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    Silly, I know... first wife passed away from malignant melanoma. Second wife is a wonderful Filipina. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary. Enjoying weekend away in a cheap motel and having fun. It doesn't matter much what goes right or wrong, we are together. Blessings to all!
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    Well, after some electrical and cable issues, we did get in hours of great listening switching between, EV's, Split LSI's, 3 way Mini punch's, 396's and the devastator. All the speakers are set up outside and today, all driven with Carl's ATI amp which sounded great. I'm sure you will see some pics that others took with the setup, and had a great day. Time for a little evening socializing and maybe and adult beverage or 3. @Thaddeus Smith we're sorry it didn't work out too, and that applies to so many that would have been here in April. Strange times indeed, but great to see everyone that has made the journey.
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    Be thankful some "soysucker" hasn't given you the virus (yet) and real men wear masks to prevent inadvertently spreading Covid-19 to someone who has your health conditions.
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    The only real problem they have is that the cones ring. The harshness that people often complain about is not the horn, but from the cones breaking up. The simple resistor mod goes a long way to fixing that. Still probably some of the best sounding speakers I've heard out of Klipsch.
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    made some tri-grills for the beaters. Won't fully restore them till Winter. Looking OK for disguising a turd - 🤪 ...the cane does weird things to the camera
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    Who knew they had a bourbon trail in Arkansas? Great night hanging by the pool and adding a couple more bourbons to the list of keepers.
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    Perfect timing — just got this note from my dealer: "Speakers have finally shipped The estimated arrival day to us is on Thursday October 1st."
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    yep , these belong to our own forum member @jjptkd
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    Ideally, a matched pair of speakers should be mirror images to each other, but I intentionally went random with these cabinets to examine the different grain pattern options for my bigger project.
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    First welcome to the forum. Yes, I also think you are wrong on this. The RF-7s are beasts that have high output and high energy. With the wrong gear in the wrong room they can be a bit "biting" to some but some acoustic treatments and better gear can tame that bite some. The mods that are available address that sharpness allowing "consumer" grade gear to mate well enough with them in the not so acoustically perfect room. Bill
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    New arrival... it looks spectacular.
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    Dang... hate typing on cellphones.😏
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    sorry for your loss..
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    But rate us a bigger variable than AAC or MP3. If 96k or less AAC makes an improvement. Better lossey reconstruction. Once above 192K the evaluations say the sound is the same. I only use 320k feeds. All I have located are MP3. This is what I use the Sangean for. Find the high resolution internet eadio stations. I have only searched for Jazz and Classical. Found more than 15 stations for each. One day I will do again. Takes an hour to sort through 600 Stations to check bitrate. Think the listing comes from Recievia. Not sure what they do for a living. But is still updated. Audiophile Audition is Psychomed. All 320K. Listener supported, no advertising, they have 6 streams. Baroque, Classical, Jazz, Lounge, Rick - Blues, and Extreme Live. Only really listen to the Classical. Next to Radio 3 it is the best I have found. But the Jazz seems to match CD quality. Lot of European artists. Wife likes the Lounge. I would prefer a blues and a rock. But blues might get like Sirius running 24/7. Seems like A Blues station anyway. The Extreme Live seems more New Age or maybe World Music. Think the stream names are a guide. Running 24/7 programming leaves slots for alternatives. Keep wanting to order Qobuz. But letting someone else select the tracks is better for me. I end up listening to the same songs after a while.
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    @sunburnwilly Sorry for your loss man. The Goodbye song above is poingient and beautiful, even in another language.
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    Original owner, always driven with low power tube amps. Excellent condition. I'm in Naples, Florida and prefer local sale. $1300.
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    Wow don't see those every day! Sweet speakers. GLWS
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    those are beaters too, @RandyH000 🤩
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    I ordered my first Heritage series pair of Klipsch's and went with the flagships. The wait is both the hardest part and most fun. I'm a little discouraged by how long it's taking to process everything, though. Order date was July 27. The Klipsch rep said they would be done with production by middle to 3rd week in August and could expect shipment at the end of the month. It's now September 25 and still no clear word from Klipsch on when they'll even be done with production, let alone a shipping and arrival date. For the owners that have waited on their custom build, is the wait time usually this long?
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    Six channel power amp looks good. Appears to be wired for dedicated bi-amping of the L-C-R speakers. What will be connected to the 2 extra blue Neutrik power cord receptacles?
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    https://eugene.craigslist.org/eld/d/eugene-lots-of-speakers-and-gear/7202258342.html Seral numbers 8446778 and 8446780 + a bunch of other cool stuff...
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    If you are doing a brake job I want to pass this on. I have a 1996 Lexus LS400 that I meticulously maintain and I always use genuine Toyota parts. Last brake job, I decided to use R1 Concepts brake kit. The Kit includes cross drilled and slotted rotors and carbon pads and sensors. I thought that is was all BS to get 20 year old guys excited about their goofy car. I don't like to buy cheap parts and I kept my old parts just in case I needed to have the rotors resurfaced and start over. I was completely wrong. About $225 and the best brakes I have ever had in my car. No dust either. Here is the Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016E23TAU/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The R1 Website has brakes for just about everything (Amazon is very limited) and I just ordered kits for two more vehicles. I went with the heavy duty stuff for an RV and the cheaper eLine and ceramic parts for my truck. They had a 20% off sale and the salesperson gave me an additional discount. https://www.r1concepts.com/ This does not happen often so I wanted to pass this on.
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    I was just near there this week, once going to St. Paul Mn. And then again with all of my mothers house hold stuff and moving her to Tennessee. A day late and a dollar short. Lol Glws Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That pic was taken during daylight, it is much brighter with the backlight than in the dark.
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    Randy, I was able to get the A-S2200 for $3100, so no complaints from me. I got the ForteIIIs for $2600. I am happy as a clam in mud. Thanks Rob
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    Selling a pair of Eliptrac 400 horns, with our without the enclosure. I have three sets of adapters that I will include. 1” to 2” plastic, 1” to 2” in aluminum and 1-1/4” to 2” in aluminum. Asking $400 plus shipping. Also selling a pair of Faital HF144 in great condition. Asking $325 plus shipping. Thanks, Larry
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    Well, that explains it. Thanks. I’ve only seen a few episodes of that series, since we didn’t get it on our one English-speaking channel in rural Quebec in the Sixties. In the city (Quebec City), people could get cable TV, and I used to hear about shows like Time Tunnel, but I haven’t seen even one episode of that. Adam West’s Batman sure was pretty camp, with his silk elbow-length gloves and silk cape. Not quite The Dark Knight.
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    I updated the crossovers on my Fortes and changed out the K77 Tweeters to Dave A's Lmahl Tweeters and that made the Fortes sound so much more accurate and bright without sounding fatiguing. My large HSU sub adds plenty in the lower registers that isn't found in most speakers. A good fast sub that digs down below 20 HZ helps you feel the music and feeling is just as important to me as hearing. So far I am loving Claude and Daves Super Heresy upgrades and the projects fixing them up have been a lot of fun and they feel very custom now in our home.
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    You seem to be confusing Ambient with Easy Listening. They are not the same.
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    Definitely keep them to put in your minivan!! Put the onkio in there too! SWEET!!
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    Congrats, life is way better with a good partner.
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    Internet radio makes me think of Wolfman Jack, out there in nowhereland broadcasting in the night, who knows who’s listening... so many interesting channels some DJ late at night spinning tunes.
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    JBL LE 8 - full range 8 inches with an aluminum center dome? I cut my teeth with those - possibly the Lancer 44? A single 8 in each box
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    Sounds reasonable. I will continue to be retired. I will continue to drink, Vodka, Scotch, and Bourbon. I will listen to tunes and be happy these old ears are still okay. I will begin down sizing my gear. I may start drawing money from the portfolio so I don't have to leave it to Carl.
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    sold! thanks for all the interest.
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    Well my story is turning out like Pete's. I have a customer who I have worked for since the mid 90's have a must fix set of parts for a donut dropper machine for a Chicago customer of his that has to be done today. I am really going to try to get there sometime today but it all depends right now on how quickly I can get this mess done. Outside of making speaker parts he is my biggest remaining customer for machining and welding since I have run the rest off in semi retirement and I have to take care of him before fun. Update later today.
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    Hi ! Best song on the album about Mick Jagger's relationship with Carly Simon, I hope the track isn't "Banned" at Home... https://youtu.be/b1zgmM2lalo
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    I missed this thread when it was new. Glad someone resurrected it. I listen every so often to 320k stations exclusively and they all sound pretty damn good. Here's my station list
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    the wrap over the k402 horns sure makes these horns look like they can be more resistant to accidental impacts - sort of like a shield -plus it looks really good
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    I picked up a Sangean WFR-20 about 12 years ago. Feed some active monitors in my office. OK sound. One great feature is it downloads 1000’s of internet stations on power up. Various sorting options. Displays bit rate and if multiple streams are available. Do not use it for serious listening, but to find 320 kB streams. Once selected stations with multiple streams are all visible. Use the big rig to play them once located. Psychomed from Greece has several bands. I find the classical great. There are rock, jazz, blues, several others. No compression too. 320 KB MP3 is almost CD quality. I am using a way too complicated player. But sounds great. BBC Radio 3 has fantastic programming, but the 320k feed is UK only. Linn and Naim have 320k streams too. Not near the programming of Psychomed though.
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    Alice Cooper must be syndicated because we hear him on a regular radio station here in Brisbane He is actually pretty good at being a DJ
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    That line, at least the Chorus are known as the "Classic".
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    I just had an internet radio / Dab + / Digital yesterday. I found a radio that I love: DETROIT INDUSTRIAL UNDERGROUND I am here in France and I can listen to you, the USA, as if you were next, this technology is great. Here we have a great radio on FM, world music radio and Jazz: 3DFM. But I do not know if there is the internet version, if yes I will give you the link so you can listen to some of my country http://www.radio3dfm.com/ 😜
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