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    Crown Power

    Hey Craig, How'd you figure out the XTi-2 is class AB? I've been searching Crown's website for half an hour and I can't find it. Thinking I'll call Crown tech suppport on Monday. Yep, you are correct. Just got off the phone with Kip at Crown tech support. He says the 3 lower wattage XTi 2s are class AB +B. Which means there is a master pair of output devices running class AB and slave devices running class B. The masters smooth out the crossover distortion that would be present if all devices were class B. The biggest amp is class I.
  2. So these are in line volume controls between the preamp outputs and the amp inputs? You used the rack itself for the install. Wow, nice job. Good idea. So you are not changing the "gain" of the power amp, just attenuating the input signal. Which of course allows you to run your preamp harder (out of the noise).
  3. You're painting with a broad brush there Jeff. Headroom is never a bad thing. Transient spikes will eat up amp power in a heartbeat. Distance from the speakers needs to be factored in as well. I'd rather have too much than not enough. That was for affect, did it work? Yes, I always pick the low hanging fruit. My RF7-IIs suck down lotsa watts. And I believe at some freqs their impedance dips below 4 ohms, i.e. they need current.
  4. I don't know who to quote but I just want to ask. Can't the gain of an Emotiva amp be turned down with a little hot rodding? It is a feedback amplifier isn't it? So change the feedback. After all aren't gain controls on power amps just really volume controls that attenuate the amount of input signal allowed to go through the amp?
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    This place is so popular nobody comes here anymore.
  6. babadono

    Crown Power

    Chris, So no problems way down low like Roger alludes to?
  7. babadono

    Crown Power

    Hey Craig, How'd you figure out the XTi-2 is class AB? I've been searching Crown's website for half an hour and I can't find it. Thinking I'll call Crown tech suppport on Monday.
  8. What a beautiful smile. God bless you. Soon you will need a big stick to keep the boys away. The rubber mallet will probably not suffice.
  9. babadono

    Crown Power

    Hi All, I'm going to do a DIY subwoofer build. This will be my first so I'm going to do sealed cabinets from a flatpack. These things need gobs of power as opposed to our beloved Klipsch horn loaded speakers so my question. Does anybody use Crown XTI xxx2 power amps to power their subs? If so what's your opinion of their sound quality? cuz babadono
  10. Yea, but with the money I save using the KnuKonceptz over the Mogami, I can have a bottle of 1990 Ch. Petrus every night for dinner....I'm just sayin....... Did you see where a case of Chateau Petrus 1990 vintage sold for $45,938 and 12 bottles of Chateau Petrus 1989 vintage sold for $42,875 during June of this year? Nope, but I still prefer my Pepsi chilled, at 99 cents for two liters. I really don't want to open this can of worms but I can't resist. Why does speaker wire need 4 conductors according to Mogami?
  11. All the men were off fighting Hitler and Hirohito.
  12. It's green because it's environmentally friendly now.
  13. We'll need names and addresses, just the facts.
  14. Hope its good Schiit
  15. Those of us who've spent time in the pursuit are acutely aware of the difficulty. That's why we do it...not because it's easy, but because it's hard...with apologies to JFK. Dave Why? Were you on the grassy knoll?
  16. Boxx, I gotta ask. Why after a few months are you parting with these? You're too far away for me.
  17. Do you suppose the level controls were stock or Bob Crites mods as mentioned in ad?
  18. Mine means I'm not a very good photographer. It's the top hat of one of my KHorns opened up when i first stated modding it a few years back. Note the ALK networks.
  19. Happy Birthday Carl y mucho mas So which anniversary of your 39th b'day are we celebrating? Eric
  20. I can confirm that when I drink too much it gets worse. Of course that usually means that I am more likely to watch the entire Metallica concert at high levels as well. Ahh... 'catching a buzz' ..... pun intended
  21. Worse, the resonance of LFE could cause it to deteriorate and that dust becoming airborne. I have said this before. I would encapsulate, abate, or avoid the room. Also, the cold air returns, if there are any, will cycle that dust throughout the house unless you are using a HEPA filter. Yep that's what I meant. Shaking some of that asbestos free and airborne with Scrappy's 4 18" subs is a recipe for nothing good.
  22. babadono

    Halloween Song List

    Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding - Elton John
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