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    Today, I did what any responsible business owner should do. I roll out a pair of La Scala and played music all day in the shop. We are deemed essential so about 65 out of 75 employees are working, many from home. We have several seeking unemployment and a few on the the extended FMLA getting 2/3 of their normal pay while they are stuck home with their kids. I still paid 100% of everyone's health insurance for April to ease the burden. Will help out more if the system fails to deliver. It is going to get interesting.
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    They don't need fact, they have followers People that are so caught up in loyalty to political parties that don't give a rip about them ... must be why they are blind to the sins of the leaders of those parties. make me king, and I get rid of all political parties ... each person votes their conscience not selling out to a party.
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    I only know of one lying incompetent bastard who has done that, even before this virus: donated every paycheck. The rest of the lying incompetent bastards and bastardess have been raking in the money with no regard. I remember that one of the lying incompetent bastards was saying to tighten the borders, bring industry back to the US, but other incompetent lying bastards fought against that.
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    I started building a thtlp almost 2 months back, and have slowly been chipping away at the project since. I originally started a thread over on fitz's forum, but figured you guys might enjoy it over here too.
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    Hope not an idiot will win, regardless of who wins.
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    And it has been that way since, well, a long time. I hope that someone on his second term and can't be relected will open the gates and drain it.
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    Sad, but very true. What is even sadder is that we get the one who is less worse that the others. Idiocracy in reality.
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    I agree. Let's find some strange women lying in ponds distributing swards, then you will be king.
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    Everyone knows the Cheeto is bad man Politian's were all saints before he took office if only we could have had Hillary all would be well in the world today!!!
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    Yeah, I've been Jonesing for some political talk, too! It's party time!
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    If accused of a crime, it is better to be rich and guilty than poor and innocent.
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    See BigStewMan---they all suck.
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    Don't know anything about Roon. Just don't like the idea of contributing to Jay Z on Tidal. Plus I have Amazon Prime making it affordable.
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    It's Friday, had my feel of coffee today, Work flippin sucked this week. I'm so happy that I'm an introvert when it comes to my personal life. Beer is flowing 😀
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    your heart was in the right place Neil. I was definitely in the minority when I wrote a couple of weeks ago that people suck ... my opinion hasn't changed. (for clarification, not every single person sucks all the time),
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    I think you might have your idiots mixed up.
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    Greetz, So after a long time of researching and trying to listen as many speakers as I can, I had an epiphany about the Heresy IV. Klipsch wasn't on my radar but it became clear to me that they have the traits I want most: emotion, fun and with some semblance of refinement. I have not heard any recent Klipsch but I recollect hearing them decades ago. So though its been a while, in my memory I have an aural snapshot of the sound. Until all this recent unpleasantness started I was set to pull the trigger on a set of Heresys later this year. This is all on hold now but a little voice in my head keeps whispering about the Cornwalls. At first blush they are too much money and seemingly too large for my 800sqft place. Plus I have neighbors behind the front wall and above me, so that 15" woofer seems like a bad idea on paper. My living room/dining room is roughly 11' x 28' with 8' ceilings but the area the speakers occupy would be 14' along the 28' wall firing across the 11' width of the room. Due to windows and door placement there really isn't any other workable solution. Also, I run a small sub next to the sitting position which gives me bass my current stand mounts don't and allows me to keep the sub volume low but sounds nice. So the question I am posing to all is: would the Cornwall IV's be a waste of time and money in such a relatively small space? Would I be better off with Heresy IV's and a new sub? Very anxious to hear your thoughts... Moosh
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    you're gonna love it , the build is spot on
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    only on election day
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    Goodnight Sam. Even though it is affecting you, try to not let it get to you. You'll keep a clearer head and find solutions easier and I hope you do, I am for you, not against you.
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    Remind me again who has maxed out the deficit and who is actually paying for the wall being built on land taken away from US citizens.
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    Not true. The Paycheck Protection Program is meant to encourage businesses to keep their workers employed or quickly rehire them, so the SBA will forgive loans if all employees remain on payroll for eight weeks and the money is used for covered expenses.
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    Rich- Be persistent. I hope we can get applications filed before the fund is siphoned off by the shameless crooks.
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    There is always a bell curve. It always amazes me to be reminded that all people are somewhere on the curve. At the extremes of the curve are shameless people who think nothing of lying and cheating their fellow humans. Dictators, gangsters, unscrupulous politicians are at the extremes. The real crime is when the majority of the good people at the middle of the curve tolerate, enable, or worst of all, elect those at the extremes.
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    Thanks! This is actually not what I expected. But I’m glad I seem to be moving in the right direction.
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    Very common, sadly, even down to the ticket scalpers for music events to hand sanitizer hoarders hoping to make money, regardless of who it might hurt.
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    Gents ... I've had a long day at work, it's 2 in the morning. I'll call it a day ... see you tomorrow . @dirtmuddI thank you for giving me very entertaining musical hours.
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    A quick photo of Alan Holdsworth albums This weekend is sorted and will spin these 3
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    @dirtmudd Allan Holdsworth - Metal Fatigue....bought .....
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    @dirtmuddAllan Holdsworth is new for me... very nice ..I like it very much
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    While I enjoy your musical excesses on my stereo, I can tell you...You're killing me... Of course I have Zappa's Joes' Garage at home for years
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    Get the biggest speakers your money can buy
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    does that oil come with dosing recommendations or are you on your own to figure it out?
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    You may be able to find RSO oil. Rick Smith Oil... You can use it to add in for baking, cooking, or whatever. It's black, and comes in a syringe marked in CC's. It'll be spendy for a syringe, but it will last for quite some time.... You'll have to experiment with dosage. 1-2 CC's for a dozen cookies or some such. Start low, and go from there. Just don't put 3 CC's on your finger and lick it off...you'll be severe nappy time in about 20 minutes.
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    1. Seriously? Some big bucks for that! 2. Yea, I'm sure it's great and well worth the $. 3. I'd hurt myself somehow with it. 😂 4. I'd never leave the house again!
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    This is what I am doing. If I go anywhere it's hat, gloves, safety glasses and mask. In the car I keep my spray bottle and wipes. Might be silly to do, but I hope to dodge this.
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    If you are at all open to the idea of a semi-automatic machine not an automatic I have a Gaggia Classic that has been upgraded with a Sylvia steam wand that makes fantastic milk and non-milk drinks. I've purchased another machine and have not gotten around to selling mine on ebay. Shoot me off a PM if you think a Gaggia Classic might work for you. Tons of great info about the Classic online as it truly is a classic. Just personal preference but I'm not a fan of Automatic machines in general.
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    I'm considering upgrading my coffee maker. I currently have a K-Cup capable machine. The wife likes cappuccino’s and I like just plain black coffee (Starbucks Pike is my fav). We have the below product at work and I really enjoy the coffee it produces. Can anyone recommend a similar option? https://www.amazon.com/Gaggia-Automatic-Macchiato-Cappuccino-Programmable/dp/B016RYODRS
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    i used to walk four miles a day. listening to music and walking the streets. i miss that. Hopefully, this science fiction movie that we’re living in will soon pass and we can still have a summer. the constant wet weather has got me out of the walking.
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    Oh Oh, you can go big? Why didn't you say so?
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    Hi Cristiano I have had my LaScalas in the house for a little over a year. I'm still smiling, and no subwoofer. They're kickass speakers/
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    Ciao, La Scala ara in my house since 6 days. I'm really pleased and surprised. I can't believe that something coming from a past so far (1975) can sound so good and modern. For me is incredible. I'm not a freshman in hi-fi audio world... The stage and the disposition of the instrument in the space are great. The pleasure of listening is fantastic. And the most surprising thing are the bass performance: perfect. (I'll kilck next person who say that La Scala has no bass!) I'm definitely in love.
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