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    Winding down with a shot & a cube and some not too slow Fleetwood Mac: Perfect:
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    I have reached my upload limit and can’t do it directly So now I use Post Image - https://postimages.org to upload and the link to the forum
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    I have a few originals from the 50s & the 60s, from my Mothers collection that I held on to. My phone camera has to many pixels to download on this site.....😪 Thats why I have to download my spinning from the net.
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    The photo angle is also my artistic view The tonearm looks like a gun pointing at the record cover
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    I was just saying, I should start a night with movie sound tracks. Full Range. You beat me to it!
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    Good Stuff @Full Range still like the Spaghetti Westerns even after the tenth time. Thanks for the tunes and the good times that tagged along with `em Mr. Charlie Daniels!
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    A quick entry on the spinning thread - to acknowledge the impact of this artist RIP Ennio Artist - Ennio Morricone Title - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ID - A United Artist release SUAL - 932862 Via Festival Records Australia
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    Obviously we don't know your details, but condolences for the loss of someone that was evidently close to you. Now, if it were me personally....(I'm a sentimental old fool type) since they were inherited, keeping them as is would mean more to me than changing them to please the Mrs. Sort of like if @jimjimbo bequeathed me his speakers and they were painted in bold Michigan colors..... I'd be tempted to refinish them into Ohio State colors but.... would have to respect his memory..... so I'd probably paint them pink.
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    Had a listen to this brilliant album A new vinyl arrival to the collection Lets listen to Po-Jama people again ( why not ) Artist - Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention Title - One Size Fits All A US release on Pallas label - 2015 Audiophile pressing in Germany on 180gr
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    Yes Sir: https://en.terencehill.com/index.php?sel=budterence
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    You will remember Terrance Hill & Bud Spencer - they made about 18 movies together I loved all the spaghetti westerns
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    I was at work at 09:10 at night and was on the top floor of the chemical plant I work at. I looked up and saw a dark shape that was shaped like a dog bone with two big orange lights on it one at each end. It flew right over my head maybe 1000 ft up and I lost sight of it in about 5 seconds, so I did not have time to take a pic. I ran thru the building and by the time I reached the other side It was gone. I was freaking and told the guys I work with what I saw. They seemed to believe me but without proof I was mad that I could not prove it. That was until a friend showed me a pic from Facebook. A friend of his mom took a pic of it and ask others what it was. I’m so happy someone else got a pic and I will try and post it in the next day or two. I’m at work now. I saw one in 1980 but had no proof. The guy that showed me the pic freaked when he saw it and showed me knowing It was exactly what I told him on the 4th. I’m pumped right now lol!
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    Sell them to someone that can appreciate (or use) them as designed..... then, buy yourself a nice spanking new pair of LaScala II's and get a finish she would be proud of. Unfortunately, though there are differences, you are then paying cash to simply change aesthetics as the sound will be similar (the II's would likely sound a bit better though) Can't you just banish yourself to the basement or garage??!!
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    Yeah, we done it again. Grilled out some hamburgers, hotdogs, had various deserts .... Watched the Heist with Gene Hackman. You can sort of see my house in the background of at least one of the pictures.... so the field you see is sort of my front yard. Oh, and had to use my brother in laws powered EV's and a sub for the sound.
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    Pictures are also located here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/133453186758
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    If you have not seen this you may get little from it. Today when I first heard of Ennio Morricone's death, like millions, the first thing that came to mind was "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." But the tears only came when the theme from "The Mission" started playing in my head. Had to do something with it so here is my memorial to Ennio Morricone. Video was pretty low res, but the audio is the most important part and it is excellent and for good reason. Permission to use the performance by the arranger and performer Dr. George Ellis Mimms, my beloved friend who I have so enjoyed recording and hearing. The Gloria Dei Organ of St. Martin's in Houston is a four manual and pedal organ of 69 voices an 80 ranks. It is one of the few double expression organs and was built under the design and direction of Dr. Mimms by the Shoenstein Organ Company. Film is fair use. Theme from "The Mission" set to the most remembered scene.
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    leave some for others ---
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    that's how I like my martini's "shaken not stirred". must be a fifty caliber stir stick.
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    Really good tape machines are 70+ dB, IIRC. With vinyl it's frequency dependent because of RIAA EQ, but 60-70 dB is possible under ideal conditions. Dithered or undithered? Undithered quantization noise sounds a little like the robot sound effects on science fiction movies. Dithered quantization noise sounds like hiss, with no tones. Yeah, but I was experimenting with noise-shaping algorithms at the time. On commerical CDs, if I hear the noise floor it's from the analog tape master.
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    There just nudist, they may still have good taste in music so the Marie might not go over so well ?
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    ok - same girl - no bra or swimsuit
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    Gives new meaning to being thrown into the breach.
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    With my 6 watt SET, I had to put the Cornwall IIIs close to the walls and corners to get bass. Good balanced bass but not slamming bass. However, I'm not willing to give up on SET amps. I have them on dollies about 3" off the floor to avoid any floor interaction. I use Audio Sensibility speaker cables and a PL-PLUS DMC Furman power conditioner.
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    Unless you've got a room that's got 96 dB noise-floor-to-loudest-output, adding another 8 bits to 16 bits does absolutely nothing if looked at in terms of reproduced dynamic range, defined from the digitization noise floor. However, if you look at the difference in adding bits to the music decays using much less than 96 dB of actual dynamic range playback levels in-room (in effect--inserting more bits per dB quanta of reproduced loudness), then you might recognize the effect of adding bit depth in the recordings, something that I've detected myself, but the recordings have got to be absolutely outstanding. Classical music recording halls are limited to much higher background noise levels than 96 dB, or even 60 dB of dynamic range, as measured from the ambient noise floor to a nominal loudness level (i.e., "83 dBC") is difficult to find nowadays, and the probability is pretty much zero for pop/rock music recording studios. That's in fact what I hear--a more "solid" decay of transients on the best recordings--going from 16 bits to 24 bits--but it's difficult to say when you've got it and when you don't (i.e., being able to detect added bit depth in A-B fashion). But you're not going to hear that on any pop/rock recording, unfortunately. It will necessarily have to be on a recording having much greater dynamic range than anything produced for online streaming or typical popular music CD albums. Most rooms have something like -40 dBA noise floor. I'm listening to Ravel's Bolero as I type this, and have just turned it down once due to that dynamic range of the recording being too great for casual listening with someone else in the house trying to concentrate on what they're doing. Chris
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    "As I’ve often stated in these articles, it is the production path that establishes the fidelity of the final master. Things like how a track was recorded, what processing was applied during recording and mixing, and how the tracks were ultimately mastered. If all of these things are done with maximizing fidelity as the primary goal, a great track will result. However, it’s very easy to destroy fidelity at any number of steps in the process." The continuation of the quote that Edgar stated above. What good is 24 bits over 16 bits of quantization if you're only using 6 of 'em And clipping the schiit out of it.
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    @grasshopper .... I think it was you a while back.... thanks for the heads up on Amdro. Bought some last week. Sprinkled a little around 3 or 4 fire ant holes... BOOM.. gone. Surprised this stuff is not illegal in CA. since it actually works.
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    Well she is going to love both eyes better, plus she can keep a better watch on you. Might want to trim your beard and look a little better when she comes back next time.
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    There is a TV show. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2101137/episodes?season=1
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    My favorite was Oxygen, and acetylene or just as good Propane. Plenty of noise in a small package. Tell her good luck, ask her to try to get a patch this time, no patch took all the fun out of it for us. So can she see better out of that one eye ?
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    What could go wrong, rednecks and rocket engines.
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    The stereo sounds great! I played around with it today. Best sound I have heard from a factory stereo by a mile. It has 7.2 channel surrounded and 2 channel sound. Based on the recording both sound great and the clari-fi makes a difference for sure. The sub adds a great bottom end and it has 4 horn tweeters at ear level. They call them horns but more like wave guides.1200 watts in the car makes me think I need more power in the house lol!
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    I didn't make that, just stole the pic online. I am not either but my azz is because I mooned my family from the back of the group, no one knew when it happened until they seen the pic.
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    Smoking some ribs, wife made potato salad and baked macaroni and cheese. .
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    For you vinyl guys. I gave it up 35 years ago and said I would never go back, i was always behind the trend or gave up on it early.
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    Really? Have you used UShip? I had a pair of K-362s delivered door to door from Florida for $150. I realize you know everything and comment on every thread but can FedEx ground really do it better than that? I have a business account with FedEx and I can guarantee they couldn't do the speakers from Florida for that price. But that's just my experience, your knowledge is way over my head. Mark
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    If I remember the subwoofer crawl correctly , put the sub in your main listening position and then go around the room to listen for where the sub sounds best,Once you find it place the the sub at that location
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    If any of you have read some of my previous posts, you can see that I enjoy build Klipsch inspired speakers. 1 mistake I always seem to make is wanting to build the cabs just a bit bigger and then coming to my senses and adding material to get the cab back to the correct volume. So far I have built, a pair of single cab Cornscalas (All sourced from Bob Crites (K55, PH-800 horn, Ct125 tweeter, Bobs 15" Woofers, and his Crossover)). 1 Pair of rehabbed Heresy's (New Crites crossover, and 12" woofers, APT50 tweeters, 1 pair of Split La Scalas (New everything from Crites... again :-). 1 pair of CS-1s Parts from Bob, and what I thought were my last speakers, my Split Cornscalas (K401/K55 Selenuim 220ti/HM17-25, Eminence 15C woofers and Bobs crossovers. During the last several years, this has been my hobby and how I’ve spent my free time... listening to music in the middle of night, etc. Part of the hobby has been the continuous learning process. All these builds resulted in a bunch of speakers sold for 50cent on the dollar as finding the right buyer can be hard. As a result I didn’t get to keep all my creations but held on to the cornscalas as they were the most pleasing to me. About a year ago I began to lust after Bob's part list for the Selenuim based 3way… using the massive D405 driver. Shortly after the discovery of the HF200 I saw Dave Harris’ Eliptrac horns and fell in love, but couldn’t justify the costs. 2 save cash I tried the HF200 with the JBL2380 as a 2way and they just didn’t have the same luster my split cornscala’s had. (I built the 2way into a separate top hat and was able to A vs B the 2 speakers. Some parts left to fund my expansion, and I got the Eliptrac 400 and Dave was kind enough to graft into my existing 2way cab. As a 2way (HF200/ Eliptrac 400 1st order crossover @500hz.) I still was not in love the Eliptrac 400 was a significant improvement and yes I knew I could live with it, but this was to be my last speaker for a while. So I was left with the 3way top-hats in the closet, easting up serious space… I was unwilling to sell and lose more money, and I had the Eliptrac 400 that were a serious improvement, but I missed the 3way sound. What to do? I did some more reading from Dave and ALK and started thinking about space and my existing investment., and what I could afford for floor space. I knew I didn’t have the time to build another set of cornscala’s from scratch. Having seen Dave’s work, I asked if he would build me a set of narrow Scala 3ways with his horn. Dave said he couldn’t due to time constraints, but that he has a Split Cornscala cabinet empty and needing a good home. (Now Id have a Harris build speaker!). This Split Cornscala was the initial work of another forum member and the craftsmanship shows. In speaking with ALK I became interested in the ES5800 network and the possibility of 2way/3way on the fly operation. So we are using ALK’s AP12-500 for a gentle slope and the ES5800 for the 3way operation. I hope ALK or Dave can chime in on the work… I got to be the recipient!. There is a switch on the back that allows for toggling between 2way and 3 way operation. Dave’s cornscala is a show piece of what’s possible, his Eliptrac 400/Faital HF200, his Conical tweeter lens for the Selenuim 200ti and the Eminence 15C. All these parts kick *** on their own, but together became my last speaker. When run against my 3 way split cornscala’s (K401/k55, Selenuim 220ti/HM17-25 I found my beloved speakers sounding honky/ and rough in the top end. Im not seriously wondering how to make adjustments. (Im not great at describing speakers… Long story, short… these seemed right. The mid bass, mids and highs were so accurate. I like the bass from my splits better, but that’s a question on cabinet build choices… My bins should never have been made… 3x thicker than they should be… mad as a mistake… though a good sounding one. Needless to say, my last speaker is my favorite speaker.
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