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    Thanks to @DizRotus Neil, I now have an h/ 730 in my living room, powering my jbl 4311s. Since you were talking about west coast low end rumble. These aren't meant to be on the floor, espe ially since I have them inverted to get the tweeters on top. Sounds great and I can now get my 630 serviced. Thanks Neil!
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    I 'hope' the builders get to build their own at cost and incorporate them into their home systems. That would be an awesome perk. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Believe that English kid is a fan. Too bad he didn't get to see Marino a few times back then!
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    another monster guitarist .. Frank Zappa ! even tho he did not play guitar.. on Joe's garage... but added previously recored material.. from live recordings.. of his solos ... talk about sampling LEGENDARY !
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    This is the story 'bout Bald-Headed John(Dong work for Yuda, Dong, Dong)He talks a lot 'n it's usually wrong(Dong work for Yuda, Dong, Dong)He said Dong was Wong,'N Wong was Kong'N Dong work for Yuda,'N John was wrong
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    It's almost impossible to go undefeated these days, so many good teams. Michigan will easily bounce back.
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    Here... let me respond for you, "So start your own speaker company". we all love Klipsch and the way they do things.
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    I had to listen to this and I like this YouTube channel now were talking... this is great we need more this... not new poser crap !
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    act 1 has just concluded.. now onto the vid
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    Way Cool! Got a cd of his first three on two discs and played it over and over in the car... very good sound. I did every new cassette I made years ago like that "Highway to Hell" stayed in the Charger for months on end.
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    Hi Mike, tell me what you think of from 24 min to 31 in the vintage vid link I posted up there, curious.
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    spinning acts 1 , 11 , & 3
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    Michigan is no longer undefeated. If I were their coach, I’d not be too worried about a hard fought loss at this point in the season. I still see the Wolverines as a Final Four caliber team.
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    Be careful what you wish for. An upside down pyramid is geometric. Same for a downward sloping triangular ramp. Instead hope for exponential growth, and the kind that isn't raised to a negative power.
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    === haven’t done an accounting this week but believe approx $13M should have been deposited in my various accounts. And for the thread what we would like to accomplish in 2019 it would be to watch the $13M grow geometrically which with the above stated generosity should be easily accomplished. Yes, a very wealthy man I will be. And I’m feeling pretty damn good about myself —
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    The entire Nigerian royalty lives in the United States. They are the most generous individuals I know of. Always sharing their wealth with Americans. They are our true allies.
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    I had a bad case of identity theft a while back and spent about 3 days at my local IRS office. I will tell you this, it wasn’t a fun week. My IRS office didn’t allow you to schedule meetings so everyone would show up super early, in hopes they would get one of the earliest openings. The first time I went, I arrived at the time they opened and there was a line of 40 or so people already there waiting. With all of that said, the folks at that branch were able to help me, just took about 15 hours of me being terribly frustrated to get the needed results. I am a very patient man but a few hours in, many people in the waiting area start to lose patience and their cool. The armed guard, was there for obvious reasons.. Good luck!
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    === I read basically the same number T2K gave - 78% of working folks are pay day to pay day. It’s both hard to imagine and quite sad and eye opening at the same time. It’s a damn big country with so many towns most know nothing about. In my county I see more more BMW and MB than a Honda and Toyota. An exaggeration, yes, but you get my point. Not a home is built around here that goes for less than $350-$400K. A good friend of mine builds homes and tells me the story of a couple closing on a $400K home who had added a few extras at the last days of the build and needed an additional $4000 at closing. They didn’t have it in the bank. People buying a $400K house with nothing, zero to fall back on. And there lies the problem — and the younger generations uphold the credo — keeping up with the Jones’.
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    Not prepared at all... I wasn't insinuating male or female "If it came across as such I apologize" I was 21, she was 18, when we married. My Son was on the way. I joined the service in 83 "to the disappointment of my new wife. In 89 I left the service as a single parent of two awesome kids. I used to climb in the military, My job was to install communication equipment, above and below ground... While in the service computers became a hobby...It's amazing what one can learn when its interesting.
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    absolutely yes... Might I ad.... or so we are made to believe we cant live without...
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    Never said single parents have to be men or women, never said folks can't be good at be single parents. But what was your living situation, income, daycare? What age did you start? How prepared were you? Yes Ideally everyone may want to consider being prepared before they have kids, crap happens. You stated your mom stayed home and raised kids, sounds like she relied on your dad to handle income. What if he passed with no life insurance and left her with nothing, including life skills? Things could have been a lot worse. For the record, I am not asking you or anyone to shed tears for anyone, just giving examples how things don't always work out for folks. I ruffed it the first 10 years of my adult life outside of the home. I managed during a recession and was even able to purchase a home during it. But one little trip and things could have went south very quickly.
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    The average family of four household income varies by regions in the US, 45 k-75 k ( as of 2016). Accounting for taxes, and after all monthly expenditures, they have only their retirement, hopefully funding it monthly, to fall back on, and hardly anything left in terms of savings. so yes, sadly, paycheck to paycheck applies to a majority of households in this country. Sad but true. Life has become more expensive over the decades, mainly b/c of new technologies we can not live w/o ( or so we think). Very few people are financially responsible enough to save, beyond their monthly retirement pre tax retirement accounts saving. The mentality has changed, more slogans like "YOLO" make people " live the moment", and don't think of saving their pennies for a rainy day. Hope this situation, as sad as it is, will impact people's financial future behavior and planning. Thoughts and prayers to those workers affected by this crisis.
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    Parents don't seem too concerned about where the kids play... These kids are out on the end of this dock by themselves.
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