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    NOT my picture, wish it was. Seen a picture of this cool bridge and looked it up, it is in Germany and from around 1860. https://www.christineabroad.com/rakotzbrucke-devils-bridge/
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    I purchased these from a forum member a few months ago after deciding to finally experience the sound of tube gear. These units came highly recommended from many forum members and, in fact, not only do they sound amazing, they are beautiful pieces of gear. The reason for the sale is that my wife and I are downsizing our audio gear and had to make some painful decisions on what to let go. We really want to pass this great system on for someone else to enjoy. Following is some information from the original listing with some of my additions. Juicy Music Audio Blueberry Extreme w/ Cream (LOMC Option) Preamp Comes with the original manual as well as the following tubes: V1 = PHILIPS MINIWATT ECC81 V2 = AMPEREX ECC83/12AX7 V3 = MULLARD 12AT7/ECC81 V4 = AMPEREX JAN 7308 (not sure if this is a date code or the actual model, it's the only number on it) V5 = SYLVANIA 12X4 Juicy Music Audio pCAT LYNX Mono Block Amplifiers Tubes: (2) ELECTRO HARMONIX KT88 (1) RCA 5R4 GYB (2) MULLARD ECC83/12AX7 (1) SOVTEX 6N1P All in very good condition and functionality. Some slight blemishes (mostly on the side of one amp) but nothing major (See photos). Tubes are the same ones that came with the units when I purchased the package. The Blueberry Extreme preamp and the pCAT mono blocks are sold as a single package. I don't want to separate them (at least not at the moment). I have the original boxes, packing and will ship at buyers expense. $4000 + shipping and insurance for all to the lower 48. I'm located in the Cincinnati-Dayton, Ohio area. Of course local pickup is preferred. PayPal Friends & Family (otherwise buyer pays the fees). I can share more pictures if you're serious. Thanks for looking!
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    Bacon may disappear in California as pig rules take effect glad not I don't live there !
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    Last evening we were enjoying a pleasant evening on our deck when a sudden storm hit. Sudden high winds were immediately followed by heavy rain. We had to scramble to lower the umbrella and get everything inside. Within a few minutes it was over, but I had to cut up a large limb in our front yard. Fortunately, no damage done, but had it fallen on a person or a car, different story. Happy Monday.
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    You’ll be able to store a Buick on that back shelf Edlen. Just remember to lift with your legs, not your back, when you lift it up there.
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    For something different Next project, well already spent a few days cleaning them up. It will be to make a second level inside in the back for storage of things not used often,. 8' from the back wall and 20' wide x 8 feet tall at the lowest part. 6" I beams, I collected a bunch of metal over the years and now have a use for it, these are free, wood is not as strong and expensive right now.
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    Stopped shooting glamor and commercial fashion a few years ago. I do not miss it http://www.davidhickeyphotography.com - —- now my work is mostly shot on my iPhone and just fun over saturated and not for sale with no bikini or glam - I occasionally take my 5Dmkiii out with my 300mm f 2.8 just to mess around but its rare these days
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    The limited edition 75th Anniversary picture book package is still on the way and will be coming in a few weeks. The notification will come the same way as the previous items. No one who signed up for that has missed out on anything. Stay tuned.
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    Sandals? Sandals on a rocker? Must be time to kick back. I'll throw y'all for a loop, this gal can spin a golden oldie! *Jokin' bud, I've been in flip-flops all day today
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    The Chorus will best any of the other mentioned...glws !
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    nipping buds doesn't come for 2 or 3 months
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    I have a Klipsch Boron MC cartridge had it rebuilt when I heard that cartridge production was halting. I use it on a Denon DP 3500 Turntable with SME 3 arm Phase Linear amps 3 700B, 2 D500 II Yamaha 9-2 Theater Preamp. Speakers 4 1974 K Horns, 4 1977 Industrial La Scala surrounds , an Industrial Heresy Center, and an 18” Behringer Sub. I find the cartridge too brassy for classical passages, but for rock and electronica, there is no equal.
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    Pigs rule! Ask any Floyd fan. Off to the dentist today! Can't wait to open my wallet. A good wallet raping is a good thing for a Monday said no one ever! 😂
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    that sounds like the storms here. ---------------- The kids start school today... "normality" returns.. We'll see how long this lasts. What I don't understand, is why they start school so early here. With monsoon typically running through Aug and into Sept, it would seem that a Sept through June school schedule would avoid a lot of "rain days". Wife was checking it out. The school schedule is this way for the folks in ag....
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    I These are unusual times for professional photographers. As some comedian noted, “You never hear anyone say, ‘I wish I had a camera.”’ @Fido The photos at your site are beautiful.
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    Ah, vintage Heresy's at a reasonable price. I watch craiglist for Klipsch sales, and people are trying to sell Heresy II's for $1k, 1983 Heresy's for $1200, and HBR's with chips of the top layer of birch for $1100. Huh?!
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    Joke or not - I wish people that have finally “woke” up with so much idle time on their hands would go the hell back to sleep - 😴. Society is much better off when you’re sleeping -
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    Well you got me thinking, ( I know it's scares me also ) but not about a virus but about a poster. I ordered one this morning. After looking for you I stopped to look at it good and decided I wanted one, cool looking poster, I will need to figure out a frame next, probably bring it somewhere and let them do it.
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    ^^^^^ Saw that coming from the get-go. As one famous deputy sheriff said- “Nip it, nip it in the bud” — . Or - spend the night with Otis -
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    Oh my Jubilee friend. You Can bring the helm around. Just not with the current skipper on duty. Even Gilligan would jump ship at this point -
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    Hardly struck a lick in 6-8 weeks. Three days a week at the Chiropractor for the lower back pain. Friday is the last scheduled adjustment and decompression along with the reevaluation. Want to bet they try to get me to sign up for more therapy and take another $6-7 hundred bucks. Feel like I'm one of their many cash cows😐
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    Spotted this one yesterday for $850.00 shipped https://www.avsforum.com/threads/klipsch-rc-64-iii-in-walnut.3209629/
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    Almost a Buick, I tend to overbuild things. I have thought more than once lift with legs not back, being old slows everything down. It's been hot and I have to go inside to cool off a few times a day and by the end of the day I am worn out. I have said that many times, very pretty but I do not care to live there and have to deal with all the crazyness. My favorite animal.......to eat.
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    I finally got a calibrated microphone a month ago and found that 90dB continuous was borderline too much for anything other than "show off for a song" for my tastes. I then put on hearing protection and decided to see how loud I could get Heresy IIIs with an 8WPC tube amp. Got the volume control up to 3/4 before I hit 110dB, which with -22dB rated ear muffs was getting just too dang loud.
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    Nice. I do similar, although not on that scale with limited space, but eventually find a use. Most of the time its never what i imagined at first.
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    Great speaker , for the klipschheads who like that extra bass Slam
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    I own both Chorus II and forte II. Carry on.
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    Yeah, I guess I'm going down the Industrial rabbit hole. I got a set of HIPs from DaveA awhile back with his tweeters and love 'em in my shop building. I can make room for Lascalas.🙂
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    I see masks as a common courtesy in these days --------------------------- my roof patches must have been good.... the rain has stopped. We are being serenaded by the sound of lawnmowers. Folks are asking about renting goats. Serious
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    Dang it, Tim is one of the nicest dudes around, great guy sure hate to see this but it sounds like he has plans so for that I'm happy for him.
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    His speakers have different high / low htz specks We had many listening sessions with several different configurations until we came to this setup My ears were used to fine tune the crossover points It’s been a while since I was over there and I’m sure no resistors were used in the final build Look closely at the system photo and you will see a test crossover on top of the speaker 😎
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    RIP Dusty Hill! Yep, Tres Hombres is my favorite as well. I like the whole album, but my favorite song from that album is "Master of Sparks".
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    Recent Wiki: Gibbons confirmed that the band would continue with Francis, per Hill's wishes. According to Gibbons, "Dusty emphatically grabbed my arm and said, 'Give Elwood the bottom end, and take it to the Top.' He meant it, amigo. He really did."
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    We were all younger, stronger, and better looking back then. Except for that wuzzzer guy, of course. And our hearing was better, too. I hope we made the best use of those great years that we could. As well, I hope all our good memories outweigh the bad, because by now we’ve all had plenty of both. Even wuzzzer.
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    RIP man, I saw the ZZ Top here in France in July 1994: brilliant https://memories.eurockeennes.fr/edition/1994/
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    How some bigger kids have fun in Laguna Beach, Cal. A trickle turns into a river.
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    I hear you. That's true, and the vague, cryptic djs in the movies like Vanishing Point's Super Soul. We actually have more than the one I appointed with that moniker at the vinyl thread. Another particular gentleman that shows both the media and the ambiance of the evening at his abode presented with a palpable passion when he does visit. I'll take it as I can get it!
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    You got too wordy? Sometimes I can barely stop when I get started.
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    Just curious as to why you did not just buy the 462? I know the adaptor gives you some other options, anything else? Buy the way, I have a basically brand new pair of the DCX -462 2" Co-ax that I will be posting in Garage Sale .I was going to do three three projects with the DCX -462 but now I am only doing two. So, one pair available. GREAT drivers. I have been using Daves Elliptrac 400 and ONLY his Elliptrac 400 in various projects like my custom 3-way Jube Clones and Modified La Scalas since he first offered the 400. Have never found a horn I like better. But, I am still a passive guy and have never tried the 402. I even paired them with a beautiful, perfect pair of TAD TD-4001 drivers in the Jube Clones. Not even the mighty BMS 4592N-Mid stands a chance against the TAD. I know there exists at least one in the Kilpsch Forum that talks a lot about the 4002 but I believe the 4001romps on everything else. Wish I had never sold them. Never heard anything else even close to it. I will attach some photos only showing a couple iterations and various stages of experimentation..
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    Still love ‘em. Streaming a high-resolution showcase playlist through Qobuz tonight at 24Bit-196kHz. Cornwall IVs are amazing. If they don’t make you smile, you have them setup wrong! Happy listening to you all! 🍻
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    Hey gang, I need to sell my wall of sound. it is a re-worked MCM1900 system, with some updated drivers, and quad-amped. Comes with 3 racks of Crown K2 and K1 amplifiers, and all cables, turn key, ready to go. This is the commercial touring version of the cabinets with the metal edging, and fiberglass covering. This system has some history. 3 of the cabinets are serial numbers 1001, 1002, 1003. The rest come from Terry Hanley (The Bill and Terry Hanley of Woodstock fame) . I drove them across country to build this wall of Klipsch sound. Some of the artists Terry Hanley told me these toured with back in the day dropped my jaw. This system is so efficient that each side (Left and right) can run off of a single 20 ampere wall outlet. the Crown K series class-i amplifiers perform like power shock absorbers, able to deliver the deepest punch of EDM music to the subwoofers without significant draw on the mains. The current draw at rest is a steady 4 amps per rack , and even full tilt the system never goes over 15 amps per rack. At Burning man 2013 (Pictured) We ran this thing for 24 hours a day 8 days straight playing melodic psytrance, on a single cylinder pull start 4000W generator from Harbor Freight, and used less than 50 gallons of gas. Oh, and the generator was also running 2 full sized refrigerators, and half a dozen fans, as well as swamp coolers. All amps have been modified to disable sleep mode, and recently had their gain pots cleaned wth Deoxit D5. Removeable wheels have been added to the MWM cabinets and 8" air filled wheels are included. Includes: 12 MWM cabinets loaded with 2 Eminence Lab 15 drivers each, set up as subwoofers/LFE 6 MWMS cabinets loaded with Klipsch K48KP drivers, set up as mid-bass 4 MSSM cabinets loaded with McCauley drivers as midrange 4 MSM Klipschhorns loaded with JBL 2440 2" compression drivers 3 16-space amp racks containing: 15 Crown K2 amplifiers 4 Crown K1 amplifiers Pre-made speakon cable harnesses on rack plates. Rack covers convert to tables with built-in folding legs. All speakon NL4 cables, all 10 gauge 4-conductor SJOOW stranded copper. (All cabinets have been converted to use Speakon NL4 and are wired for 2-channels each with a switch. Rack mount PDU's with amp meters I also have a DBX DriveRack 4800 DSP available to complete the system. Accepting all reasonable serious offers. Located in Fremont, California, Buyer arranges transport. Currently stored in a 40 foot intermodal shipping container. Container is available. email: smashwolf@gmail.com for more pictures, and info.
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    That was funny, I thought they were joking when they said "that's what we want", you were right there you heard them, they were not joking, that's the daughter that got the spud and some Forte's recently. Time passes, it does not feel like it's been that long, over 10 years. My original plan was to build another Spud, or that other similar model that used a bigger driver, can't remember the name, but I never did add another. I know about the out of room problem, no room left here, the living room has the MWM's, 1502 sub in the center plus 6 Forte's 2 different versions, it only works because the back three are hanging from a beam and the front mains sit on the MWM's with the center in front of the 1502. The Cornwall lll's got kicked out of the living room to the bedroom. I am glad my wife is abnormal or this would have never happened.
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    PWK had nothing to do with the design of those cartridges, but the company DID market them for a few years...I was there for the few years they marketed them...but they were exceptionally expensive...and I was already running a JVC 4MD-20X (made by Audio-Technica for marketing by JVC)on my turntable, and it wasn't any slouch of a cartridge, plus was a CD-4 cartridge with Shibata nude diamond stylus...yes, I had (and STILL have) CD-4 (Discrete) records.
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