should finish up the cutting. Still will need to do a lot of chipping the cut brush.
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    I went to the Dr one time about my back... he said, "Get used to it". So, I don't bother complaining about it to him. I do as much as I can, the hard way... part of why the push mower and whip sickle. . If I don't work it, it gets worse faster. Talked to an old friend today. Been years since I have talked to her. Known her since I was a kid. Been thinking about how relationships change. She is a friend's mother. Since I have known her for over 50 years, she is no longer Bob's mom... she is Pat.
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    I personally like Bolero - the base is just sublime An incredible track that sits you down - massages you then eats you up before digesting you
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    My sis is on the western edge of "the cone of uncertainty"... midstate.. Greensboro
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    Gonna kick Tarheel's butt..........
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    Tucson had 5 days at or below normal... The rest were 5 -15` above average. Been a hot summer... dry, too. We have a boat shaped kiddie pool and a hose to fill it. I cleaned the "pool" today. Bleach, scrub and refill. Laid it it afterwards... The tap water was lukewarm and not refreshing. Didn't notice being wet until I got out. Was like sitting in the bathtub. Internet went down for several hours, after a we suffered a couple of quick brown downs. Not typical of things. Used to the electricity flickering, then going one way or the other. ... and the powers that be want us to rely on the internet. on the news talking about sanitizing things I heard that we can sanitize our masks using the car as an autoclave. 150` for a half hour [or something like that] will kill it. And "they" suggested it. "They" may have changed their mind/s, but....
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    in my case the Doctor was a Beautiful Blonde , absolutely a NO 10----- 5 foot 10- 36-bust 28 waist gorgeous ---she said , you dont mind if I strip you , I said , no problem , go right ahead ------can I give you a shot to make you feel better , I said , it's getting better and better --whatever you do , dont' stop
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    If you get stuck with ideas we can do a multi PM session for suggestions Themed genre / artist days is also a good idea Rock On 🤘
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    Hot dogs are in long buns In the bush a piece of bread is all you need I should do a Bratwurst- sausage sizzle - that will be nice
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    I listend to the whole record right now and Y E S I´ll like it very much
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    @JohnJ If Black Sabbath and Hawkwind had a baby it would be named Monster Magnet.
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    That´s the one I know from my youth Silver Machine.... Great.... as well as the one you have introduced
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    @MicroMara I just purchased this Omega album 2 days ago 200 Years After The Last War It’s an original 1974 Quadraphonic album Bacillus Records ‎– BLPS 19175 Q Vinyl, LP, Album, Quadraphonic, Gatefold Now waiting for it’s delivery To give it a spin on my system You should have a listen - I think you will like it
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    Steve asked me to watch the procedure on youtube a few times and he will let me fix it.
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    Edgar, Thanks! had done some searching on this and found Acronis and AOMEI do not support Linux cloning. Guess I will try replacing it first and if that doesn't work I will try the Eassos cloning
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    Partners in Crime " Organized Crime " EPIC Records 1985
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    More american music with John Hunter´s " Famouse at night " 1984 , CBS Records
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    When you're manly men like me and Bruce.......what's a couple of decades?
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    Tonight it’s the only album I have from this band from Budapest Hungary Released 1973 Artist - Omega Title - Omega Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Omega-Omega/master/208113
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    It's a 1985 FZ750 with an '88 FZR1000 engine. The engine is stock, but the brakes and suspension are upgraded. The frame and front end were bent in the crash, so I bought both parts, used, and paid a buddy to do the frame swap. It was much cheaper and easier to fix the bike than to fix me. Anyway, I swapped some of the 750 engine parts, like the 750's gold cam cover and clutch cover, so the engine totally looks like a stock 750. It can really surprise some later (mid-'90s) 1000cc bikes. Of course, that was before the laws like going more than 40 (or is it 50?) km/hr over the speed limit is "stunt driving" and results in your vehicle being impounded. The Golden Age of Going Fast seems to be over in Ontario. We have a similar law here in BC, so the traffic rolls a bit slower than it used to. I should mention that I still have my bike. It’s parked behind my van, and every time I see it, it brings back 11 years of great memories. I raced it in Pro Open Production and Pro Open Superbike for the 1985 season, and it never scared me once, something that’s not true of many bikes on the track. It was a pretty good touring bike too, once I replaced the stock seat with a much more comfortable Corbin unit and added Nonfango hard bags and top box. Many good memories.
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    That could have been SO much worse, to the point of being a life-changing injury. Back in the ‘90s, after decades of riding my motorbike too fast, my luck finally ran out, and I crashed really hard. I received a compression burst fracture in my lower back (the lower lumbar region), and one vertebra was shifted to one side by roughly half its diameter. That’s how it looked on the X-ray, but I didn’t have a ruler handy to get a precise measure of the displacement. The effect was like what happens when some people are sitting on sections of a steel cable fence. When another person sits on the fence, he pulls it down and everybody else gets pulled up. With the spinal cord, when one vertebra gets knocked out of position, it tugs on the spinal cord, which is much weaker than a steel cable. This means that it gets stretched, and the nerve damage can happen a few vertebrae away. Since we don’t yet have the technology to restore the spinal cord, the orthopedic surgeon just pushes the displaced vertebra back into position and adds support in the form of bolted-on titanium rods, one on each side, in a size very similar in length and width to a ballpoint pen. It’s like what you do if you have a small plant that gets hit or knocked over, and gets its little stem (its future trunk) broken. All you do is hold it straight, poke a Pop-Sicle stick into the soil beside it, and tie the stem to it with a twist-tie or two. Then you hope it will get better. Humans are much more complex than little plants, so an injured spinal cord does not get better. That’s contrary to our usual experience with injuries, so it can take a few years for it to sink in that you won’t get any better. Now, I can walk a short distance with the help of two canes, but I’m on wheels most of the time. I have ridden small bikes since, off the road in camping areas and a parking lot. Two years ago, I took my nephew’s 50cc scooter out for a short ride on the local roads. Both brakes were on the handlebars, and it had a twist-‘n-go transmission, so feet were not required, except to hold up the scoot at a stop. It was fun, and you could see my grin, even while wearing a full-coverage helmet, an Arai Signet. However, my time and money now goes into my stereo. It still has Yamaha power, and it’s much cheaper to run. Instead of 1000cc, I’ve got 1000 watts of power, times two. Lots of headroom. No big insurance premium every year, and no expensive tires to buy. The bike used two rears and one front tire every season, which adds up. Of course, there are the upgrades and updates to the stereo every year, which may cost as much as a few tires. However, the stereo is fun in all weather, and it can please and amaze more than two people at a time. So I’m doing okay So that’s my story. Protect your spinal cord. Spinal cord injuries (SCI) are forever. It’s worst at first, due to the swelling that accompanies the injury. It takes 12-18 months before the swelling is completely gone, and during that period, the improvements come along, week by week and month by month. Then you reach the final plateau, when the improvements stop. You keep hoping that there will be more improvements, but nope, that’s it. So you learn to deal with it. I’m not grumbling, but I wish I hadn’t ridden that fast that day. Just think about my injury when you get ready to do something that could be really dangerous. You might really change your life, and not in a good way. Anyway, no pity needed. I’m just another Klipsch fan, not to be confused with other fans who use that term as their handle. I’ve sometimes referred lately to the system as my happiness machine. I turn it on, and it turns me on. Happy listening, everyone!
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    You are really going to like these speakers. I've had mine for a week now and they are the real deal. Congrats! Shakey
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    Always carry a tape measure to a doctor's office, too bad you missed the bottom measurement. Never say no to a shot of booze.
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    you gotta talk to @billybob, Lightning took out his AC , but he's the Man , he got it up and running again --------👌
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    I have two thoughts/ Go with the Forte IIIs Feed them something better than a Denon amp Shakey
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