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    Years ago, I was sitting in a lawn chair, smoking a fine Habanos & drinking some Hanana Club, while watching the wife cut the grass. Lady from across the street walks over, & sez "Why, you ought to be hung". To which I sez, "I am; that's why she cuts the grass".
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    I was wondering how long it would take for you to go third person on us.
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    Gia's done with third grade...today
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    No lids? How bout half lids?
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    Congratulations Gia!!!! Hoodoo Yaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Summer time is here at last! Mike, It's Third grade today, and can I borrow the car tomorrow....Relish it all, it goes by so fast! Have a great day!!! Cheers
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    It’s a good feeling when one is young
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    can you never stop shilling for Frakers over priced amps ?? so some unknown guy from Montana makes amps... you like them.. great .. best ever made ? ! ? !.... total BS... Maynard - you obviously need to get out more as you are "unaware of these modern amps".. Moderator - how about stopping Medwins continual promotion of his friends products ... ALK couldn't do it... Dean doesn't... NOS Valves doesn't... BEC doesn't...
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    I think we've got 'em surrounded. Got mine Friday as part of my birthday bundle! Last one is due in tomorrow. Now it's Friday. Think it's coming from somewhere over the rainbow....
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    Yes... Check! Will play it with the amp turned up to 11. Thanks again!
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    is that the double l.p. reissue.. make sure you turn it up !
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    Picked up some A-55-G's. I'll probably install tomorrow and see what I think.
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    Playing that Free lp got me thinking of Paul Kossoff, and what a great guitarist he was...Died way to soon... Here is his band after Free.. RIP Paul... Back Street Crawler - The Band Plays On. 1975
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    I always preferred Free to Bad Company...Not that Bad Company was bad... The opening track, Wishing Well, is an excellent tune! Free - Heartbreaker. 1973
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    Hey Mike!! Look what came in today...Mike, Mike, Mike..... Look what came in tooooooodaaaaaay!
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    Since when do you go EASY ? Must be mellowing with age.
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    JohnJ, I also saw them in small venues. One time was in Dave's neck of the woods, The Tomorrow Club in Youngstown, Ohio. Drove awhile to get there. AC-DC was the opener when Bonn Scott was on vocals, they had to be trashed... People didn't know what to make of the them, they were booo'd and beer bottles were thrown at them....UFO was awesome. If my hazed memory serves me, the next year I saw UFO... AC-DC opened up once again, and the crowd went nuts for them, they really rocked it... they were a tough act to follow. UFO was good, but we knew AC DC was going to be something special...I think Schenker had already split the band...too long ago and too many lost brain cells to know for sure... I don't have the "The Wild the Willing...I have the first 4 records and the double live which I really like....I believe the first four records were produced by Leo Lyons. Cheers!
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    The A/C died after ~ 20 years. The new HVAC system is to be installed on Monday. Might as well “chill” (in the non-temperature sense) on the deck with one of the Bell’s beers one of my sons gave me on Father’s Day.
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    👁️ 👀 That did it... NOW I could be worthless again today!!! Grateful Dead huh? Why not??? It's goin down that Cub Cadet can wait til this evening when it cools down! It's time!!! Ugh. loloolol
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    ❤️ sooooo much love in this place. Ya can almost FEEL it can'tcha??? I'm feelin those good vibrations! 😂 Hmmmmmmmmmmm???
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    Hum is good if you don’t know the words.
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    The latest news....hum is good...if you have 60Hz noise in your system it means its ready to pounce on other frequency signals. MALARKEY! What it really means is: A. You have yourself some poorly designed and built audio equipment. B. You have ground loops in the inter connection of said equipment. or C. You have common impedance coupling in the inter connection of said equipment.
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    Back to the OP's original question. I would not worry about the space for big speakers. You would be surprised how good a Jubilee can sound in a small room. Pictured is a pair of Jubilees (behind a facade). The width of the room is 12 feet and the ceiling is 8 ft. The couch is far enough back to create a 45 deg listening angle (I actually prefer closer - i.e. a larger angle). They sound great. Yeah, you barely notice them when you walk in the room ..... well, I barely notice them. The important outcome is that you would have Jubilees. They are all that everyone claims they are. The price (new) is less than that of the new Klipschorns. The ones that are on the used market are an absolute steal. Just show some creativity on how you might dress them up. There are many, and varied approaches to do this. Good luck, -Tom
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    That's a great write up. Maybe next time I'll consider something like this as opposed to putting L-pads in the speakers themselves. It would be much less invasive and easily reversible.
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    Just a suggestion, try toeing them out a couple of degrees so they are aimed off axis from your ears. This definitely helped for me when I owned my Forte 1s. Bill
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    "Long time listener, first time caller" I recently signed up for the forum. I have a Dennis Had 8 watt tube amp. The amp is currently running a vintage pair of ADS L780/2 speakers that I currently have listed on eBay. I started searching for efficient speakers to pair with the amp and all roads led to Klipsch. This is a great place to acquire information; there are lots of knowledgeable members. I am in North Texas and I have been looking at Heresy, Cornwalls and La Scala. Any suggestions or insights would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Thanks for all of the responses. jimjimbo - the room is a man cave over a three car garage. It’s approximately 20’ x 30’. One half of the space is devoted to workout equipment, the rest is computer, hifi and desk. The space is carpeted. I listen to music at low to moderate levels. The room is not closed off, i.e., there is a back staircase to the first floor. The amp I am using is a Conrad. The music sources are vinyl and streaming (a Rega 3 TT and a min Auralic mini streamer). Thaddeus Smith - I’m located in Dallas, below 635. Garyrc - I sit about 10’ away. The music is low to moderate volume since the space is not closed off and you can hear what is playing in the rest of the house. I primarily listen to classic rock. Sancho Panza and Dave1290 - La Scala seems to rule. polizzio - great advice. A lot of the fun is in the hunt.
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    Stop it - Now I have to join in Artist - Marillion Title - Clutching At Straws  
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    Sixty-three watts, huh. That is 18 dB above the 1 watt level or 105 dB plus 18 is 123 dB which is a little above the rated max output of 121 dB (equating electrical dB to acoustic dB). Therefore it makes sense. Then again someplace he said you can run the K-Horn without that inductor. It also shows you don't need more than 63 watts of electrical power which is dangerously loud anyway. WMcD
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    Is that what you kids call it these days
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    I hope you at least buy her dinner first.....
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    Yea, I was thinking the same thing, they are going to be pissed.....
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    Looks pretty mean, probably just throw them in and it kills them and all. I remember doing it by hand when I was a kid, after the 2 nails in a board and hatchet trick. But the worst part was my mother burning off the tiny pin feathers over the gas stove, sure didn't smell like chicken. Even with that machine it's still going to be a mess.
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    Wish it could've worked out for Henry Vs. Rocker to be making their first start in the 3 game series tomorrow night. Go 'Dores!!!
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    This band did a nice job of covering Love's, I got a Line On You, as the second track on the first side, and Free's, Wishing Well, that opens side two...Highway Song, closing out the lp isn't bad either... Blackfoot - Strikes. 1979
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    It looks like a game 7 . . . I mean game 3, winner take all game tomorrow. If I understand the format, Vanderbilt will be designated the home team and get last at bats, which could be important. Go Blue.
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    Welcome to the forum! How large is your room? How far away do you sit? What kind of music do you like? Do you like it ... Very Loud , Loud, Medium, or Low Volume? For instance 8 watts, with a La Scala, will, in a 3000 cu ft room, will provide about 105 dB peaks at 13 feet away. The other speakers you listed will not. That's my approximate prediction. For another view, this calculator https://myhometheater.homestead.com/splcalculator.html predicts 108 dB -- pretty close. THX says that 98 dB in a room that size will sound like their full scale peaks of 105 dB (above 80 Hz) in a commercial theater or concert hall, due to early reflections. A La Scala will need a subwoofer to cover the deepest bass. The best, cleanest, ones are horn loaded. Some can be DIY. Reportedly, the La Scala II has slightly better bass than the La Scala, due to thicker walls.
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    Yea baby That is one great album Love playing it whenever the opportunity arises
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    I was always partial to MaryAnne.
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    I mow the lawn... cutting the grass is different
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    My older son is still under 40 and likes Klipsch a lot. He has some first generation Heresy speakers and bought me a pair of Heresy IIs. Younger son loves music and went off to study music composition at Valparaiso with an H/K430 and a nice set of older JBLs. I have had younger friends come over and are quite amazed with the LaScalas. They just don't think about spending money on a music system. Bruce
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    Moving HIPs without handles is harder than moving Khorns with a hand-truck.
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