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    Have seen the Beatles, Stones, Queen, Clapton in concert in Holland and the UK. OK; 20 years ago, but never paid more than $100. Last "real" concert I went to was Pavarotti in Tampa, FL ... $120 and worth it. But, with inflation, these tickets should not be more than $200 Highway robbery ... I'll do the DVD
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    you mention PinkFloyd. it was at one of their shows, that they stopped mid-set to tell folks to sit ... so the folks behinds them could see. convincing folks to sit at a PF show isn't too tough. They're pretty stoned [for the most part] and are open to suggestion.... lol
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    Yea they could be Mighty Damn Fine tweeters
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    How bout that 56 yard field goal to end the half? Geez! Next week it's gonna have to be FULL GO against Wisc. So we shall see what shakes. Tomorrow nights Penn State game should be a good one as well as others. SEC has a few good games on tap too. It'll sort!
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    This young lady plays from her heart and soul. Anyone who does not like her guitar playing is a fool Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I bought them today so I'll keep you updated on what I think after hearing them.
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    I'd wager it's the same draw whether on or auto.
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    Thanks ... just checked the specs ... darn; they are much bigger than my 904's ... 48.75 x 35.75 x 22.5 inches, 200lbs. Was hoping to fit them in my 904 space ... but do not have enough room Sorry; no way
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    If you were closer a pair would be in my SUV right now ... for those interested ... got a pair of KPT-904's, and think these are the same size ... fit in my Mercedes ML without a problem Add-on ... double check the dimensions ... these are much bigger than 904's http://www.manualsdir.com/manuals/156682/klipsch-professional-cinema-loudspeaker-system.html?page=11
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    I’ve got mixed feelings on the subject. A few years back, I headed to the Royal Theatre here, a ~3200-seat venue, to buy tickets for Beck (Beck Hansen, not Jeff Beck), and expected to see a lineup at the box office. Instead, I was the only one there. I thought I must have got the wrong day, but then a few others arrived. I got 3rd row, so that was great. What was not so great was that by the third song, the whole audience was standing, and they kept standing without a break until the end of the show. Okay, that’s a separate topic, but I thought I’d throw it in. When Ringo Starr, and later, Elton John played here, the tickets were around $450CAD (about $350USD) per pair. I took my nephew to see Ringo, since it would be his first rock concert (he was 14), and I took his dad, my bro-in-law, to see Elton. Sure, the prices were crazy high, to me at least, but we had good seats, and the experiences were really, really, good. Both Ringo and Elton acknowledged the audience throughout the show, unlike the aloof style of some performers in the past, and that made it extra special. They thanked us for coming to see them, although Ringo grumbled that nobody buys his CDs, so he has to tour to get his music out. He has released quite a few post-Beatles records, but they have not sold well, unfortunately. Yes, you used to be able to see Pink Floyd for $6 at one time, but the minimum wage was around $1.50 an hour back then, so it’s partly relative. Ticketmaster and the others are gougers, so my response is to only go to one major concert a year, or sometimes two years. This is a huge contrast to the old days. In October of 1971, or maybe 1972, the complaint among the concert-going public in Toronto was that there were too many concerts. In that one month, there was a major international rock act performing every other day! The general feeling was that it was too much, that if you wanted to see every concert, you’d be broke before the end of the month. I think my gf and I caught three or four of the shows, since at around $5 a ticket, it was affordable, but at our low wages, fifteen $10-per-couple events was too much for us. Most months, though, we could catch one or two top acts, while making little over minimum wage. Now, I have more money, but my stereo is something beyond my wildest dreams, and we have DVD and Blu-ray concert videos and big-screen hi-res TVs, so staying home seems like much less of a sacrifice. We can even watch overseas performers who never come to our town. That said, I’m still kicking myself for not seeing Prince when he played here 8 or 10 years ago. So I agree, most of the big names have priced themselves out of the reach of most of their audience. Even so, they can still fill arenas, so they’re still laughing. They just don’t get my money, most of the time, anyway. Luckily, we get lots of second-tier touring acts coming through town, and I can see them in a smaller concert hall, or even in a bar, and the prices are far lower, often under $20. And you can often buy the tickets at the door, not three or four months ahead.
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    I am a big Belle fan. I have both Belles and LaScalas. Love both. Before you change the capacitors, let us know the cross over type. These may have the AB type which are not the greatest even if you update the caps. Might want to explore other options if this is the case. There are many good alternatives. Good luck.
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    Yes, you are not looking at foam speakers. Check them out here or online. Always buyer beware.
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    I found a guy who is selling some discontinued speakers, specifically RB-75, RSW-10, RB-15, RC-7, and RS-25. These are brand new speakers. They have never been used and the boxes have not been opened. He says that he has kept them inside. My concern with buying these is that they stopped making them in 2006. I'm just wondering what could go bad with the speakers. Things like foam and how pliable the cones are. I'm new to buying speakers and I'm sure this isn't the right terminology. Does anybody out there have an opinion on whether they are worth buying or am I just asking for trouble.
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    Thanks. That dose make me feel better with spending money on these speakers
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    You are good to go... other s will say something...
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    Those look fantastic! I bet they would sound phenomenal if you made them out of premium MDF.
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    Honestly Eric, and this is my personal opinion from being in the room and hearing them, I think they need to be moved in slowly 6 inches each at a time until the phantom center snaps in much stronger. Phantom center is present, but I prefer it much stronger. The quantity and depth of the bass tells me the jubes easily have room to come away a little more from the walls. That is just my personal preference. I'll let @Chris A convince you to lower the horns 😂. IMO they need it and I understand why. They sound a lot better standing up. For initial rough setup, I left with a smile and a full belly. Thanks again for welcoming me over. Good times. Too bad I didn't have the CDs I actually wanted to listen to. Oh well.
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    I don't believe anyone is trying to convince you of anything. Feel free to use whatever you want to use and move on.
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    Thank God for that. If you were convinced I’d be worried.
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    Dang, thanks for turning me... On ...Shiva Got a horn so...
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    The "limiting factor" which caused the Heresy to be a three-way "CLOSED BOX" design (AKA "sealed cabinet" design) was directly due to the use of a short excursion woofer in it. With the short-excursion woofer, a sealed cabinet was a necessity to keep the voice coil from being damaged from "slamming" at high-output levels. IOW, as the cone moved forward in excursion, the air volume inside the cabinet reacted to that excursion like a vacuum to limit its forward excursion, and as it moved rearward the air volume "over-pressure" limited its rearward excursion. This issue can be somewhat nullified with the use of a longer excursion woofer...thus allowing for tuned porting of the speaker....it is what it is. The cabinet still NEEDS to be built as air-tight as possible with the exception of the port, itself, in order to eliminate internal volume air leaks from anywhere EXCEPT the port...this provides for consistency in the performance from cabinet to cabinet. The other problem involved in porting the Heresy was ALSO always related to its interior volume...which was originally specified to eliminate the slamming of that short-excursion woofer. Even when we went over to the drop-in front HBR speakers, PWK was quite concerned that with the new construction design, the interior volume of the cabinet would remain "In-Spec" ...that is why I had to take one "at random" that I had built and carry it over to the lab for PWK, himself, to measure the interior dimensions so that they matched the interior dimensions of the previous HDBR build specs. That is what PWK is doing in this pic...measuring the interior volume of the HBR cabinet I had just brought over to him...the first thing he asked me was whether I had built it specifically for the measurements...to which I replied: "Negative, Mr. Paul...I pulled it off of the pallet I had just moved...regular production"...PWK smiled and said "Good, that is what I asked for!" I had been told to await his measurements and then let the foreman know what he said...so I did...that is how I got this pic...while waiting. BTW, it was good to go!😉
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    The Liver Cancer took Dad Last night, He was surrounded by Loved ones. I got to hold his hand as I did moms when she passed. His passing was not as peaceful as we were led to believe. At least he is in no more pain & his dignity intact. Rest in Peace Pop. I Love You, You will be missed.
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