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    He´s a dutch jazz musician, born in Hilversum. Excellent flute player and nice jazz funk riffs....
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    Have a listen to his flute skills
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    @MicroMara I couldn’t keep you hanging to long Something in jazz funk Artist - The Chris Hinze Combination Title - Sister Slick Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/The-Chris-Hinze-Combination-Sister-Slick/release/7909687 More info Chris Hinze Combination was presented internationally 1971 in the Casino at Lake Geneva during the Montreux Jazz Festival. From then on Chris Hinze went on the road all over Europe. Mainly American musicians joined the Combination, like John Lee, Gary Brown, Charlie Mariano, James Batton, Kevin Eubanks and many others. As the setting changed through the years, 'Combination' turned out to be an extremely apropriate name, since Hinze is always searching for new influences, interacting with musicians from other cultures, changing members of the Chris Hinze Combination for new tours and albums.
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    Gosh darn it he's back! 😂 🤣 😂 Welcome back! Couldn't imagine you bailing on the us in here. THEN I saw that post and shared it and everyone thought your system was mine! Warming up a bit here too but about 50F on a good day this week. Well, at least your home!
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    Would be nice . Gonn´a do it ...need some inspiration for my record collection.
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    I have that exact setup in my living room. Got the Yamaha 801 from Crutchfield when they 1st came out, using them with Cornwall I's from 1977. I think it's a great pairing, I've tried the 801 with my La Scalas and Khorns and to me it mates the best with the Cornwalls. Been using it for a few years now and have no plans to change it, really like the variable loudness too.
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    Spartans upset #5 Illini. They ain’t dead yet.
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    Looks like fine new friend. God Bless you for adopting him.
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    They just can't close out a game now. Tom's a great Coach and I wish I were in the press room up there right now. Holtmann is smokin hot I'm sure over that "missed" blocking call on OSU's last possession. Game was over before that though. Discipline wins ball games. Simple!
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    My buddy recently passed away. I am going to Texas on the 13th to pick up a new friend. He's 4 years old and unwanted 'cause his ears don't stand up. Well I couldn't care less if his ears are floppy. He will be a challenge but it's accepted. Too quiet around here without a dog. A photo.
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    Interesting article on the placebo effect: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/straight-talk/201803/the-curious-case-the-growing-placebo-effect
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    Yes, if the comparison set-up isn't double blind, or at least single blind, how will anyone know that the difference isn't due to extraneous variables such as 1) the appearance of the equipment 2) the reputation of the equipment?
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    Fine looking dog. Since I am eating while reading this, how was his poop today?
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    Two daughters two new dogs; #1 is nearly 11 months now... 87 lbs Bernese Mountain dog... Jasper is his own man(ish). Gets in a lot of trouble with very strict youngest daughter. #2 only 2 month old Border Collie .... so cute, and attentive. She should be a good running dog for tri-athlete eldest daughter.
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    All I know is don't get Labrodoodles. My neighbor has two of them and they constantly bark. JJK
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    The K-24, as far as I can recall from my meeting with Jim Hunter in 1985 was to squeeze a teeny bit more bass out of the sealed Heresy box. Mostly a slight tweak to go with the new plastic tweeter he designed for the Heresy (cheaper to make than buying K-77's from Electro Voice, which were reserved for the LaScala, Belle, and Khorn with higher price tags.
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    Izzo motivates? hahaha He's one of the best! We're up in East Lansing @ 9PM tonite on ESPN. Gonna be another battle!
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    @MicroMara I need to play a couple of albums from Euro artists for you Keep watching as I have a few LP’s in the jazz and modern classical genres
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    Yep, just spoke with him...he says ... Hello!! !
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    Glad you're back! Was a bit worried.
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    You hit the nail on the head @Dave1291. What a musical journey with the refurbished tube mono amps. These have never sounded so fantastic. Tested some new tubes and used ECC 88 from Siemens in Munich and 5814A from Philips USA; 829B Tetrode from RCA ,GEZ 34 rectifier from Siemens and 12BH7A from "EI" former Yugoslavia, I also still have to test here. Since I had to take a longer community break to listen to me with the new tubes. Since we had a lot of snow, it all fit together. Now the spring comes back, we had already 68 Fahrenheit in the last few days, we spend much time outside......
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    Have had some KG models. Some of them mostly have decent bass surprise. Always a bargain speaker, except for the exception s nowadays. Cool...
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    They look fine... once in a location with other furnishings, they will seem even better. I have some cabinets from the '70s that are walnut and still look pretty good. My Heresy IIs and MWMs are black (original), and also look fine. They seem to disappear more in the room after placement, i.e., the longer they are there the less noticeable they are. 😉 Bruce
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    I have an assortment of things that I pulled together over the holidays. Nothing major, but small items that someone may find some value or a particular use. Amazing what you find when you go through all your drawers and shelves. Nothing for you main system, but maybe a secondary use. I have, or can take other photos in needed- ran over limit. Glow Audio DAC 1.3 Used it once to check it out. Original packaging and cables. $25 High Resolution Technologies (HRT) Music Streamer II+ $25 Original box. Used it for my raspberry headphone system. Bravo Audio V2 headphone amp $25 Class A tube headphone amplifier. Two tubes included. I swapped out a JJ ECC82 for the original 12AU7. OPPO DV 980H $75 All original packaging and accessories. (remote, manual, power cord, bag) It does have scratch on the top. I can’t remember if it came with an HDMI cable, but let me know if you want one and I will throw it in. Other odds and ends, let me know if you are interested. Two Ubiquiti UAP AC-Pro access points. These things provide rock solid wireless availability. 802.11 AC and POE. Power injector, mounting ring, original packaging. $65 each. Raspberry Pi 3B v1.2 64 Gb micro SD card. Nice acrylic Smraza case with heat sinks and fan. Comes with push button power cord. $35 Believe I have most of the original component boxes stuffed somewhere if you like. Prices are FOB from 20002. I have original packaging for everything (won't disassembly the Pi) and an extra outside box for everything but the OPPO. Drop a note or message if interested.
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    So you have NO interest in distinguishing REAL audible differences from those created by expectation bias? Well, you and I could not be more different in that regard. My wife and I have a combined 30 years in the pharma industry. Thankfully, there is an entire paradigm for separating real from imagined efficacy differences b/w medications seeking FDA approval. Some would find it surprising that something like 30% of patients who take a placebo experience a significant reduction in pain after experiencing a strain/sprain or contusion. No harm, no foul if the placebo is cheap and safe. ...But in the audio world, the parallel could be spending thousands of dollars on a DAC that is indistinguishable from a $50 one from parts express.
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    Found that interview, BTW... Had seen that lp cover somewhere but, definitely heard that song before. Melancholy a good word for his works and joy also. Enjoy Van...😎
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    I have used the Delta Pro 12LFA several times with good results using both a 4" round rear port or a 1" x 14" front slot port (HIP). I don't have a lot to compare it to other than a stock set of Heresy with the K-22 and the bass response is night and day different (better) IMHO
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    I was in school high.... that's what you meant...
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    I have mixed feelings about ABX testing. On one hand, it serves as a very effective filter for claims that someone can hear the color of zip ties. On the other hand, I have personally experienced situations in which I did not notice something until somebody else pointed it out, after which I could identify it easily and repeatably. So there is that aspect of knowing exactly what to listen for. "Once you notice the flaw in the glass, you can never look through the window again."
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    Cornwall Walnut Oiled Cornwall Birch Raw Cornwall Decorator Birch Raw Heresy Walnut Oiled Heresy Decorator Birch Raw Heresy Birch Raw
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    Woe, woe woe. You hair shaming me?
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    All mechanical devices have a break in period, that i'm aware of. the amount and parameters of the break in vary. AMG engine, 2500mile break in period with specific guidelines for optimum performance. -- some auto mfg's even go as far as electronically limiting performance to force the break in. Suzuki did a study on bike engines, and found that the motorcycle engines that were properly broken in had more horsepower and lower repair costs than the ones that just twisted the throttle from day one. Speakers absolutely have a break in period - i don't think it's like the gates of heaven opening up and a golden chest of dB's and lower Hz are presented to you with scantily clad angels singing -- but there is value in listening at moderate levels until components break in.
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    For all of you who hang your hat on what an engineer has to say, remember this. They all told us back in the 70s that SS amps measured better so they sounded better, tube amps were inferior and "watts are cheap". How did that turn out? I have the utmost respect for Roy and his excellent skills. But I will let my ears tell me what I hear. Shakey
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    https://www.facebook.com/1721669518053704/posts/2769531626600816/ Quote From Facebook post: Big announcement! You heard it here first. We are in the process of curating, designing and publishing the first comprehensive pictorial history of Klipsch loudspeakers and the entire Klipsch company, for the 75th anniversary. This large coffee table book (12x12 album size) will be sold and distributed through the kind folks at the klipsch.com store, with all proceeds going to the museum. Never-before seen images from the dawn of hifi, classic Klipsch images throughout history, commentary by famous fans, the whole enchilada. Does this whet your whistle? Who’s in?
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    I’m hoping to have the Cornwalls for a long time! Can’t keep buying speakers every few years like I’ve been doing. It’s getting expensive.
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    For me it's always an exercise in economics.
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    Yamaha made world class 2 ch for a long time And a few years ago got back in the game when the market picked up Is the Yamaha using differential amplification ? I have stacks of Yamaha gear, their top end lines, love everyone of them. Schiit is among the best in bench tests, and has a large and growing following. Their 20W Class A is very interesting I would read the user reviews on both, but I think both are top quality.
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    I assume this is for 2 channel listening? A lot of places now will let you demo gear, if you don't like it you can send it back. Both of your choices are good, if space is a concern, an integrated is hard to beat, but all 3 of those Schiit separates wouldn't take up much space though. Many people with Heritage recommend older receivers, that might be what you have now. I recently heard this piece being highly recommended, it's an integrated amp, 60 watts class AB amplification, upgraded dac, bluetooth.....https://www.cambridgeaudio.com/usa/en/products/hi-fi/cx-series-2/cxa61 and it's in your price range....1000.
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    I never added fans to any repair. That is a hack and not the proper way to do it. I assume you have a ProMedia 5.1?
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    I used 2 - 4'x 8' panels of 1" MDF and birch plywood, cut in half and married together with a sound-damping material (similar to Dynamat) sandwiched in between. I used maple blocks to brace and hold the corners together but they're heavy and a bear to move around. I was too lazy to veneer the birch so I just stained it to be slightly darker than the Khorns' walnut finish and painted the MDF to match the walls. Later, when I replaced the Khorn tops with Oris horns, I used walnut slabs on the top and bottom to enclose the bass bins and used walnut braces to attach the false corners to the bins (see avatar). The result was even heavier but to my surprise, they were more solid and much easier to move and position. As I recall, PWK suggested false corners if the Khorns couldn't be placed in solid corners and specified that the horns needed the extended 'wings' to complete the wave and get the most out of the bass. I found the wings not only lowered the frequency of the bins but also tightened up the bass quite a bit. The other bonus was that I was no longer constrained to the room's corners and could position the speaks to optimize soundstage, image and room acoustics. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend false corners - even with excellent corners in the room.
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    Dana (and other speaker building guru's), I recently sold my K Horns and plan on using a factory set of Speakerlab Bass Bins. I saved my false corners intending to use them with the Speakerlabs. The problem is that the speakerlab bass bins are shaped differently than tbe K Horn bins. (See attached). The Speakerlabs have straight sides rather than a full extension at 45 degrees. I am now thinking that I should construct new false corners that follow the shape of the Speakerlab Bass bins. I think that it will be better looking in the end (more of a Jubilee look). I will have to use AutoCAD to determine where to make the break in flare. Am I missing anything else? Will this negatively affect bass response? Thanks, Chris _0418124308_001.pdf
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    It might be better to just sand all the plywood off, down to the drivers, then build new boxes for them. I'd go with 40 grit.
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