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Think the missus will notice anything when she gets home?


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Congratulations on the Khorns PMSummer! But, I think she might notice, but whats a little yelling and screaming?[:o] [:S] I mean C'mon.......YOU GOT A PAIR OF KHORNS!!!!!![<:o)] [Y] [D]

Take your lashings and then beat the Crites into those beautiful speakers!


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[:|] I think she will notice, but when they are back in the corner they won't take any more room and the wood front instead of grill cloth lets you put stuff in front of them, hope these things will sell her on them........either way Congratulations ! [Y]

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Hmmm.... Could be an interesting juxtaposition on that old, extremely hazzardous question "does this make me look fat?"

"Honey, does this room make my speakers look big?"

(Just for reference sake, the answer to the first question above is NEVER "Nope, your butt makes your butt look big." [:D] )

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