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    There is no sanity clause. Or, Brother, can you spare a toaster?
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    Did I mention the time I talked with Bruce for a few minutes? Springsteen that is... he was in town for two sold out shows after the "Born in the USA" record came out. Nils was walking around the mall with big ol Clarence Clemmons! Saw them a few minutes before I noticed Bruce was the one that walked into the record bar at closing without Joe up front telling him to get lost! Note the sticker Dave
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    Yes when I messed up my photos stored at the site and got tired of editing them I started using that too Paul. Found it by rt clicking on posts made by folks that post a lot of pics, now I'm one of `em! I use the itty-bitty app on my desktop: https://postimages.org/app Last Friday... bummed me out. So I logged into discogs and snagged another Mastered at Abbey Road, DMM, 200g RUSH LP that I never had. A good friend had this one and I was over there all the time so I didn't need it. That Moving Pictures sounds so good, like a half speed that I found this: The pre-cursor to the precursor for 2112
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    Ok, Ok, John! I give! Hahahaha Threw these on tonight just for a lil listen. At least I got my Nils fix in. So sad to see Clarence gone. He was soooo good. Lil Rush "Exit...Stage Left" from 1981. Their 2nd live LP. All The World's a Stage recorded live in Toronto in June of 1976.
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    If you've seen one redwood tree you've seen them all.----Ronald Reagan
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    Ahhhhhhh, grasshopper! Fear is the only darkness, Young man how is it you do not... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbNCBVzPYak
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    Looking at getting a burr grinder and possibly replacing my Bunn with a Technivorm. Looking at a Baratza encore grinder. Any owners out there with an opinion?
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    I’d like to report back since I’ve had a few weeks to listen to the LS1’s now. I really like them. If I used one word to describe them it would be realistic. They are very clear and can play very loud. I love the bass. Sounds totally different than the Chorus. It seems a little cleaner and have yet to hear it get muddy. I would still have a very hard time picking between the two. Both are just great speakers.
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    I also develop and manufacture power cables as well as speaker cables and jumpers in / for my friends. My RF 7 MK II is supplied with 12mm2 copper cross-section per phase at the bi-wire terminal ....
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    Playing now A special edition 180gram purple vinyl LP of a much loved classic album Every track is great Artist- Deep Purple Title - Machine Head
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    R-112SW plate serial number LH150400882 Had some time tonight to complete another one of these. Repair and full recap. R39 had a meltdown and dried up a few caps and killed the PWM controller power supply. I gooped it pretty good with silicone to dampen the stress on the solder joints so I can let the hot parts breathe a little.
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    Tonight. Clannad. Past Present. No more furniture to put together. At least till the morning. 😴
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    Band wagon? I thought you were a drum and bugle corps guy...
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    Iowa d, Michigan 90-83 C'mon Michigan, you're killing me! Wolverines fought back to take the lead midway through the second half after being behind all game, but then Iowa fought back to regain the lead late and kept it for the win. Michigan couldn't buy a bucket, couldn't get a stop. I jumped on the bandwagon early on for Michigan, but now I think I may be jumping back off.
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    This absolutely will. It even has fine enough adjustment to get your pours exactly 25 seconds.
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    I've had a Racillo Rocky for over 10 years. It's been flawless. I use it for coffee and espresso.
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    Trey Cannon <crossover.repair@gmail.com>
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    Well I received my St Germain "Tourist" cd today and promptly ripped it to flac. Cd cost me $3.76 delivered off ebay, can't beat that. Listening to St Germain on Spotify as I type now.
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    @CanadianAndy My comment was not meant to be sarcastic. My sentiment is genuine. The Klipsch BAR 48 definitely has its issues but I’m not prepared to say that it’s a failure. That will depend to what extent Klipsch is prepared to get these issues resolved.
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    Dam it's cold. Half day at work today. Picked up the fixin's for Beef Stroganoff tomorrow and Beer for tonight.
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    sign over the entrance to the place "Home for the Bewildered" Wife got a Cuisinart burr grinder for me, $60. I'm happy with it so far. I'm prolly not as demanding as others, though
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    Btw the Industrials have the K 43 15” woofer more punch more power allowed jus barely not as low as the K33. Also, the splits were also a way to make things lighter for the Stage Crews too!
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    Split Tops could be stacked on top of two dog house bottoms. It ads height in a club on a stage to sound better. I used this system as a DJ with Crown 300 amps. Monster great sound. It’s too heavy too big but can you even imagine showing up today with 4 LaScala’s And a huge 1802 sub? Hahahaha
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    Hi KevinB, See my response to DaleG's earlier post...I decided to return my Bar48 and get an LG system instead.
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    Rain is GOOD as is downtime now! Put those feet up and take it to a new level now that ya have those Cornwall's! Hit the lounge and check out the Vinyl Record Spinning thread or hit Right This Minute. We be jammin! Well kinda maybe IF we can remember what album we were pulling out to play when we get over to the albums. The struggle is real. hahaha Either way enjoy!
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    i searched this morning for NASA Contact Enhancer and came up with nothing, no direct link. This is as close as i could locate: https://www.amazon.com/Stabilant-5ml-Kit-Makes-30ml/dp/B001E50GQS Must be some German magic fluid
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    Nice looking space. I'll probably eventually have my right knee and hip done. 38 years of soccer is taking its toll.
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    Happy Friday my peeps.... A good weekend to all. Looks like we're getting some weather Saturday.... snow, ice, rain oh boy. Fire place gonna be working overtime.. Later.. MKP 🙂
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    Single & Happy: The tale of a simple but fulfilled life. Ask me in about this in a year or two, I just might need a new title😆
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    They didn't just get beat, they were crushed. Other than the first quarter, then LSU settled down and adapted, took the lead in the second quarter and never looked back. LSU could have added more points late in the 4th quarter but the coaching staff chose not to. Clemson scored zero points in the 4th quarter. In the end LSU owned Clemson, and the better team won. Go Tigers! Joe Brady already has money thrown at him, heading to the Carolina Panthers. More than doubling his current salary. Youngest Offensive Coordinator in the NFL.
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    I'd call it blowing smoke up someone's azz. But hey that's just me.
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    Could you imagine trying this sport! Popular in the 20s and 30s, motorcycle chariot racing was kinda dangerous.
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    Two pieces to put the bass bin on the floor for best response. Then the top could be suspended for better dispersion Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks! I actually move that Eames replica into the center of the room (in front of the couch) every night for critical listening. The couch is primarily home theater use. I did find that the best placement in this room was directly in the corners... I struggled a bit with soundstage and imaging when trying to get a toe-in with them flat against that back wall. They are about 45º toe-in right now, pretty much right over the opposite shoulders when I am sitting in the main listening position. Raising the fronts slightly with Orea pucks helped by better utilizing the first and second reflection panels and really tightened up the sound. I don't find the mids/highs very aggressive at all with this placement. What I do find, regardless of positioning, is that on certain mid-high timbres of vocalists and some instruments, there is a slightly aggressive overtone/ring frequency that seems a bit forward. It's not what I would call treble-y or sharp... just a bit of an unnatural resonance in an otherwise perfectly balanced midrange. Those overtones could be what @Dave A was talking about when he mentioned certain things about the mids that the Cornwall IVs handle better than the La Scalas.
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    My stepfather managed a hotel in the early 80's and Ray Kimber (yes, that Ray Kimber) did the audio install. I was a kid in a candy store. They had a Klipsch folded horn woofer in the corner of the dance floor and girls used to dance on them.
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    'rock star pose' was the order of the day at 30 feet the sound melds together very nicely. the double stacks 'cut their heads off' at gigs, this is the setup I used to haul around when I was about 20 and working for Calliope Sound (now Indy Pro Audio) Biamp those babies with a stack'o'Crowns and you were definitely in business. I wonder how much tonnage of Klipsch these four guys own between them. Colter- 80 some Klipsch including CW, LS, KH, LSI's and MCM stacks Indy - Khorns, quad CW's for Karaoke, 7x LSI for HT + THX subs Glenn - RF7 7 channel setup with RSW15 and garage Heresies Dtel- CWIII and 6 forte/forte II HT rig. It's good to have Klipsch Brothers! Michael
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    Kind of funny, just before that pic was taken, someone said look " serious ", it was all we could to not laugh ! Almost forgot, we listened to them from about 50 feet away in the driveway, after commenting how nice I thought they sounded, then Michael pointed out he had only had one pair of the LaScalas connected ! You have got to hear them outdoors, they sound great. I would to hear those big boys outdoors, if you could without the police passing by !
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