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    I didn't think they were awful for pop-rock, but I'll tell you what was. Searching for Nicklebag and getting results about nickelback every time... polar opposites as bands go!
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    I upgraded my TubeCube7 with Sovtek EL84M tubes, which have slightly longer plates. Love them. Here in Belgium, we have just started 2021, so Happy New-year to all of you!
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    Mine: TubeCube7, 3.5 watt per channel, with 1972 Heresy. Can't play loud, but sounds pretty awesome, haven't heard any other tube Amp with Heritage speakers so my little Amp does qualify as the best I ever heard!
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    Marillion´s Debut Album > Script for a jester´s tear< 1983, EMI Label, printed in Holland. Thanks to @dirtmudd for this recommondation a couple of month ago.
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    Slow learner. I learned from my first wife exactly what I did not want in another. I might not have been sure of what I wanted, but I damn sure knew what I didn't.
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    That was about the most fun two guys could have aside from re-building Klipsch speakers. We go way back, Elden helped me by picking up a pair of LSI-BG splits about a hundred years ago and used them until I could get pony express to bring them up here. That's what started the whole madness with him. We've visited each others homes several times, they're our home base when we go down to NOLA for a cruise, and we've been on several ( I can't even count) cruises together. Always good times with a Klipsch brother. I was happy to help out his building project. I tanked out after four days of humping steel, but we got him a good head start on the project. Just wait until the MWM/LS HF system is installed ! whoo boy is that gonna be a jamming shop! Michael Colter
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    Hi guys, been ages since I've been on here. Union stagehand/audio guy now, totally without gigs for 9 months now. Anyway, thanks for the love! yer buddy, Michael Colter ps it'll be interesting to see if I have a signature after this, I totally forget.
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    Well since the bags out of the cat, yes I have seen him. He came for a week and helped me, or I helped him depending on where you were standing when it happened. It almost killed us but he survived and I think I did also. It was fun in a weightlifting kind of way, like he said "not bad for two 62 year old's". He is doing well, probably a little sore but just fine other than that. The help was really appreciated to say the least. Since the bags out of the cat......
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    Sizing up the space in the Chorus II cabinet I realized there's enough space to fit a CF-4 horn with the tweeter moved up to top of the cabinet.
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    3 Minutes till new year 2021 in Locked down Germany
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    Bitburger Warsteiner Ayinger Wernesgruner
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    Icehouse - a great band and that is a great song about our country
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    Crank the music. Tom Morello ———————————— The Atlas Underground Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I insist any hog(pork) I eat be raised on truffles Happy New Year OT.
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    Have had bear, rabbit, squirrel, venison over the years, and it always depends on the prep and cooking. My BIL used to give us venison every year, but he hasn't been out hunting for a few years.
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    Yep you have to take the fur off and the insides out.....discard.
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    @dtel tiki bar what really happened.
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    here you go https://www.centralparknyc.org/locations/strawberry-fields STRAWBERRY FIELDS Strawberry Fields is a living memorial to Beatles legend and peace activist John Lennon. LOCATION West Side between 71st and 74th Quiet Zone RESTROOMS No restrooms IN THESE GUIDES Peace and Quiet With a Dose of History SHARE:Share on TwitterShare by EmailShare on Facebook Featuring an elaborate mosaic bearing the word “Imagine”—a nod to the songwriter’s anthem of peace—the memorial is surrounded by benches and shaded by stately American elms, making it a tranquil spot for reflection. Named after one of Lennon’s favorite songs, “Strawberry Fields Forever,” the memorial sits just across the street from the landmark Dakota apartment building, Lennon’s former home and the site of his tragic death in 1980. Like many Upper West Siders, Lennon would often enjoy walks in this very landscape. Strawberry Fields was officially dedicated on October 9, 1985, the 45th anniversary of Lennon’s birth. His widow, Yoko Ono Lennon, worked with landscape architect Bruce Kelly and the Conservancy to create a memorial that represents Lennon’s legacy as a visionary of world peace. The Imagine mosaic, made by Italian craftsmen and gifted by the city of Naples, serves as a testament to Lennon’s global resonance. A designated Quiet Zone in the Park, Strawberry Fields has also been endorsed as a Garden of Peace by 121 countries, whose names appear on a bronze plaque on the path leading to the memorial.
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    And the rats while you're at it. They've overtaken Washington.
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    Hey everyone, I'm a new member and I thought since I've already chatted with some of you in my WTB thread, I'd share a brief story of how I got here. In 2006, just after college, I made a few visits to my local facnypants stereo store, and I got a nice deal on their floor model Martin Logan Montages since they needed to bring in the new model. I went with a Rotel RX-1052. I enjoyed that setup for about 13 years, but I just moved back to my hometown amidst a big career shift, and I'm staying with my best friend for a little while so my stuff has been temporarily stashed away. I have another friend who is into vintage Klipsch, and he is about to make me spend some money, lol. His main speakers until recently were Fortes, paired with a Marantz 2238. His basement set were KG4s with a Marantz 2238B. A few weeks ago I brought it over my gear, and after lots of comparisons it was clear that both of his '80s Klipsch sets sounded better than my Martin Logans. So I got to selling my MLs, which didn't take long. Also on comparison day I spotted some Choruses on Craigslist. A couple days later he asked if I'd come along to pick them up. So now he has the Choruses, Fortes and KG4s. All sound wonderful in their own ways. Fast forward a week, and I had convinced my best friend/room mate to let me help her upgrade from her Bose 501 Series Vs. They were powered by a fairly common low-mid level Yamaha receiver, and we didn't change that. Good enough. But I found a great deal on some KG4.2s ($280). I grabbed those for her, brought them to my same friend's house for his seal of approval on the way back, and what do you know? They also sounded awesome. She gave her Boses to her mom, along with another Yamaha I found on Facebook. Everyone wins. As for me, with the Martin Logans sold, that takes us to my WTB post. I'm looking for CF-4s and I know they're hard to come by, but I likely won't move into my own home for the better part of a year, so I can sit patiently. I'm good with a little road trip too, for the right deal. I'm also open to KLF30s, but it seems to me the CF-4s might be just a little more special. Feel free to add your own thoughts, and enjoy the pictures!
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    Me too. I will get to that shortly. At this stage I was just trying to open up the grain and get more of the black paint out of the ash grain. The fine soft brass brush worked really well for that. Basically I kept at it until no more color was coming off with my mineral spirit scrub. I have a cherry R-112SW and cherry RP-440C, so I wanted to get some red into these cabinets. I had some minwax Red Oak stain, so I slathered it on. Man it looked pretty. I let the stain soak in until it was tacky, almost dry and then wiped off as much as I could. Unfortunately that was almost all of it. The stain just did not want to take. After letting it dry overnight, I started with 100% tung oil diluted with mineral spirits. The next day it was 0000 steel wool followed by 100% tung oil. Same thing the day after that, and the day after that. Then it was time for reassembly.
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    I love the bit at the back of throat when throwing a cold one back 🍻
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    Dammit to hell....Germany??? You there? Man what a beautiful country...
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    I like bourbon...It doesn't like me... I love a good tequila and vodka....Rum for me is like beer I can drink it and I don't wake up with a hangover. German Pils is where I usually end up.
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    Happy New Years Eve guys! I'll be working on some Stagg Jr tonight. Tomorrow starts dry January so gotta get my fill.
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    Happy New Years Eves to all here at Klipsch Forum...🍷🍸🍹🍺🍻🥂🥃🥤🧃🧉 Whew!!! I think that's all the drinking Emojis available....Still no seeing the bong emoji....
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    I was always a Mary Anne guy, RIP. Life is only "a three hour tour".
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    And some of the madness was scary, like swimming in the Gulf of Mexico in a bad thunderstorm on top of us and no where to go, or like when I almost drowned kayaking after being sucked down under the water by a waterfall. Except for those two things it's been fun.
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    Set the scope on the pellet gun, it's at "about" inside an inch at 50'. I had the grandson do some of it since he is more steady then me, if I miss it will be my fault, and I will miss some for sure. I hate when the squirrels laugh at me. The first one I shot about a year ago was with a 12 ga shotgun, he was trying to chew a hole in the back of a Heresy, he got about halfway through, Plus he ate up the speaker wires, I had to rerun them in metal conduit.
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    Ok then, I wouldn't expect anything less. It is the favorite thing for hogs to hunt for, but the hog usually don't get to eat them.
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    OK because so many use brass I assumed this was right to do. You got me curious and it led me to http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/coils.htm and then to https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/mounting-air-core-inductors.639281/ Now what I don't know is if the original design intent allowed for the minor change brass would make. Tolerances on things have gotten much tighter since the days of AA crossovers but evidently any metal can effect the coil to some degree. So now I have a new rabbit hole to go into.
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    That´s the best decision you can make, if you gonna sell them as originals with origin revised AA Type X-overs. They certainly have a higher value
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    I used only plastic screws for my external crossovers to eliminate any induction.
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    Especially for the price. If these were closer, they would have a new home. Someone's rebuild thread on AK.
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    Unlike other stripped finishes, the Klipsch black doesn't bubble up, and it strips fast. It almost wipes off, although I scraped it. After all sides were stripped and wiped down and soft brass brushed with mineral spirits:
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    Sad, RIP. I was always a Mary Ann in the Mary Ann vs. Ginger debate.
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    She was a great gal. I remember when she came into Ft. Worth doing a theater show. A real beauty queen too!
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    We're taking up funds to buy armor suits for dtel's squirrels. PayPal accepted.
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    This next album is a bootleg One song on this album was only played live Many years later it was released in a compilation set That song is called Dr Diamond Mike @dirtmudd my friend from New York State gave me a heads up on this album Artist - King Crimson Title - Dr D Atlanta 23/6/1973
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    I've probably mentioned this before, but one of the tv news photographers I worked with in Memphis (45 yrs ago), had worked a a newspaper in Texarkana before moving to Memphis. On Fridays, he would take his pellet gun to work. After they were done for the day, he would go pick up a 6 pack and head back to the paper, where he would retreat to a seco d storey back window... His would sit and drink, shooting rats in the alley below. He said there wasn't much else to do on a friday night.
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    Jim from JEM Performance Audio. Seems like I need to offer some information about what I do and why I do it with regards to Klipsch Heritage speakers. The capacitors I sell are approved by Klipsch engineering. I met personally with Roy Delgado over a year ago and discussed Klipsch crossovers in depth. Roy took the time to explain the differences in capacitor design and how they react in a network. My desire was to keep the vintage Klipsch models operating as PWK designed them to sound. This all came about because I had changed the caps in my Klipschorns to the most recommended and advertised capacitors in Klipsch land. My Klipschorns were not the same after I changed the caps for sure - but not in a good way. What changed? First the bass was peaked out, the tweeter was way too bright and the midrange had no life to it. It no longer sounded like a Klipschorn should; the realism was gone. I brought this to Roy's attention and he immediately smiled and proceeded to explain what was happening. You have to use the correct type of capacitor to maintain the specs of the network as designed by Klipsch. I know there are those out there that will disagree about this but I can tell you that once I installed the caps Roy recommended, the Klipschorns became totally balanced, the bass was smooth and the midrange open and detailed. I knew others would appreciate having their Klipsch speakers performing as they should, and together Roy and I put together the authorized network repair center. I only repair Klipsch speakers to factory specifications using authorized factory approved parts. Your speakers remain a genuine Klipsch product and will perform just as PWK intended. No modifications, no BULLS**T. So you are probably wondering why should I believe this guy and how does he know what a Klipsch speaker should sound like? Some background - I have used Klipsch speakers since the 1970s professionally and personally. I experienced the Klipsch industrial series products in live sound reinforcement. I used Klipsch speakers exclusively in both of my professional recording studios. I personally own Klipschorns, LaScalas, Cornwalls, Heresy Is, IIs, and industrial Heresy stage monitors. So you see I do know what a Klipsch speaker should sound like. We have Roy to thank for getting the correct parts available to keep our vintage pieces of audio history alive and well. I don't have much time to respond to questions via this forum but I can be reached during normal business hours at theaudioroom@verizon.net or by phone - 412-401-6915.
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