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  1. Sorry for your loss George
  2. I had an Anthem.....I liked it.....My home theater situation changed back to mostly 2 channel listening Liked it better than my 80.3..... To be honest...... I'm not sure if I'd shell out that much money for another Pre Pro George
  3. Yes.....I had many of them.........They didn't last long..... George
  4. Not my style......they should have done risers to match George
  5. They were your children you adopted them.....And now they have been adopted by @Stratcountry. Regrets.......no .....by letting them go I made a friend......As you can see......I still rebuild a set from time to time....When I find a bargain George.
  6. I picked up a set of KG 2.5's to refinish to match the 5.5's good price .....good little project. George
  7. I just used Bobs, kit. I wouldn't call your post rambling....More like inspiration....Your explanation was very precise... Thanks again George
  8. One of my favorite set of Klipsch speakers was a set of KG 5.5's my wife bought me when we bought our first house. After years of use I sold them to get into the new Reference line ..... I always wish I never sold them..... well several pair of reference and then extended heritage pairs later .....I decided a nice project would be to do a pair of KG 5.5's I pretty much followed Mazb4z's method with one acceptation...I did not add braces to the cabinet .......The pair I bought locally came in light oak....here was a definite flaw in the stain of the veneer....so I decided to make a change and redo the cabinet color ...I really like how they look as well as sound....Thank to Mazb4z and of course Bob Crites.....A great addition to my collection. George
  9. Don't know it's the best......plan on using to fill my KG 5.5s before re assembly....Menards sells it for 3.99 a roll George
  10. That kind of says it all........just saying George
  11. To all, First let say to Jimbo ...I apologize for not following protocol . The last person I would want to offend or piss off is you. I have enormous respect for you. And have always listened to what you have to say. When I met you years ago.... at a get together.... you came in with a tube amp a Dragonfly DAC and a cell phone...and it blew me away. Before that day I had no interest in anything 2 channel...In a way I have you to thank for me spending all that money and starting my collection. There comes a time in every ones life when none of this really matters anymore or takes a back priority. A week or so ago I had the pleasure of meeting someone from this community and selling him (what I and my friends refer to as my children) (2 wonderful pairs)...something that I put a lot of time and effort in bringing back to beautiful condition. If you guys think I want to sell these things..... think again.... I am doing it now because my life has taken a major change. I have known you guys for 10 years....it's been a great pleasure....I am not going anywhere The only 2 things left are the: PSA V-1800 sub $ 600.00 Sunfire TGA 7201 $ 800.00 Turntables are off the table....got other offers The Anthem ...I think is going to go to SemperFiAG08 if he is still interested ...and yes it is as good as new Later
  12. Jimbo I didn't mean to offend you or anybody else.... I'll just pull the post..... Sorry George
  13. Don't mind at all.....you stated you were interested in one of the Sansui's and you wanted me to meet you half way between here and and South Bend....The person I sold them to wanted both units and was willing to meet me at a p!ace 40 minutes from my location. You later came back and said you would take both. I took the local sale of both units. This is why I don't use garage sale much... George
  14. Hey sorry if it seems like I'm taking so long to get back to anybody. It was a hectic flight home last night. And I'm doing a little driving today. I'll get answers as soon as I can. George
  15. Both Sansui's are sold George,
  16. Me...... Chris....now owns them.....was there other equipment involved......yes...yes and yes. I leave the details up to Chris to post..... George
  17. Sorry for your loss. George
  18. No the tops really only cost me thirty bucks a piece.
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