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    I compared a pair of T-5000's to JBL 4430's on Patricia Barber, all 3 in the room preferred the Tangents! Wish I'd kept them!
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    @Marvel & @Full Range That's good stuff there! Thanks!
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    Grabbed this off the shelf... there were only 500 L.P.s made by the college band from Notre Dame. Recorded in 1969 at Golden Voice Studio in South Pekin, Ill. Folks from all over the midwest recorded there. What's the big deal with this record? One of the band members was/is Andy Wallace... they still get together and play every year. Andy is definitely still in the music business. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Wallace_(producer)
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    You should like Rose Tatoo Im sure you would know about these Assie bands like Cold Chisel Midnight Oil Silverchair
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    There I was, minding my own business, when somehow I was looking at Craigslist? There they were, a pair of box stock BR Heresy's from 1978! His asking price was WAYYY too high but I thought I would call and try to get him to step away from the crack pipe. After a brief conversation, we came to a reasonable price provided I could inspect and listen to them. Turns out he is the original owner. He bought them at Pacific Stereo in San Jose CA, circa 1979. Still has the raw birch finish, no funky a** stain on these. Grills are nice and they have those way cool "Laser badges." The labels are both in great condition, clearly "S" code HBR's with consecutive serial numbers. Oh, they came with the coolest clear acrylic stands. Nothing screams 70's like acrylic! Bonus, they work and sound great! I don't have the heart to do anything to them, they are just too vintage cool, warts and all! It is true, a little Heresy is good for the soul!
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    hmmmm I think you are mistaken. You don’t see in my photos 250 WATTS !! And again you are mistaken. There is NO WRINKLE in the woofer, that is the light. I know Klipsch made 3 Versions Of these. So don’t really care what you say. Price is very firm at $500.00 and that is a great deal.
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    Up for grabs, Near Mint condition, I would put them at a 9.7-9.8 $500.00 Takes them Located in South Orange County CA Here is the link to the photos. https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/ele/d/lake-forest-klipsch-rf-5-cherry-minty/6845658417.html
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    I have a treat for King Crimson fans Just arrived today in the post one day earlier than expected  This is a bootleg LP with a track that is unreleased & I wanted to have it for that reason The track is Dr D and also the LP Title So happy that a fellow member Mike. @dirtmudd that gave me a heads up on one available in Australia Thank you Plastic Passion Records in WA 🤟 This is a live album called Dr D primarily recorded in Atlanta - 23rd June 1973  Just playing the album now and loving it as it’s not a studio album I have noticed some wonderful nuances with some improv Artist - King Crimson  Title - Dr D Atlanta 23rd June 1973 Front and back cover in the photos  
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    It was done on 1/2 inch 4- track decks. They did the whole thing in two days.
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    seen them at Saratoga... for Peter Gabriel 's womad.. and silver chair kicks ***.. for a bunch of 17 year olds back in the 90s
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    I was able to find a pair locally. Thanks all!
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    The badges alone are worth half that much
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    Custom made glass tops for KLF-30's. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Ok, something just dawned on me... These have the same woofers used in the H3. I was going to use my pair of T-5000 woofers to convert a pair of H2’s into H3’s. What if someone were to simply change the OTHER components in the T-5000’s?! SUPER HERESY III’s!
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    Got a USB port? Been running this for *years*. I covered up the top intake. Can't hear it run. Placed it over the vents on one side of my Integra and it pulls enough air to make the temp near ambient. https://www.coolerguys.com/collections/usb-fans/products/coolerguys-120x25mm-rear-exhaust-blower-fan-5-volt-with-usb-connector
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    why cause I'm making your gear worth more
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    Those were the speakers that got me into this mess. Nice looking speakers.
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    Total of 21 built counting 2 prototypes. 19 of the final production version were built of those 2 were line stage only. Not sure how many of the phono stage versions had LOMC maybe 6 or so. Gary Powers has Prototype #2 and I have Prototype #1. I have one unbuilt chassis still on hand and that baby is mine! No one has made a high enough offer to pry that one away from me yet LOL!!! I seriously doubt I'll ever order another batch of Preamp or amplifier chassis...... I just don't want to work as hard is it takes to keep up with both the vintage and new production side of this business anymore. I have enough metal to build a couple pairs of VRD monoblocks and maybe 5 stereo versions when those are gone I'm done with that too!
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    I went with the Tuba HT and Tuba HT Low Profile(even though it's 6ft tall). I'm thinking of making 2 of the LP ones and make them look like pillars. I'm wondering why point the port towards the wall and not towards the viewer? Maybe it doesn't matter? Anyhow, many questions for these subs. That will be for their form and for me to read through all the threads to try answering the questions on my own.
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    Styx did one of their albums there, as well as Dan Fogleberg (he was from the area, too) as well as others. Jerry Milam, the studio builder and owner was well regarded, Chet Atkins even sent some folk his way. It was a nice studio at the time. They moved on up to 2 inch 16-track machines, but the building was destroyed by a local arsonist and some of the tapes stored there got wasted.
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