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    My RF-5's have the RF-7 / RC-7 horn driver (they're the same) and the top end of the RC-7 crossover and they sound great, little softer more midrangy / bigger sound than the stock drivers well worth the switch IMO.
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    Go passive and move on with your life.
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    Yummy Tarheel Can I come over?? Beer since I got home...Time to nuke something
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    Thanks....don't have the room any more for the big boys....but still enjoy quality vintage sound & price....also have a nice pair of upgraded Polk monitor 5s... & they rock also
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    Agreed....but I stick to the Vintage 1992 KG series
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    Glad to hear that.....really like the quality of those 1992 KG models....
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    Greetings fellow Audiophiles....found a super clean pair of KG 2.2 today to go with my Luxman R115 reciever.....I sold my pair of 4.2 last year to down size & wanted to replace them with something a little smaller....& not quite so load & powerful.....they get good reviews
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    I'm partial to wheat beer myself but variety is good as well.
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    Thanks for your response, I didn't want to give a, spoiler alert, but I am leaning heavily on keeping the Rf5s....
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    I can only offer my experience of the RF5, I've owned them since buying new in 2000. Many speakers have come and gone in my house, but they have remained. They pair up nicely with my Marantz 2245, and never fail to please.
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    All of us old time folks love our Klipsch... whatever ... but here’s a chance for Klipsch to fix a problem and convert someone who has had a poor experience. OP, sorry to hear of your problems. My wife’s Klipsch X10 just died after 10 years of daily heavy use, so my experience is good. They are the only headphones IEM that my wife liked due to very small ears, they were comfortable and excellent sound. I’m looking for more! Best wishes to get your problem resolved.
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    100 compression... Thin skin for da win! Always!
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    === I just pray to Gawd you’re playing Titleist —. Fore —🏌🏼‍♂️
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    I have and it is very good...I'm a bitter beer fan😀
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    DJ moniker? Hahaha... There's a bit of a back story there but I won't get into it. Let's just say I had tons of 45's (all ripped off boxed up for the thieves, a few left though) but the majority of every nickel I made in high school and college went into LP's. I played the 45's and rarely changed to LP's because 45's were simple to play. I knew what I liked and what other's liked so that was the deal. I was the rebel who didn't listen and drove to Detroit to the Roostertail every Sunday evening for teen nite listening to Motown. I'd roll into a 90% all black venue w/whoever I could drag along. Sure I had ppl ask what I was doing there but we were all there for one thing. The music! I met so many people there it was unreal and today it's totally insane thinking about it. Barry Gordy knew just as everyone else knew. It was OUR sound and look where everything went after that. I still kept collecting, and I'm not gonna sit here and write a novel. lol Tons of things happened in my life during and after Motown. Funny thing happened a while back. A kid started playing keyboards about 10-12 years ago and had NO training whatsoever. Buddies kid and a few others decided they'd form a band. Never laffed so hard in my life but I heard the kid play his B3 & Leslie with some guys a few weeks ago and he wasn't half bad. So I decided to tell him he wasn't too bad. ONLY because I know my buddies kid told him long ago I thought he sucked. So on break I walked up, shook his hand and told him after all these years he was on it. He laffed and said, "Well I might be on it but you do know you're a legend with all of the things you've done and the people you know." I actually laffed my *** off. Yea, legendary, sure np at all. hahaha Ronnie Montrose could wail with the best of 'em and ya toss Sammy into the mix??? They were BOTH defiant as heck. If ya told them NO they'd do it just for spite. Like so many of them. Last time I saw him was at a smaller venue I think near OSU in Cbus years ago. Another one gone too soon. I just throw things on as I find them now. Loved LS in the day and now it's @ a totally new level so yea, it's fun! Great seeing everyone posting things I don't have cause I don't have 'em all. Now I guess it's time to throw some Montrose on! Thanks for that man!
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    Flipping gorgeous yesterday and today....Currently 78mostly sunny and humidity is not in play...
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    It's the graphic that makes them, kind of like towelie on tubes.
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    I'm sure we could round up gas money for you.
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    @Dave1290 ?? and you didn't think you deserved the DJ moniker? I just love your collection of LPs! It was either "Loco-Motion" or "Black Water" that was the first 45 that I bought! As always:
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    I know....what a concept. Texting and emailing have taken over verbal communication. You can't really rip someone a new one in a meaningful way in an email or text....not to me, anyway. lol. I get emails all the time from various vendors saying they wanted to "reach out" to us about blah blah blah....I email back saying I've blocked their email address and domain until they can call on a phone.
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    I actually don't think the spacers are needed either as it has never been an issue with mine. I even made a few sets of rings for another member for his and didn't cut any for myself. I have been corrected before for stating that they aren't needed, so I just thought I'd mention it.
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    Found this package listed here in Grand Rapids, MI. https://grandrapids.craigslist.org/ele/d/grand-rapids-adcom-amp-and-preamp-with/6958099519.html Includes Klipsch CF4, Adcom GFA-555 amp, Adcom GFP-555 pre-amp, and Denon DCD-520 CD player.
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    Ever start nosin and all of a sudden something jumps out at ya? Yea, you've got most of the albums and you want to just throw them all on and go? Easy way out for me today was another "Best of" album from 1973. Randy California grabbed a handful of guys and started jammin in 1967 with hit after hit. After all, West coast music didn't take long to get to Ohio and corrupt all of us innocent, law-abiding youngins! So yea I cranked it and found myself singin along. Sounded even better today than "yesterday!" Yup, happened a bit later too! Grand Funk Hits from 1973. The group from Flint, Michigan is just a tad closer to home for me.
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    It could be much worse. Recently, I saw a clip in which a woman was enjoying an ice cream cone with her little boy. A drip appeared on her top on the right breast area. Assuming it was a drip of ice cream, she wiped it up with her finger and stuck it in her mouth, as anyone would do. It was not ice cream. By her instant expression of disgust, you could tell it was a seagull dropping.
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    I did that @Dave1290 somehow I feel deprived of "the quest" I did save a ton of $$$ .... never mind a 5 month wait, from time of purchase, and a 4000 mile r/t to fetch them. LaScalas are da kine
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    Quality & loyalty to the USA.....should never be compromised for corporate profit making products over seas is unacceptable....Paul would never agree to that !
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    Rick from Sacramento , Calif Still breaking in my Heritage / The 3....sounds better every day.....any body know how the 3...would compare to a set of R51PM....?
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